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Abandoned nursing home on detroit's east side. in 2014, this nursing home made the news when it was discovered that patient records had been left in the attic when the facility closed. when i explored here i found the files stacked to the ceiling. i don't know if the files were subsequently removed

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Abandoned powerplant. the plant was constructed in 1905 and closed in 1973. it has sat rusting for decades and been used as a background in numerous films and television shows.

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Detail work still poking through the decay in an abandoned ballroom. this venue once played host to numerous legendary rock acts including led zeppelin, the mc5, and iggy pop. it has sat vacant for decades and is now falling apart

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Small kitchen on the top floor of an abandoned office building in detroit's downtown. the building once contained shops which manufactured jewelry. after it's closure in the late 1970s, the building was left radioactive due to byproducts of the jewelry making process. a decontamination in the 1990s stripped it down to the walls. this room was one of a handful with items from the building's past left in it

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Majestic auditorium in an abandoned high school. closed since 2009, the school remained largely intact until this last year when scrappers started doing major damage. the city has discussed but renovation and demolition and the latter seems more and more likely with each passing month

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The sanctuary in an abandoned catholic church on detroit's east side. this church sits in the remains of what was once a vibrant polish-american neighborhood. the neighborhood was devastated by the construction of a gm plant in the early 1980s. that plant is now scheduled to close as part of a restructuring of gm operations which will likely only make the economic situation of this shattered neighborhood worse

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Abandoned industrial facility. spring 2015.
i've finally started playing around with lightroom. some of the presets look pretty good i think.

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Broadcast station in an abandoned radio station. detroit 2017. this building would be torn apart by the time i visited again barely a month later

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Entrance stairway to an abandoned high school in a detroit suburb. in photos taken when the school was open, one can see beautiful woodwork and plaster detail throughout the building. decades of horrible renovations and paintjobs combined with nine years of abandonment have badly deteriorated the buildings original grandeur however

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Entrance and rear balcony of an abandoned church. this church was beautiful when it was first built but a serious of questionable renovations over the years did the building no favors. the glass over the balcony was a bizzare addition

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Happy thanksgiving! throwback to thanksgiving 2015 when i drove over to the half demolished eastown theatre to take some goodbye photos. i never loved shooting the inside of this place. it was difficult to get good photos and the neighborhood was notoriously dangerous. nonetheless, it was saddening to see such a historic place broken up and consigned to a landfill. while here, i salvaged a few pieces of brickwork from the rubble which now sit on a shelf in my house

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"in a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. and unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. and help to change it." - ernst fischer

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