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Save yourself and the rest of us. vote!! if you’re in the states it’s not too late to register for upcoming elections. either you make change, or you make a deal with the devil, there is no passive option. it’s super easy to register, click the link in bio!

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Have a little faith

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Oh hi! noooooo ⛈
mäj bum, total rain out for mgmt show tonight at bellwether fest! hope we come back soon to make it up 😪cincinot2nighti

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From ohayô to ohio in one week! psyched for the bellwether fest this weekend

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Here we go again…some fans recently unearthed an even *earlier* version of "me and michael” - this one recorded in 1992! apparently this midi version is part of a collection of p. takahashi’s early works but we don’t really know much else about him. if anyone has more info please let us know. check out his #rare og version (link in bio)… see you at fuji rock this saturday!! @fujirock_jp #whoismgmt #whoismichael #fujirock #ogtakahashi #1992 #yamaha #フジロック

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Well-i’ll-be, melbourne (australia) ! first show here in many moons, tonight w @franz_ferdinand at festival hall warm regards ❤️

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Been a lovely, sweltering euro summer littledarkage tour. remember to keep your socks pulled up high and your pants as well. and always be brutally honest ❤️ ok! mgmt

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What typ of animal is this?

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*new* new *remix* release - “me and michael” the omma remix. the song you hear at the end of the me and michael video is in fact the omma remix of true faith’s version! now you can hear it in its entirety: link in bio

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Last night’s london show was sold out, but we’ll be back in december! you can grab uk tickets here: http://po.st/mgmtuk #littledarkage

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For those of you who weren’t able to grab a ticket in time for tonight’s sold-out london show at somerset house, we’ll be djing this afternoon on @nts_radio from 2-3pm (uk). tune in at https://www.nts.live/schedule #littledarkage

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