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What do me and @therock have in common? best answer gets a shoutout πŸ‘€

all jokes aside, the idea of working out isn’t always the one πŸ˜… but i don’t sweat it too much, i just do what i can πŸ’ͺ 5 minutes a day does wonders for my mental health 🧠 #wegotthis 🀘

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Phew almost got scrambled there πŸ˜… we all fall down sometimes. but shout out the ones who get up and go again. failure’s only gonna stop us if we let it 🀚let’s get it πŸ™Œ #wegotthis #mood
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Ad | weekend plans on the @happyeggcousa farm sorted πŸ₯š what will you be up to? #happylikeanegg #weekend #mood

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Monday blues? here’s an egg hula hooping. have a great day ✊ tag a friend to cheer them up πŸ₯š
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Ad | plenty of room to play @happyeggcousa. put a positive spin on whatever life throws your way. life’s too short not to! leave an egg below if you agree πŸ₯š#happylikeanegg #egggang #wegotthis

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When you think you’ve got it all under control then life hits you like πŸ™ƒ

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Leaving on a friday when you know there’s still work to do πŸ˜…

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No legs, no problem. with over 8 acres to roam, nothing holds me back 🀘 #happylikeanegg @happyeggcousa

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When the route to #area51 is blocked & you have to resort to plan b 🀘leave an πŸ‘½ if you’re going #wegotthis #eggstraterrestrial
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The one and only @tonyhawk once said the best advice he could give is to believe in yourself and to create new challenges no matter how far you get πŸ™Œ

my biggest fear is cracking πŸ˜… but that’s not gunna stop me. adopt a positive mindset and take a chance, you'll reap the rewards 🀘

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Ad | today i'm celebrating the land of the free range with @happyeggcousa πŸ₯š
happy 4th of july everyone πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #happylikeanegg #wegotthis

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Sometimes social media can get a bit 🀯 remember this is everybody living their best life, this is their highlight reel. take a break, don’t eggshaust yourself πŸ˜‰ leave an πŸ₯š if you’re with me ✊
#wegotthis #egggang
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