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Abandoned ballroom on detroit's lower east side. the dance floor and ceiling have decayed badly due to years of water damage but the aztec themed columns ringing the floor remain mostly intact

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Main hallway in an abandoned school. this facility was originally built as a middle school and later used as the temporary home of a nearby high school which was being renovated before closing permanently. the close proximity of the active high school has prevented the building from being completely gutted but scrappers and vandals have still done significant damage

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Abandoned convent on detroit's east side. summer 2014. the convent was part of a complex with a church and a school. all three buildings closed in the early 2000s. the church reopened in 2015 but the school and convent remain vacant

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Abandoned asylum in a detroit suburb. summer 2018

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View of detroit's new center neighborhood from an abandoned residential hotel. the skyscrapers of new center went up during the mid 1920s and were envisioned as a new downtown for the city. the great depression prevented this from coming to fruition but a number of magnificent buildings were constructed.

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One of my favorite abandoned school auditoriums. a fire in 2017 badly damaged the space

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Bowling pins set out in an abandoned hospital. the hospital closed in 1992 and sat vacant until 2004 when it briefly reopened as a school before closing again in 2012

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Piano in an abandoned masonic lodge. detroit 2018

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Detroit's only quaker school. built 1965. closed 2015. demolished 2019. a new apartment complex will be built on the former site of this school

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Sanctuary in an abandoned church. in contrast with the first floor which was gutted down to the bones by scrappers, i was pleasantly surprised to find this room mostly intact.

summer 2017

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Tailor shop in an abandoned office building. the building closed down in phases with some tenants emptying their space out thoroughly while others left their businesses nearly intact as they vacated

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Auditorium in an abandoned middle school. this building looked promising from the outside but proved to be a pitch black cesspool of mold on the inside. i enjoyed this room though

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