Keeping up with the latest and greatest in marketing and advertising strategies utilised by other eCommerce businesses is essential. Instagram advertising is a rising trend because the platform has 800 million monthly users.

Instagram offers a variety of advertising options for eCommerce businesses, including influencer marketing, explore advertisements, and carousel ads.

But this isn’t the only method the platform may help you promote your eCommerce company. In the present day, Instagram video advertisements can also aid your eCommerce firm in boosting brand visibility, client engagement, and, ultimately, ROI.

Everything you need to know about Instagram video ads is included in this post.

Instagram videos ads describe what?

One of the premium services Instagram offers to companies that want to market their wares online is video advertising. They can reach a wider audience on the platform by posting sponsored video content.

To rephrase, Instagram video ads are just one of several ad forms available on the app. Instagram video advertising give consumers a more in-depth look at a company’s identity, website, and wares.

Instagram video ad formats suitable for online stores

Instagram videos, Stories, Reels, and Live are the four video ad formats available to you as an online retailer. What follows is a detailed description of each of these presentation types.

Instagram Highlights

In the past, Instagram’s video advertisements only appeared in random posts. There used to be three distinct forms:

A new feature called “IGTV” allows users to share videos that are up to an hour in length.
Instagram’s in-feed videos, which users could upload in lengths as little as 60 seconds.
Reels, which are 15-30 second videos made using Instagram’s built-in camera or imported from your computer’s photo library.

Double Tales

Snapchat’s story format served as an inspiration for Instagram. Full-screen, vertical photographs and movies can be shared and automatically deleted after 24 hours. Expired Instagram Stories can always be archived in the “Highlights” section of a user’s profile.

Instagram stories originally only supported 15-second long videos. Instagram Stories used to be limited to 30 seconds, however that time was recently raised to 60 seconds.

While users are scrolling through their Instagram stories, they will be shown video advertisements from your e-commerce company. You may also decide how long you want your video adverts to run, rather than having them automatically expire after 24 hours like personal tales.

Statista estimates that 500 million individuals daily utilise Instagram Stories. This statistic demonstrates how effective it is to promote your business with video advertisements on Stories.

Three Instagram Streams

Instagram now supports live video streaming, letting you broadcast directly to your followers’ feeds while simultaneously interacting with them.

The “Live Shopping” function of this format is really ingenious. During your live broadcasts, you may now sell your wares without ever leaving the Instagram app. Customers can go back and watch previously recorded live videos featuring the same products at any time to continue browsing.

Here are the top ten strategies for producing profitable Instagram video ads for online retailers.
Developing and maintaining Instagram video advertising campaigns is something we have already discussed. Now, we’ll provide some insider knowledge that can help your Instagram video advertising for your online store perform better.

Take your time determining your Instagram video ad’s purpose

The first thing you need to do when making an Instagram video ad is to figure out what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign. You should not rush through this procedure; it is crucial.

Taking your time here involves thinking carefully about where your target audience is in the eCommerce conversion funnel or the buyer’s journey. After that, each Instagram video ad should focus on a single objective.

Keep in mind that your target demographics likely have short attention spans. This means that the first seconds of your video ad should be used strategically and imaginatively to hook your target audience.

If you want people to stop scrolling and watch the rest of your video, you need to make sure the initial few seconds are engaging and full of action.

Make sure your landing pages are optimised for mobile use

Keep in mind that most viewers of your Instagram video ad will be accessing it on the go. As a result, you should always check to see if the landing page your consumers will be taken to once they click the CTA is mobile-friendly.

Try to make your video commercials appear as natural as possible

Your video advertisement should feel less like an advertisement and more likes on Instagram video that provides a solution to a problem faced by your target audience. To avoid having your video advertisements stick out like sore thumbs, they should instead look natural and flow right into the feeds and stories.

Finding a happy medium between providing helpful information to your audience and advertising your online shop is the key.

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