In 2021, Instagram’s 500+ million DAUs make it the most widely used social media platform. People can’t post spam on Instagram like they can on some other channels, so it seems like the vast majority of smartphone users have an account there. Instagram’s many features include the ability to share photos and videos, create stories and highlight reels, as well as promote oneself or one’s business.

Instagram users upload thousands of photos and videos every day, but not all of them get widespread attention. In this article, I’ll show you how to increase the number of views and feedback on your Instagram posts.

How Can I Increase the Number of Views and Comments on My Instagram Posts by a Factor of 10?

1. Publish Yourself First

Since only your friends and followers can see your posts and stories if they are set to private, making your profile public is the first step to getting a lot of attention for your videos and photos.

2. Only Discuss the Most Positive Information

Photos and videos with a high level of beauty, brightness, charm, originality, and resolution tend to receive more likes and comments. Being generous with your best work is only natural. For those who want to share, like, comment, and chat with others, Instagram is a must-have app.

3. Make use of hashtags

It’s a great tip and trick for expanding your online influence. If you want your photo or video to be seen, use popular hashtags. In Instagram’s search box, you can conduct a search by typing # + keywords (followed by image and video-related words). Hashtags that are relevant to a search will appear first. 5–10 hashtags are permitted per post.

4. Put a Caption Here

Put some thought into the post’s caption or description. Use snappy language to describe the action taking place in your images and videos.

5. Label Individuals

You can increase the number of people who see and like your posts by tagging them in them.

6. Add alternative text

Unfortunately, the ALT tag is largely unknown, so its benefits go unused. When the final page loads, use the opportunity to enter alt text under the advanced settings. Since visual content is opaque to search engines and social media platforms. Search engines and human visitors alike will benefit from the information provided in the ALT tag (Alternative). Use at least four or five words whenever you can in the alternate text box.

7. And Please Share This With Others

Posts can be shared on other platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and more.

8. Paid Advertising

Instagram advertising is beneficial if you have a budget to promote your posts (both personal and commercial). Using this method, you can connect with the millions of Instagram users residing in your desired area.

We advise purchasing Instagram story views if you intend to implement a feedback survey. There is a chance that the site has allotted you a few months of survey-taking time in exchange for rewards. That your community has responded to your inquiries is, therefore, a pro for these Stories. You can find out what your potential customers want from your brand and how to make them happier by purchasing story views and asking them for feedback. The fastest, safest, and most convenient option is to buy story views.

9. Share your work on IGTV and highlight reels

Instagram’s popularity has made 15-second videos a great format for gaining followers, and now you can post them in a reel. On the other hand, Instagram has introduced a new video format called IGTV for longer-form content. Just use whatever one fits best your needs.

10. Narratives

Daily posting of a short story is a great way to keep your current audience interested and attract new ones. As of the following day, Instagram stories were no longer viewable.

I’m crossing my fingers that these tips will help you gain a larger following on Instagram and receive more positive feedback on your posts.

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