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Surprise!!🚨🚨 the hoodie we talked about on our story today is now launched. together with matching joggers 😍 direct link is in our bio!😍💪🏼

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Tag a friend who’s next 😉

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Workout w/ @tildabexell | .
it’s so easy to get stuck in the same pattern and doing the same exercises for too long. it will not only lead to lost motivation but probably also lost gains. no need for that!👊🏼 so today i challenged myself and did a lot of superset which my body was not prepared for😂 i was so dead after this😫
💗save this post and try it out later!💗
here’s the workout:
1️⃣ barbell hip t****t pyramid 1 x 10, 1 x 8, 1 x 6, 1 x 15 superset 4x15 jump air squats
2️⃣ goblet squat 3 x 12 superset 3x15 kettlebell swing
3️⃣ heavy kettlebell deadlift 2 x 15 superset 3x15 kettlebell swing
4️⃣ 45 degree hyper 2 x 20 superset 2x15 air squats
5️⃣ band seated hip abduction 2 x 20 superset 2x15 jump air squats with band

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Gorgeous @powerliftprincess in our nyflex set in the color rose 😍🔥

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Friday workout done in the park with our resistance bands! workout wherever you like and at any time with our resistance bands!😍💪🏼 what’s your favorite outside exercise?🤸🏻‍♂️

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Did you have a good weekend?😍🙌🏼
today is a new week, and even though this can feel very umotivating. it’s a new start and you have all possibilities to make this the best week if you want to🦁 let’s make this the best week!

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Lesson of the day! tag someone who needs motivation for today’s workout 😍💪🏼 #wildpurpose #movewithpurpose

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Which is your favorite color from the new seamless collection?😍 pre-order today and get the top for free when you order the bundle!🌟 direct link in bio!

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@str3tchfit is showing us his latest workout in our navy performance shirt!😍 chest & triceps! try these exercises out💪🏼

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What’s your best tip to get to the gym?💪🏼
ours is to just get it done. making excuses like i don’t have time, i can’t afford it or i don’t know what to do isn’t going to work if you’d like to start working out! you can do everything, if you just dare to get started. tag someone who needs some workout motivation!💪🏼

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Here’s the workout i did yesterday! absolute killer for the glutes!!!😍 💗💗 double tap and save it for your next workout!!!!💗💗
1️⃣ squats 3 x 8
2️⃣ pendulum quadruped hip extension 2 x 10
3️⃣ 45 degree hyper 2 x 30
4️⃣ barbell hip t****t 3 x 6
5️⃣ band side lying clam 2 x 20
last exercise isn’t in the video, but add it for an even bigger challenge!!!💪🏼😍
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Gorgeous @inesrodrigues_all working out in our pink darling leggings 😍🙏🏼

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