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Happy purim from me and #myreligiouswife here’s how i understand purim so far: get dressed up, get really really drunk, and try your best to see beyond the good and evil of each other, and see the essence 👉❤️ #tribalholiday

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May we all eat with such joy. #mayamaybel you’re my hero ❤️

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Flourless chocolate cake in development. so far it’s non dairy, made in dairy equipment. we might have some up front this week, i’ll let you know.

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Hamantaschen week starts today! available only only only at the bakery until next friday. pre-order through our website, or pick em up at the bakery (supply is limited). this year’s varieties: chocolate poppy & guava y queso. chomp!


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Sourdough bread and croissants baked in wynwood every morning, delivered to the airport every morning, and served on every @aerolineas_argentinas flight from miami to buenos aires! i’m a big plane nerd, this is so freaking cool!! all the respect to chef @emazarl for bringing local craftsmanship on board 👊 🇦🇷

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Hamantaschen now available for pre-order..... - each hamantaschen box has 3 chocolate poppy, 2 guava & cheese. - the hamantaschen box is $10.80 - available only at the bakery march 15th to march 22nd. - you can pre-order online through our website, zakthebaker.com - our hamantaschen are dairy, non-cholov yisrael. - shipping not available :( - freilich purim

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Pain au raisin in development. coming soon to the bakery & wholesale.

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Now serving chocolate caramel pie by the slice at the bakery. croissants should be out of the oven any minute.

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I've been reading viktor frankl's book "man's search for meaning,” and there's a quote from neitzsche that he repeats many times in the book, "he who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." making challah on fridays with my kiddos and #myreligiouswife is my why ❤️ good shabbas.

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Most frequently asked questions of the week

q) what happened to the granola at whole foods? i don’t see it?!
a) we ran out of containers 🙄we’re back up now, sorry about that.
q) y’all making hamantaschen this year?
a) yes, details coming soon.
q) are they gonna be dairy?
a) probably 😋
q) why you so skinny? what you don’t eat what you make?
a) of course i do, that’s just the way that i am. btw, not my favorite question 🙏

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Kale cesar salad with crispy chickpeas and 24 month pecorino toscana is now on the spring menu. the cafe menu is startin’ to fill in, always looking forward to what’s next.....

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Our first employee to retire, my mom, a.k.a mama stern. thanks for being the bakery mama all these years, you’re so loved here, and you will be missed.

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