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Sunday and airing out new #elizabethsuzann petra in ivory gauze! mini review, it is slightly sheer and a touch smaller than the petra in midweight linen. however, it feels both lightweight and substantial on. perfect layering underneath jumpsuits. this is size s.
i'm itching to try new things lately. there are some cool things happening in the coming future with @buyfrombipoc that i'm excited about. i want to try a new creative thing. pottery? knitting? sewing? plant propagating? small apartment dwellers, what are some creative pursuits you enjoy that don't take up too much space? 😋
(image description: asian woman in wide brim raffia hat, @vanheessees overalls, @elizsuzann petra ivory crop in linen gauze, birk bostons)

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Welp. it's been a heavy couple of weeks. one thing i wanted to talk about, something i've observed through numerous conversations about race, cultural appropriation, abortion, overconsumption -- on being condescending.
here's what being condescending looks like:
"i'm sorry *you* felt that way about what i said"
"people are making such a big deal out of things 🤣🤷"
"google exists."
(to bipoc, disabled, fat, non-cis, non-hetero, and more) "well, [identity group] says, feels or does x y z"
the above types of statements are nothing but ego strokes. they are lack of accountability wrapped up in an obviously fake attempt to "help", "educate" or "apologize".
here's a potentially condescending statement: people are wiser than you think. you know who tends to think people besides them are incapable of insight? the patriarchy. and you too, white feminists and their allies.
own up to the hurt. and save your guilt. i'm sorry that i can't remember where i read this, but "apologies without action is manipulation".
and here are the call(s) to action: donate, if you can, to @yellowfund. change the name of that thing/service/company you're selling that appropriates another culture. inspired by @thebeaologist, repatriate cultural items that aren't yours. and if you don't really care, don't ask me to educate you.
(image description: asian woman with new shag haircut that totally reminds me of @little_kotos_closet takes a bathroom mirror selfie is a striped brown dolman sleeve jacket, #elizabethsuzann harper tunic in olive from @shannydoots )

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Hello, beautiful spring day with clear blue skies, dogwood trees in full bloom, and sixty-eight degrees fahrenheit! you're perfect.

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This #needles linen cardigan is one of my favorite finds of the last few years. it was spontaneity in tokyo 7. it's such an open weave that the air it lets in makes my skin feel cooler so i can wear it over a tee when it's around 80. i brought it to phoenix this week and have used it as light sun protection. it's also one of my favorite layering pieces. it slubs up a sport coat like a champ. and up close it has what looks like indigo fades. 🥰

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People that saw my stories know i'm v v into this @7115nyc jumpsuit. it is ridiculously comfortable and light, even compared to your typical slow fashion comfy and light clothes. #ootdinfluencedby @shannydoots and her super awesome simple jumpsuit looks and multi angle photos. also @melissaanderson for overall copywriting and tone.
(image description: asian woman stands against hotel room backdrop wearing a topknot, big @antiquesugar sunglasses, @treefairfax bag, @thesabahdealer shoes and @7115nyc terra jumpsuit.)

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Gotta give the southwest credit for good lighting. going to a fancy event where we can pretend to be sociable. this is our armor. do you put on a fancy mask for social events?

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All washed out and ready for a walk in the brooklyn botanic garden. just kidding, we got some fiery khao soi and then pie instead 😳🤭 we did walk a lot though.

#spontaneouspie #derailedbyspice

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Last weekend when a few of us nyc peeps were feverishly trying on clothes at @noranoranora's place, we were all joking that "idk what lifestyle one has to have to wear silk shorts, but i want that lifestyle". turns out, probably a lifestyle that involves not leaving the house much? these are #elizabethsuzann moss florence shorts that @colacarp generously sold to me! perfect for lounging in warm but not too warm indoor temps 🤣. #ootdinfluencedby pretty much all the people who rock minimal, tone on tone solid muted separates with simple silouhettes. @aliwayys and @falnangelntwoboys come to mind especially.
(image description: asian woman wearing a topknot, old short sleeve heather gray sweatshirt, #elizabethsuzann moss florence shorts from @colacarp )

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I stole this striped blue popover from brooke. she got it at a bulk second hand shop in berlin. i was there and i warned her of the future theft. it's some sort of old naval shirt. if someone knows moar better please share. it has a belt, no collar, and silver buttons.


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Fairly simple outfit, so gotta get wild with the posing. i think the socks and scrunchie make it.
(image description: asian woman stands with back arched and one hand behind her head, wearing a @jungmaven striped tee, #elizabethsuzann black keaton jumpsuit, @hanselfrombasel socks and pink velvet scrunchie)

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I was particularly happy with this combo of camo and my old and crusty corduroy high school jacket. this jacket is a wreck, the lining and cuffs partly disintegrated. i'll try to wear it until it tells me it isn't having fun anymore. and then maybe it will be repairable. as far as i can tell, the jacket and i are both still having a good time.

i'll make a rare heartfelt post of this, while i'm at it. i'm very proud of @brookekao for her courage in expressing herself so openly, honestly and sincerely on here. without her, i'd probably still be wearing jeans and ocbds every day, and having a whole lot less fun with clothes. and, ya know, life in general. she's the best. 🤗🥰 okay, now i'm a bit choked up. too emotions. escaping back to my usual weird, short, abstract commentary. 🤦‍♂️🖖

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I'm in the camp of folks who find it amusing that this whole #chooseused thing is taking off now that so many people are more aware of our impending climate collapse. 🤷 @insearchofcozy_ makes an amazing point about the hashtag being rooted in privilege. i thrifted long before i had enough money to buy new clothes. though i won't pretend i did it to save the environment -- i wanted to emulate what i saw on runways and sifting through goodwill racks was the only way i could recreate the looks.
i remember being the only person in my family/friends who bought used and either being met with confusion or disgust. "ew someone might have died in that". at some point, i made enough money to thrift less and fast fashion more. my purchases were usually met with more approval if they were from h&m or zara instead.
anyway, i'm aware that this post probably sounds lecturing and i'll climb down from my high horse 🤣.
image description: asian woman wearing vintage '90s clip on sunglasses, @qualitymending light blue chore coat, @ilanakohn off-white milo jumpsuit, @everlanewomen day gloves in pale pink, vintage bolo tie and turquoise ring, vintage army green military liner with sown-on patches

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