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Still sitting on a few shots from here! really wish i'd gone back before they tore it down

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Always love finding the stained glass intact

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Office break room in an abandoned skyscraper. summer 2015

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Burial vaults lined up in the famous st louis cemetery no 1 in new orleans. this cemetery dates to 1789 and contains the remains of many of the city's most famous individuals. due to the high water levels in new orleans, the cemetery uses a unique system whereby bodies are desiccated by the sun over a year and after being reduced to ashes the remains are added to the family vault. using this economical system, the cemetery is able to contain the remains of many thousands despite being just one city block in size.

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The majestic vanity ballroom. summer 2016

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Library in an abandoned high school. as originally built, the library was a two story room. the blank walls between the columns mark where the upper level once was before it was walled off during one of the many renovations this hundred year old building was subjected to.

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Food court in an abandoned mall. much of the complex was stripped down and empty but this food court was surprisingly ornate and intact

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Vacant masonic lodge. west detroit summer 2018

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Vacant catholic church on the east side. this building is noteworthy for having been attended by lbj for a funeral in 1966. after sitting vacant for some time, the church is currently being used by a monastic group who are renovating it. we were lucky enough to get inside last summer when it was briefly broken open

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Auditorium in a former catholic girl's school. the school building has been converted to apartments while the auditorium was used for a time by a community theatre group before being abandoned

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Ceiling details in the dining hall of a vacant detroit hotel. this building was once a popular hangout for gangsters and later would host numerous rock stars and celebrities before ending its days as a senior residence. after many years of vacancy, plans are in motion to renovate this historic structure.

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Cafeteria in a hundred year old middle school which closed in 2005 and has been left to decay. plans have been announced to tear it down but as yet no work has begun

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