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When there was blue sky and sun-kissed clouds on the horizon #tbt

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Latest from my ever-growing collection of ferocious waves 🌊 #infinity_wildnature

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Watching this murmuration of starlings above north pier this evening was the perfect way to end the weekend 🐦 #eye_spy_birds

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Watching the waves touch the clouds #stormeleanor

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Happy new year fellow instagrammers! thank you so much for your support over the past twelve months (despite the lack of posts). i really do appreciate every like, comment and message. special shoutout to @pocket_family @shotsofresh @eye_spy_birds @ic_reflections @super_photosunsets @ipulledoverforthis @clouds_of_our_world @world_bestsky @britains_talent @igerslancashire for kindly featuring my photography and i wish you all the very best for the year ahead! #2017bestnine

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Imagine you are here ↑ #mondaymood

November 2017 comment 33 star 2,066

Going round in circles for the weekend hashtag project #whpfindthelight

November 2017 comment 29 star 1,489

Love this time of year #nuts_about_birds

November 2017 comment 133 star 3,014

Celebrating #nationalwildlifeday with a never-seen-before photograph of my favourite birds 🐦 #whatschirping

September 2017 comment 108 star 3,049

Catching bread mid-flight isn’t easy (as demonstrated by this ambitious seagull) 🐦 #whatschirping

August 2017 comment 31 star 1,939

Backlit waves crashing over blackpool promenade (from the archive) 🌊 #beautyofnature

August 2017 comment 53 star 2,194

Time-lapse from the top of the elevador de santa justa in lisbon #traveltuesday

August 2017 comment 30 star 1,250

In the shadows 🐦 #eye_spy_birds

August 2017 comment 22 star 1,287

The only glimmer of sunshine i managed to see all day, but i’m so happy to have seen it #ig_serenity

August 2017 comment 64 star 1,947

Already missing the starlings #tbt

May 2017 comment 155 star 2,996

Seaside living has its advantages β˜€οΈ #super_photosunsets

May 2017 comment 28 star 2,151

Horsing around on blackpool promenade 🐴 #igerslancashire

April 2017 comment 15 star 1,328

Seagull seeks photo opportunity at south pier 🐦 #eye_spy_birds

April 2017 comment 30 star 1,689

Storm clouds and sunbeams on the horizon this evening #super_photosunsets

April 2017 comment 22 star 1,816

In the afterglow of a seaside sunset #ig_minimalist

April 2017 comment 65 star 2,087