Use Instagram Stories to connect with your audience and build brand loyalty. It’s crucial that you use these short movies in your marketing efforts since they may provide tremendous insight into corporate culture and the personalities of the personnel. One of the most effective strategies to increase client loyalty is to show them that the firm cares about them as individuals.

Instagram’s recent inclusion of story polls is a great way to get to know your audience with interactive content like questions, quizzes, and more. You may find out a lot about your audience’s opinions on your products and services as well as their preferences for future content by conducting polls.

Instagram story polls are a need for everyone doing Instagram marketing in 2019, and in this piece we will show you how to make them interesting and enjoyable for your followers.

Instagram Story Polls: How to View the Results

It’s vital to be able to observe and evaluate audience reactions. You can see who voted in your Instagram story poll by opening the story and tapping the “Seen By” button, which is located in the story’s bottom left corner. This will provide the total number of viewers, the breakdown of voters by choice, and the total number of votes cast.

Your audience will like to know which option received the most votes, or if they scored correctly on a quiz. Because of this, Instagram now has a “Share results” button that makes it simple to include poll data into a fresh Instagram story.

Instagram Poll Suggestions

It may sound dull to conduct polls, but your followers will likely find them interesting because they don’t have to pay too much attention to them in order to participate. If you’re stuck for questions to ask your followers on Instagram, though, consider the following:

Instagram Vote: This or That

Here, you’ll present your audience with two choices and get their vote on which one to see. You’re free to use your imagination, and the results might be useful for any number of companies. Some instances are as follows:

How about one of our products? That or this?
Which ice cream flavour do you like more, strawberry or chocolate chip?
Favourite way to spend a Saturday or Sunday? Get together with the gang, or stay in and watch a movie?
What’s your go-to energizer beverage? Coffee or black tea?

Vote on Instagram: Yes or No

Since they may be used to any number of themes and can be answered quickly, “Yes or no” questions are also highly popular. You may use this survey to gauge your audience’s interest in a certain topic or product, or to find out what they value most in your posts. This is the format of some of the questions:

Is this a shirt you’d put on? To answer yes or no.
Is environmental protection important to you? To answer yes or no.
How about some exclusive footage from behind the scenes? To answer yes or no.
Is there a day-in-the-life video you could watch? To answer yes or no.

Questions that are generic to the field are OK, but you may also ask something that would pique the attention of your followers in your particular area of expertise.

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