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Mon papa ! je t'aime tellement ! @ptatopoulos ❤️ zoula

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During my late teen years (living in greece) my friends and i always looked forward to drum and bass parties. we were dnb/jungle/idm heads. they would be held in underground parking lots of some abandoned buildings and only by word of mouth we’d find out where and when it would take place. that period of time was such an eye opener , from the way people dressed to the way they moved, the grungy eclectic vibes. all a huge part of my inspiration. never in a million years would i think , “zoi in the future .. you’re going to choreograph to a dnb tune, and theee @seanlew will m****r it” 👽🙏🏻❤️

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👽 today 👽

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Yesterday i had the pleasure of teaching my first classes at the @joffreywestla intensive. i can’t describe how grateful i am to be part of such a respected event . here is @andrewtmzn killing my piece “the healer” by @gu_tsvi ! and finally a huge thank you to @ballet_red for letting me be a part of all of this ❤️ #ztatochoreo #joffreyballet #joffreysummerintensive

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@hailey_paolillo what !!!?!? 🔥🔥🔥🔥#ztatochoreo

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@allyweisbrod ...you are crazy ... and so is the rest of @xtremeforcedancecompany .... throwback to the masterclass a couple of weeks ago ! #d**n #ztatochoreo music - @gu_tsvi “the healer” 🔮

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Funny coincidence . #tb

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These girls are krazzay! @xtremeforcedancecompany

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😈 bongo dreamland creature 😈 @gu_tsvi ... your music ..... is dreamy !!!🔮#kz

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This is my soloist coco .... she’s nuts ... k bye 👋

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