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Photo by @paulthecorgi paul the corgi (@paulthecorgi ): “who’s a good boy? ... i’m a good boy. 😌” “paul is a very good sport when it comes to humoring my random, silly ideas,” says cynthia, paul’s human, who used a treat to coax her corgi into looking at the mirror. #theweekoninstagram

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Photo by @johnny777 a larger-than-life gnome figure, with his hat stretching to the sky like a flower, watches over an office complex’s garden in tokyo, where photographer ryoji iwata (@johnny777 ) waited patiently to capture the perfect photo. “this gnome made the normal street scene feel surreal,” he says. #theweekoninstagram

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Photo by @hamidrezaamiri_ sorry snow. you won’t stop these soccer stars in iran. ⚽ #theweekoninstagram

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Featured video by @shibainu.berry weekend hashtag project: #whpwithlove love is in the air. 💘 in honor of valentine’s day, celebrated around the world on february 14, the goal this weekend is to create photos and videos showing how love inspires you, as in this featured video from @shibainu.berry . come together to connect with loved ones. (humans and furry friends alike!) if you can’t be with them irl, find a creative way to include them with a printed photo, drawing or meaningful memento. do you show your love with gifts? we want to see the handmade crafts and heart-shaped treats you share this time of year. capture what you love to do. whether you’re hosting a dinner party, going for a bike ride or starting an impromptu dance party, celebrate the big and small moments with friends, both new and old. be sure to follow the #whpwithlove hashtag to see what the community is creating. project rules: please add the #whpwithlove hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

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Photo of @alexiahentsch by @gabmendss “i do something in the line between fashion and costume,” explains alexia hentsch (@alexiahentsch ). the costume designer splits her time between london and rio de janeiro, where she was born. for the past two years, she has created custom pieces for rio’s carnival celebrations. “i love carnival. i think it’s difficult not to,” says alexia. “it’s a celebration of joy, which doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world on such a large scale. the whole country has checked out to go to a party. it’s kind of nuts.” watch our instagram story now to see more of alexia’s carnival costume creations.

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Photo of @seun_msamazing by @mollychoma nigerian-american athlete seun adigun (@seun_msamazing ) and her teammates are making history. they’re the first african bobsled team to qualify for the winter olympics. “it feels absolutely amazing,” says seun, who was born in the u.s. to nigerian immigrant parents. “it’s surreal on a daily basis.” seun, the driver on her team of three, found bobsledding through track and field, which she’d competed in at the 2012 summer olympics. years later, after countless hours of training on both dry land and the ice track, she’s taking her bobsled team to compete in #pyeongchang2018. and once the games are over, seun, who lives in houston and just graduated with a degree in chiropractic work, wants to continue working with olympians. “i plan to open my chiropractic practice along with a high-performance injury prevention and rehabilitation facility for elite-level athletes.” 🇳🇬 the winter olympics (@olympics ) are taking place in pyeongchang, south korea, february 9-25. tune in as we spotlight competing athletes from around the world.

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Photo by @chebmoha twenty-five-year-old cheb moha (@chebmoha ) was born in iraq, raised in libya and canada, then couch-surfed his way across europe and the middle east. he’s settled (for a moment) in the united arab emirates. “i have never encountered a place that was boring to me,” says moha, whose first photos were made with an old film camera and a roll of expired film. “the pictures were really bad,” he admits. but he’d found a way of connecting with people around the world. “it’s a very intimate thing to ask someone, ‘can i take your picture?’ it created a lot of friendships, a lot of relationships and opportunities.” from those opportunities, he’s built a career as a stylist, art director and photographer, with his images now hanging on gallery walls at gpp photo week, the dubai-based photo festival organized by @gulfphotoplus. “i’m peeling back the layers of where i am and going beyond the confines of how things are usually seen,” he says. watch today’s story to see his portraits from across the middle east.

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Throughout #blackhistorymonth, celebrated during february in the united states and canada, we’re highlighting next-generation creatives of color who are shaping the future of their communities. each of the featured accounts was selected by writer, curator and activist kimberly drew (@museummammy ). “yoe apolinario (@yoe.apolinario ) invites you into her creative growth and uses her platform to highlight other dance communities around the world,” says kimberly of the professional dancer who is based in los angeles. “i found a video of yoe dancing alongside shestreet (@sheopatra_jones ) on [singer] diana ross’ instagram. in the video, they are both in suits and busting out some of the most fly, futuristic dance moves i’ve seen in a long time. while following yoe’s account, i was exposed to the beauty and strength of instagram’s dance community. yoe is fierce, committed and she’s invited us all along for the ride.” watch our story to see more from yoe.

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Photo illustration by @icedcarlo look a little bit closer to see the #whpillusion in carlo david’s (@icedcarlo ) photo. “my inspiration was growing up in the philippines listening to michael jackson records,” says carlo, who now lives and works in the los angeles area. “record stores will always remind me of my childhood.”

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