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@trinarockstarr on @ebrointheam talking her celebrity relationships, trick daddy stories and insuring her 🍑. watch the rest on hot97.com.

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الراعي الرسمي لحساب الحكم لشهر يناير . . تطبيق ملاعب @malaebapp @malaebapp @malaebapp

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Eyes to die for 💎💎 @gabsgrandinetti #undiscovered_muas ttm

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@avatarnutrition is changing the game using a system backed by science. the online, customized macro coach will help you reach your physique goals through flexible dieting for only $10/month. -- don't expect to make progress without a plan. avatar nutrition will give you the plan you need. -- #teamnorton #flexibledieting #avatarnutrition #biolayne #teamscience

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#repost @eldasa ・・・ el cielo pintando sin fronteras sus colores ni diferencias.. esto va para todo mi publico que siempre me han apoyado mucho y los quiero y respeto ustedes lo saben ..!! 🏳️‍🌈✌🏼#eldasa #elvato

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Hopefully this doesn't become a trend!! #repost @cocoperezinsta with @repostapp ・・・ she's not letting go of this new fur habit. perezhilton.com/kimkardashian

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Neutrals on the left, smokey on the right... 28 velvety shades. #bhcosmetics #essentialeyes

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Marque aqui seu amigo que conhece todos os segredos da índia. esse dia foi foda.

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I sometimes close my eyes while i walk around my house & imagine what it is like to be blind. not because i'm trying to empathise, but because i'm genuinely curious... i always think what a blessing it is to see, but if i could never see, would i miss it? do you miss what you can't know? these are interesting times we are living in, with a scroll & a tap of your thumb you can communicate with others across the globe. we can use this for good, for bad or for no reason at all. you have libraries, stories, information & knowledge at your fingertips. you have a computer in you pocket, with a camera. so you can see more humans than ever before, surely this creates a reason for more humanity? but you just take pictures of how much food you have... you show people how much stuff you have... how many beautiful places you have been... you show people how amazing your life is... you show people how much money you can generate, or how many people you are f*cking, or what products you are selling even though what you are selling is harmful. but i don't overstand how that is all you do with this technology, this power. if our ancestors could see use now what would they think? you are woke now, but you aren't changing anything... ok so you opened some minds, now what are you going to do with them. will you build with them? will you train & teach them to wake others up, then organise them. i'm writing this because i care, i care about all people, i respect all life, i don't respect the opinions & lifestyles of the lazy, apathetic & the greedy. you have a choice, everything you need is inside of you, what is it you choose to do. you can choose to die from overeating, you can also choose to chance the future of humans & the planet for the better. i'm working with the tools i have to make positive changes. what will you do? it starts with you ❤ #chakabars

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Este 28 de enero de 2017 se activa la caminata de san sebastián 2017, los 42k con mas trayectoria desde el limón del estado aragua hasta ocumare de la costa de oro información en @gabonproductions

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Incredibly proud of the strong women marching and fighting for equality. we will continue to stand united 💪#womensmarch @womensmarch

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Do yourself a favor and get the lobster roll from @blueplateoysterette's #dinela menu. learn how to use your enrolled @americanexpress card to get $5 back during #dinela from jan 13-27. terms apply. to learn more, visit: www.americanexpress.com/dinela. #blueplateoysterette #santamonica | 📷 rg: @lepetitemacaron

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這是ㄧ個smile ...

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Ya gitu deh ^_^ . . . from @dina_angriana via @nikahasik -

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