Each digital marketing manager’s toolbox should include social media platforms. But, maximising them calls much more work than only creating and disseminating high-quality material. Without analytics, no one can properly operate a social media business profile.

This post will explain the true significance of Instagram’s reach and engagement metrics as well as how to use them to your advantage.

The secret to continuous improvement is understanding these indicators, monitoring them, and drawing conclusions. Any kind of marketing is meant by this, including Instagram marketing. Regularly reviewing your performance has a number of advantages.

First and foremost, studying metrics offers you an idea of how your content performs and may help you figure out, for instance, what kinds of material are most effective for you. Metrics can also help you determine whether you’re even reaching your intended audience and how quickly your community is expanding.

You can learn crucial details about your audience by keeping track of your outcomes. You may use it to learn more about how they feel about your brand, as well as their actions and patterns of activity. When creating content calendars and choosing when to post, this information will be extremely helpful.

Explaining Instagram metrics

There are several metrics on Instagram that you should monitor. We’ll take a deeper look at the most significant ones in this section.


Simply said, reach is the total number of distinct users who view and potentially interact with your content. You can infer from this definition that your Instagram profile’s entire reach is meant. But, in practise, marketers frequently keep track of more reach types, such as:

Reach of a single post Organic reach
Viral reach, paid reach, and more. The aforementioned categories are covered in further detail here.

Reach is the one metric that should never be ignored, no matter what your company’s objectives are. Every company wants to be seen by as many people as possible, after all.

That is just partially true; your real goal should be being recognised by the proper individuals. especially those who are most likely to be curious about and finally purchase your stuff.

The Instagram algorithm promotes profiles that are very active, according to how it functions. So be sure to publish frequently to improve your chances of getting more exposure!

Your reach is impacted by a number of additional variables, including publishing timings. You can see when your audience engages with your content in Instagram Insights’ Activity section. Your organic reach can be increased by connecting with them when they’re online and engaged with new content.

Encourage your fans to share your posts and user-generated content to your feed or tales while tagging the creators to expand your audience.


The actions that Instagram users might perform when connecting with your post are collectively referred to as engagement. Some examples of these actions are:

  • I enjoy your writing

making remarks on your posts

preserving your work

looking at your Instagram account

Leaving comments on your Instagram stories

The Engagement Rate metric, which shows you the percentage of people that interact with your material, is a key sign of how effective your Instagram approach is.

Be careful because there is ongoing discussion about how Engagement Rate should actually be determined.

We advise you to look at the engagement on specific posts or particular stories rather than a “overall account score” to get the most precise and meaningful data. Just be careful to consider the appropriate factors.

For instance, to determine the Engagement Rate of a recent post, just divide the number of interactions with it by the reach of the post. This will allow you to determine whether the information was beneficial to your audience. Your conclusions should assist you in determining the interests of your audience once you have examined numerous postings in this manner. Improve your Instagram content strategy with these insights.

But, there is a quick technique to determine an approximative “overall” rating if you’d want to have a basic idea of how your Instagram Business Account is doing. By the total number of followers you now have, divide the average number of interactions your profile has had over the past month.

There isn’t a precise value that, in terms of Engagement Rate, can be classified as either a good or terrible outcome. Based on your own experience and an examination of your competitors’ performance, establish a standard for your company (hint: click here for a comprehensive introduction to competitive analysis on Instagram).

Advice: To increase your Engagement Rate, try to identify the traits that your best-performing pieces (and those of your competitors) have in common and include them into any new content you produce. Moreover, always keep in mind to include call to actions in your content to increase interaction!

Subscriber Growth Rate

A indicator that reveals whether or not your material is attractive to new audiences is the follower growth rate. Simply put, it indicates the rate of expansion of your fan base.

The benefits of tracking this measure are numerous. For instance, it would be wise to research potential causes for a trend if your growth suddenly accelerates. Perhaps you’ve been uploading more material of a particular kind lately?

You may adjust your plan to more effectively draw in new followers and expand your business on Instagram by paying attention to the dynamics of follower growth.

The Instagram algorithm is quite complicated, but if you follow the guidelines, it will work to your advantage. Use the proper combination of hashtags to draw in new users who are interested in your industry to increase the number of your followers.

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