Instagram is a major major top-tier social media network. It has evolved from a simple photo-sharing website to something far more extensive. Instead, videos on Instagram are crucial to the platform’s development. There’s no denying the importance of video in drawing in new viewers, keeping the attention of current fans, and spreading the word about a brand new piece of content, but it’s critical to broadcast videos in the correct resolution.

As video is crucial (if not crucial) to Instagram’s success, it’s important to understand the platform’s requirements for video resolution, frame rate, duration, and aspect ratio. With that in mind, we’ve compiled this advice on the optimal Instagram video resolution for the year 2023 and beyond to ensure that your Instagram expansion plans are successful.

Understanding the video requirements, dimensions, and resolutions for Instagram is important for any company, content producer, or entrepreneur/influencer before they begin their path to start uploading videos on Instagram.

How eager are you to take advantage of the possibilities presented by Instagram videos? Please allow me to go deeply into this.

Which Instagram video sharing features are available?

Never before has video been so pervasive on social media. Instagram has been making an effort to promote videos in order to remain competitive.

To put out videos and take advantage of these video content opportunities like companies and artists are doing, it is crucial to be familiar with the Instagram video publishing choices.

Videos to a Feed

If you want to upload a video to Instagram, it needs to be at least 600600 and 30 frames per second. It’s recommended that Instagram square videos clock in at no more than 60 seconds in length.

Instagram’s square video limit is a whopping 4 GB. Instagram videos typically have a quality of 1080p. You may also share movies with a resolution of 1080x1350p or 1080x608p.

Instagram’s feed or square video format was the first video format released on the platform, and it remains popular today.

Carousal Video

Posting many videos is a great method to keep Instagram followers interested without doing much more work. To share many media files at once, Instagram users may take advantage of the carousel post function.
A carousel post is a type of feed post that displays in the feeds of Instagram followers.

You may share carousel movies in three different dimensions on Instagram: square (1080 x 1080p), landscape (1080 x 608p), and portrait (1080 x 1350p). The diameter of the first post in the carousel is used to estimate the diameter of the other posts.

Instagram Story

Instagram’s “Story” feature may be used to share either photographs or videos. The optimal resolution for Instagram Stories is 1080x1920p with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Videos may be uploaded to Instagram Stories in either MP4 or MOV format. The largest file size that may be uploaded is also 4 GB. When you share a lengthier video on Instagram Story, it will be cut into 15-second halves.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are videos that play vertically and have the optimal quality of 1080x1920p. In addition, reel movies might be as long as 60 seconds. The fact that Instagram Reels can compete with TikTok and YouTube Shorts has increased its popularity.


A further Instagram video choice is Instagram live. Instagram Live is a live streaming function that broadcasts the live video to your followers in real-time, as opposed to other video alternatives that allow you to submit the pre-made video to the Instagram platform.
Instagram Reel’s aspect ratio is 9:16, the same as Instagram Live’s 1080x1920p resolution. In addition, Instagram has doubled the previous limit of two hours to four hours for live broadcasts.

The Importance of Instagram’s Video Size Limits

There’s a good chance you’re wondering why your Instagram video needs to adhere to so many certain dimensions. These are five of the most common justifications for remembering the specifics of each social media network when uploading content:

Presets for video dimensions and playtime

Specs for all Instagram videos have been laid forth. One of the main reasons it’s so important to learn about the Instagram video size criteria is so that you can become familiar with the proper dimensions and durations for videos shared on the network. You can make films that are the right size and duration by checking out the specifications beforehand.

Get the quality required for Instagram videos

Like with other social networking sites, Instagram restricts the kind of videos that may be uploaded to its service. Moreover, they have established criteria that consumers must fulfil in order to benefit from the service. Instagram’s Story and Reels services, for example, only support vertical movies, although users may still post horizontal footage. Videos shot in landscape mode would be uploaded, but they would be too wide to be shown properly.

Compatibility with mobile devices

The fact that Instagram was designed with smartphones in mind means that users must be familiar with the network’s video specifications. Using a “mobile-first” strategy means prioritising the needs of mobile users while creating an app or platform.

Instagram posts that aren’t optimised for mobile viewing may not perform as well as those that are.

Do better by your users

User experience is directly impacted by a video’s adherence to Instagram’s recommended dimensions and duration. In the event that Instagram suggests vertical videos for Instagram Reels or Instagram Story, but you post a landscape video instead, it will likely not be well received.

Accept these conditions

While registering for an account on a social networking website, users are required to agree to the website’s terms and conditions. Without accepting these conditions, users will not be able to continue or establish an account.

Copyright infringement, trademark infringement, promotion of counterfeit or pirated goods are all prohibited by Instagram’s terms of service. This policy covers both video and still images.

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