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Gruyères region fribourg 🇨🇭 have you already visited gruyères🤔 tell me in the comment 😊

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Chocolate brownie cookies, with all the flaked salt.

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Resulullah (sallallahu aleyhi ve sellem) medine'ye (hicretle) geldiği günden beri mufassal surelerden hiç birinde secde etmemiştir. kaynak:ebu davud, salat 329, (1403) @kabe_ask_tlr_ 👈🤗👉@kabe_ask_tlr_ . #kabe_ask_tlr_ . .#mekke #medine #kabe #allah #sav #makkah #derttaş #aşk #istanbul #siir #türkiye #ankara #şiirsokakta #izmir #bursa #instagram #söz #aşk #duygu #mevlana #tasavvuf #edebiyat #melek #hasret #özlem #rnk #risale #risaleinur #saidnursi #bediüzzaman #mekke #medine #kabe #allah #sav #makkah #derttaş #aşk #istanbul #siir #türkiye #ankara #şiirsokakta #izmir #bursa #instagram #söz #aşk #duygu #mevlana #tasavvuf #edebiyat #melek #hasret #özlem #rnk #risale #risaleinur #saidnursi

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I’m seeing red again | photo cred: @rishad

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Gricia guanciale pecorino e pepe 😋😋😋pasta#piattiitaliani#instalike #instagram#instanfood#italy#naples

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#boomerang by @adnansaputroo “right or left?” asks adnan (@adnansaputroo ) in his caption. love #boomerangoftheweek? add it to your next boomerang and it might show up on @instagram — and follow the hashtag to keep up with all the latest.

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Featured photo by @lucianoconsolini weekend hashtag project: #whpwindows windows frame the world we see. this weekend, the goal is to take photos and videos that highlight and utilize windows. here are some tips to get you started: use a window to frame a specific subject, be it a lone tree outside the office or a ray of light coming into your kitchen. look at the frame from many angles to find the most compelling one. focus on the textures and details of a window — the curve of old glass, the modern metal latches or eye-catching figurines on the windowsill. step back from the window to get a sense of scale. notice how sets of windows fit together, emphasizing both the functionality and fragility of their design, or focus on the structure of the walls surrounding them. project rules: please add the #whpwindows hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

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Video by @hamypratama for 23-year-old hamy pratama (@hamypratama ), the best part of being a professional parkour and freerunning athlete is getting to challenge your fears. get ready to run and flip with hamy today in jakarta. it’s all on our instagram story.

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Hello, world! it’s time for a very snuggly session of #weeklyfluff, brought to you by riley (left) and killer (right) (@morileymoproblems ). this dynamic duo of adopted doggies hails from sunny los angeles. “riley follows killer around. they play, they nap — it’s the cutest and most amazing thing i’ve ever seen,” says their human alicia. “killer retained the alpha role as riley got bigger and still maintains that title to this day.” follow @morileymoproblems to make sure you never miss a moment from these two. 🐾

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“more fun and less stress” is cuban-american singer camila cabello’s (@camila_cabello ) new year’s resolution — alongside making albums she loves. tune in to our story to tag along with camila in los angeles as she celebrates her debut album, “camila.” 🎶

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Photo of @luckyoetama by @reggyalexander an expressive portrait captures a sense of effortless style for #whpmystyle.

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Photo by @nei.cruz “i get inspired in the moment,” says photographer and art director nei cruz (@nei.cruz ), who spotted this woman’s skirt featuring rock icons in germany. “i shoot what catches my eye — like this handmade print.” 🎸❤️ follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpmystyle.

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Photo by @jameswhitlowdelano after traveling and documenting the earth for decades, two years ago james whitlow delano (@jameswhitlowdelano ) launched the collective everyday climate change (@everydayclimatechange ) and rallied a global network of photographers to share their images of the planet. his own concern for the environment stretches back almost as far as he can remember. “rivers were catching fire,” says the japan-based, american-born photographer, recalling a period in the united states where widespread industrial pollution had created disturbing scenes. “i knew that something was wrong.” in contrast to those memories, james holds optimistic on his journey. “in my lifetime — from rivers that had caught fire from so much oil being dumped into them — i’ve seen the return of fish, the return of wetland birds and so on. actually seeing nature recover. that made a huge impression on me.” to learn more, watch our story. 🌍

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Photo by @frametheweim “brego knows how to wear the latest fashion trends, don’t you think?” writes @frametheweim . #whpmystyle

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Photo by @missbipps for andrea lawrence (@missbipps ), #whpmystyle means sequined pants, pompoms and “boosting the shine factor of my wardrobe.” ✨

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Photo by @elnaz555 nature inspires elnaz mansouri’s (@elnaz555 ) style. “the colors i find on a bird’s feathers or the designs on a flower petal can motivate me to experiment with makeup and clothing,” she says. follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpmystyle.

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