You need to adapt your content creation tactics to the ever-changing nature of social media. Trying something new with your social media postings is a wonderful way to keep up with trends and even increase your audience size, even if your current strategies have shown to be effective.

Here are four case studies of innovative 2023 social media strategies from small companies and content providers.

How These Organisations Are Adapting Their Approach To Social Media.

You may improve your online reputation by experimenting with your social media strategy. This might include publishing different types of content or using different channels. Here are four examples of tiny enterprises making a difference.

Making A Real Connection With Viewers Via Youtube

From an Etsy shop to the seven-figure lifestyle brand Janet Gwen, Janet Hoang has come a long way. Her initial success may be attributed in large part to online communities like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram, where her marble covers for iPhones and laptops quickly became widely shared.

After all these years, Janet still places a premium on social media, and her business strategy in this area is very deliberate. Instead of randomly posting on social media, she analyses which channels are most beneficial for her website and focuses her efforts there.

Increase Brand awareness significantly in recent times because to the company’s YouTube account and, in particular, its YouTube Shorts.

More people are watching our YouTube shorts, and that has led to a significant increase in views for our channel. The content we’ve been sharing on Instagram Reels will now be transferred to YouTube Shorts. Additionally, there are videos that have thousands of views and we had no idea about it.

However, Janet is not just concentrating on sales; she is also devoting more time to doing vlogs on YouTube to connect with her audience. She thinks that if people are watching these movies, they would gain insight into her business.

Since “most people don’t aware that all of our concrete sculptures are manufactured in house,” Janet reasoned that “creating a YouTube or starting to vlog would help bring more of the authentic side to a business and convey that we are a small business.”

Janet’s been able to increase sales and foster a sense of community among her clientele thanks to YouTube.

Identifying And Prioritising The Most Useful Social Networks

A social media strategist, author, and marketer, Jack Appleby is particularly proud of the reputation he’s built for himself on Twitter. This year, though, the author plans to switch his attention from Twitter to LinkedIn.

Jack recently mentioned the transition in his Morning Brew email, explaining that while he got his start on Twitter, he now finds that LinkedIn is a better venue for his material.

“But I won’t be putting so much time and energy into Twitter anymore,” he remarked. To create a professional reputation, I found that using LinkedIn was the most efficient, healthiest, and cleanest option last year. What’s more, there isn’t a significant difference in the winning types of material.

Jack, the marketer, tweeted that he had “other intentions” for Twitter going ahead, but it doesn’t mean he won’t be on the platform at all.

This year, Jack plans to devote more time and energy to sharing personal updates on TikTok, while continuing to focus his Twitter feed on marketing-related information. To learn what works best on which channels, Jack is eager to experiment with them all.

Canadian Businesswoman Charly Goss Has Built Her Personal Instagram Following To Over 120,000 People By Monetizing Material And Being More Deliberate When Posting.

The proprietor attributes the popularity of her Instagram account to the abundance of style tips she has provided in her Stories.

Charly’s Instagram Stories have attracted a large following because she frequently discusses forthcoming fashion trends and offers practical tips on how to incorporate them into any wardrobe. Like when Charly reveals the season’s must-have evening silhouette and colour.

The businesswoman announced to her fans at the beginning of the year that while she would continue be publishing on Instagram Stories, the bulk of her informative posts will now be available only to Instagram Subscribers.

Charly posted on Instagram, “I will be making tales all (or most) days as always.” People everywhere will be able to watch them… Then, when I am making content that is really informative, such as “cool vs. not cool” lists or in-depth analyses of goods, trends, or companies, I will restrict access to it to subscription services only.

She went into detail about why this function is so beneficial for content producers like herself.

Using Additional Members Of The Team In Online Posts

This year, Buffer is also adopting a brand-new approach to social media. We’ve been feeling that our social media, especially Instagram, has been overly controlled and staged as of late. To further reflect our humble beginnings, we plan to feature more team members’ faces on our social media channels.

In an effort to increase traffic to our blog, we’ve been experimenting with a new strategy for promoting content on Instagram Stories.

Lately, I’ve begun producing videos on our Instagram in which I summarise each article’s most important aspects. This is in place of the elaborate cover graphics that we previously designed for our blog postings. The videos use the TikTok chroma key feature, so my viewers can see my face while I film them, making them feel more genuine.

This year, we’d want to continue showcasing the people inside Buffer by presenting more of our staff on our social platforms.

We’re hoping these examples will encourage you to shake up your social media profiles in 2018.

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