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Former power plant in a detroit suburb. the plant once served a massive asylum which closed in the 1980s. most of the asylum was demolished after closure but a handful of buildings including the power plant remain standing

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View from the track of an abandoned roller coaster. the park closed following a hurricane over a decade ago and has become overgrown and flooded

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Former auto body office last used as a medical building before closing. at one time, the company that built this office had 40 plants scattered between detroit and flint and was the main auto body manufacturer for general motors. the company dissolved in 1984 and its plants were repurposed, demolished, or abandoned.

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Under the running track in the gym of an abandoned high school. summer 2017.

i reiterate this every time i post from here but this was truly the greatest school i've ever set foot in. the architecture and size of this building were both beyond belief. watching it be eroded over the course of last year was heartbreaking and infuriating and the fire which destroyed the auditorium brought me to tears. this school was a palace of education and could easily have been restored or repurposed for the benefit of future generations. thanks to an inept school system and an apathetic and overworked police force, it has been damaged probably beyond repair. even if the city is eventually brought back from its economic plight it will be a much more bland and empty space than it once was.

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The arcade of the former michigan central station in southwest detroit. the majestic and long abandoned station is currently on the cusp of renovation as ford lays out plans to turn it into a multi use residential and business center. i'm extremely happy to see this landmark saved!

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