Instagram is one of the most popular and dynamic social networking sites available today. Brands will still be vying for consumers’ attention and screen time in 2023.

Every once in a while, you should revisit your Instagram marketing plan, and the new year is a great opportunity to do so. How, therefore, can you develop an effective Instagram strategy and outperform your rivals? Hmm, I wonder…

Check the status of your account

You should immediately go check out this new Instagram feature after reading this post. The term “Account status” is used to describe this section.

For what purpose? whether your material isn’t being promoted to viewers, for example in the Explore feed, you may check to see whether you’ve broken any of Instagram’s rules or community standards (such as publishing explicit photos).

There are a few reasons why keeping tabs on your account is crucial:

If you’ve broken the rules, you’ll know it, and you may quickly exclude those posts from your approach moving forward.
If your organic reach is decreasing because you keep breaking Instagram’s restrictions, this is where you’ll find out.
You’ll find out what you can do to save your Instagram account from getting permanently deleted and avoid similar scenarios in the future.
Keep in mind that disregarding Instagram’s warnings and continuing to publish information it finds objectionable might significantly boost your profile’s visibility.

The steps to view your account balance

Very simple. Select “Profile” > “Settings” > “Account” > “Payment Methods” and Current balances on accounts.

You should see a window similar to the one below:You should take advantage of this new Instagram feature because not all business owners are aware of it. You’ll have greater insight into what works and what doesn’t on Instagram, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Watch what natural actions rivals take.
After performing a profile checkup, the next step in developing an Instagram marketing plan is to do some competitive research.

Finding out what they’re posting and how often is only half the battle; you also need to think about how your company might differentiate itself from the competition.

This is a perfect illustration of our point.

Look at the Instagram posts made in May of 2022 by Mentos Poland, Tic Tac Poland, and Maoam Poland, all of which are direct competitors.
Even though these are three distinct companies, the ordinary Instagram user would confuse them for the same after viewing their accounts.
Using a social media analytics tool, you can quickly track metrics like the number of new followers, the percentage of existing followers who are actively engaging with your competition’s material, and more.

You may keep tabs on a few of rivals simultaneously or zero down on one single brand for in-depth research.

Remember that spying on your rivals is a necessary step towards outsmarting them.

Ads used by rivals

This will come as a big shock if you’ve ever thought it was difficult to learn how your competitors’ ads performed.
Access to such aggregated data is already priceless, even though it is not feasible to know how much a given firm spent on Instagram advertisements (this information is only available to account owners).

Second, we recommend using the Ad Library, a free resource provided by Facebook.

Most marketers mistakenly believe that the only information they can get from Facebook’s Ad Library is the images and text of their rivals’ ads.

  • What their current ad count is.
  • The number of new advertisements that have debuted this month.
  • What exactly are the commercials promoting?
  • Find out which advertising may be viewed on both Instagram and Facebook.
  • See which advertisements have been on the air the longest, as these are likely either highly successful or promoting crucial goods.
  • None of this information could be gleaned from perusing the Instagram accounts of your rivals. That’s why it’s useful to combine a third-party analytics programme with Ad Library to get as much information as possible on the advertising strategies of your rivals.

Make use of cutting-edge media formats

Let’s be honest: missing out on the hottest new content format, which is Instagram Reels, is a huge mistake.

Instagram users may not admit it, but they are watching Reels, since the Instagram algorithm favours this type of material almost exclusively.

A bit time-consuming, but entertaining, are reels. Although getting started might be challenging, you can make things easier on yourself by using premade templates to experiment with the structure.

Reels has a lot more to offer than just amusing films in the style of TikTok if that’s not your thing. Instagram users may find instructional Reels especially engaging since you, as a company owner, have a wealth of expertise to provide.

Keep an eye on how your Instagram account is doing as a whole

The greatest method to make your profile stand out and appear higher in user feeds is to analyse your present and prior performance.

Examining how well your content performs will reveal which topics are most popular with your target demographic. Self-reported data (like when your followers say in comments or DMs that they aren’t actually viewing videos) can never give you the entire picture; only behavioural data will do that. That’s why it’s important to examine in detail how they use your profile and your content.

Develop a winning plan for promoting your business on Instagram

To tell you the truth, there is no foolproof method to achieving Instagram fame. However, you may create the most efficient Instagram marketing plan for your business by making the most of all the available advice and tools.

Grab our booklet to learn all you need to know to manage a successful Instagram business profile, or read it again if you’re just getting started with Instagram marketing.

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