Instagram’s Reels feature offers a brand-new opportunity for commercial usage of the app. Instagram Reels are videos up to 60 seconds in length that may be seen on a user’s profile page and across the app in the Reels tab at the app’s bottom.

Instagram Reels are a fun and fashionable way to show off your creative side. Instagram’s Explore page, which features suggested material, is more likely to feature a Reel than an image shared from a profile.

By exposing users to new accounts, a profile’s reach can be expanded through recommendations. We’ll go into greater detail about how to use Instagram’s Explore feature to promote your Reels to a wider audience.

The Inquiry Window

One of the main reasons why Reels has been so successful is because of its Explore page. Instagram engagement rates range from 1-3% on average, depending on the sector. There is no better place to reach a wider audience and pique their interest than the Explore page.

The numbers on the Explore Page are persuasive: There are 200 million regular visitors to the Explore page on Instagram, and 50 percent of all Instagram users check out the page at least once a month. The more people who see your material, the higher the chance that they will interact with it, making this a valuable tool for any Instagram business.

Using Instagram Reels to advertise your brand is a no-brainer. Here are some more arguments in favour of employing Instagram Reel in your social media marketing campaigns.

Boosting Participation

Almost 10 years ago, Instagram introduced a video function that allowed users to share short (15 seconds or less) clips on their profiles. Reels and Channels may look similar, but they are actually two whole different tools.

An analysis of professional sports leagues that used Reels found that on average, the format generated startlingly higher levels of viewer engagement than traditional videos. On average, the NFL sees 67% higher engagement with their Reels than they do with their regular video material, making them the most active league in terms of using Reels.

Especially for accounts who already have a sizable following, Reels have been shown to be a significant improvement over regular videos. To give you an idea, the NHL’s account witnessed a boost in interaction of over 50% despite posting an average of less than 4 Reels per month. If you want your material to stand out on Instagram, one clever and strategic move you can do is to use Instagram Reels.

Being Abreast of Current Events

The Reels feature exemplifies why it’s important to be abreast of developments in the social media world for marketing purposes. Reels’ format is reminiscent of that of the massively popular video app TikTok, which boasts over 600 million daily users thanks to its entertaining short movies. Many Instagram users were intrigued by TikTok, so the company released its own version of vertical short videos called “Reels.”

Present day social media is dominated by short, entertaining videos. They are the most sought after and well-received by buyers. Vertical videos, the current trend, can assist any company vary their content, expand their audience, and increase their audience’s engagement. Instagram Reels are a tool to keep an eye on right now because being on top of trends is essential in social media marketing.

Get in Touch with Your Imagination

Instagram is a great platform for businesses to express their creativity in terms of content, especially in light of the staggering daily user numbers. If you want to add a little more flair to your brand, the Reels feature is a fantastic tool to play with with.

Most Instagram users (about 80%) follow at least one company. From that vantage point, it’s reasonable to assume that users will follow multiple businesses, including yours. Creatively attracting new consumers might be a challenge, but using Instagram Reels is a fantastic technique to persuade people to check out your account and website.

Begin Your Labors

Instagram’s Reels feature lets you take advantage of the craze for vertical, short-form videos that has been sweeping the internet since the epidemic’s inception, all without leaving the service. A company’s social media presence can be enhanced by using reels, which are an innovative approach to disseminate material. If you’re a business on Instagram, using a reel is a great way to spark some fresh ideas, try out some new approaches, and raise your profile’s overall profile quality. The Instagram app Reels is a fantastic starting point for anyone wishing to spice up their approach.

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