The significance of Instagram Reels was emphasised in our previous piece on the upcoming changes to Instagram in 2022. Instagram is betting the farm on Reels to compete with TikTok and other services that want to capture the growing market for vertical, short-form video content, such as YouTube Shorts. That means you should be going for broke on Reels as well.

Naturally, knowing the inner workings of a social media network’s algorithm is crucial to your success on that platform. Once you figure out the formula, your account will begin to increase significantly. So, let us to reveal the secret to defeating IG Reels!

Instagram’s algorithm operates

To further explain how Instagram’s different algorithms function, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri published a video and blog post on the IG blog in 2021.

Since social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram haven’t always been so forthcoming with their inner workings, the opportunity to peek inside and learn more about how they function was greatly appreciated. Please, give me more of it.

Adam started off this thread by saying:

We hope to dispel the widespread belief that “The Algorithm” actually exists. There is no central algorithm on Instagram that controls what users view. We employ several distinct algorithms, classifiers, and procedures. We value your time and think the best way to achieve so is to tailor your experience with the help of cutting-edge technology.

Therefore, Instagram’s algorithms vary across its many interfaces. Not every Instagram content that does well in Stories or the Feed will do so in Reels and vice versa. What all of these algorithms have in common is that they are characterised by “signals,” which might include things like who submitted the material, the topic of the content, and your own personal preferences.

Instagram has stated that the following are desirable qualities:

  • A user’s likelihood of seeing a Reel through to the end.
  • Will they accept it?
  • Is it humorous or entertaining to them?
  • Does the user access the audio content? (This means they may be motivated to produce their own Instagram Reel).
  • Instagram’s Reels algorithm analyses the following signals each time you or someone else views a Reel to get to this conclusion:

User Engagement

What past Reels did you like or participate in? This informs the computer as to what material is most pertinent to you.

History of the Proposal

To what extent have you communicated with the user who uploaded the Reel? It’s possible that you’ve previously had some sort of exchange with the person responsible for the Reel you’re currently watching. This informs the system about your level of interest in the shared material.

Data reel

Data about the Reel, including its audio track, frame rate, and resolution (in pixels and in complete frames).

Author Quantities

The system takes into account an account’s total popularity to find “eye-catching” material from several producers. This kind of accessibility allows even the smallest accounts to connect with their target demographic.

With this information in hand, you should be able to comprehend the Instagram Reels algorithm with relative ease. You may use this data to create more popular and effective Instagram Reels. The preceding data allows us to specify the musts and oughts.

How to Create Viral Instagram Reels?

Although reels are simple to make, the shorter the format, the more attention to detail is required. If you follow a few simple guidelines, you can make your Instagram Reels more engaging and attract more viewers.

Don’t forget to have some fun!

It’s crucial that you hook viewers right away and keep them engaged all the way through. This can be accomplished by the use of humour, originality, or a surprising turn of events.

Inspire yourself

Reels is a framework that puts creators first and is meant to foster mutual inspiration. It’s a huge success if you can start a trend that other people can readily follow.

Use your imagination

There is a purpose for these instruments! Instagram is all about enhancing your photos with cool filters, captions, and effects. It paves the way for others to give Reels a go.


As with TikTok videos, reels are supposed to be fully immersive. Therefore, it is recommended that you take vertical shots only. Vertical video is the focus of Instagram’s Reels feature. Avoid the horizontal at all costs.

To be creative

Don’t be afraid to try something new. True originality and success come from simply being one’s own self.

Put it on all the channels

Put your Reel on your Instgram page and in your Stories. The greater the number of people who see the Reel, the more attention it will receive. The initial few hours are crucial in this regard.

Have fun with your listeners

Make sure you’re engaging with your readers by responding to their comments. The more you participate, the more of a following you’ll have, which in turn will increase the frequency with which your audience interacts with your material.


Think about the best times to post content online. It’s important that as many people as possible see your Reel during the first few hours after you publish it.

Continuity is essential

Putting up individual Reels in various places won’t help your material take off. Maintain momentum and improve exposure by publishing new Reels at least three times every week.

To sum up

All the information necessary to solve the IG Reels algorithm in 2022 has now been provided. Keep in mind that the ideas behind this new content structure are still developing, so a lot of changes are likely to occur this year.

As an influencer or marketer, it is your responsibility to keep up with the newest updates to the Instagram Reels algorithm. It could give you an edge over the opposition. If you want to know what’s going to happen next, reading the UNUM blog right here is the best bet.

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