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Everyone wants to know why i dont post pictures anymore 🤷🏻‍♂️ lets just say im ready for spring.

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Awesome edit by @star_spangled_sierra 😎

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#repost so much todo and so little time todo it😓

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Well there goes 2017 🤘

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Sometimes your headlights just dont work how you want them to. 😅 but thats life

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The new ipad dash is spot on! clips right in, spring loaded holder, and still allows me to plug the ipad in😈✔️✔️✔️go check out @hunter_0035 for an awesome product! now i just need a black ipad 😅

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Im ready to head south.

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Work, work, work. “dont even have to ask for b***y pics” 😘🤷🏼‍♀️

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Yes were copy cats 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️ still couldn’t get it the way we wanted but oh well!

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What would be the most epic thing to happen on instagram!? a private play date/ photo shoot with all your favorite trucks!!?? who do you wana see there!? . @johnnyhuie @lham24 @monstervortec @aguyfromalabama @ryansnyder114 @bruce_brock @mopar1darrell @dylan_massey @twinlbz

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I need someone to wrap or paint our truck 😭😭 someone help

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I lack a camera person 99% of the time 🤦🏻‍♂️ rose🥀 hasn’t been out to play for 3weeks! she needed a workout😎 headlights built by @retrodiodes 🤙

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We’v been slackin! what should we do next!? (dont say fix the roof😂 its in the making) new style mirrors and more exhaust stack parts are in the box’s still! should we store rose🥀 and start a new project!? decisions decisions 🤔

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All these people begging for more snow! take it!! take allll of it! rose🥀 doesn’t enjoy the cold

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Snow snow snow!

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38x15.5 mickey thompson’s 😎

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Ski seasons just around the corner! #meadowlarkskilodge

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Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite 😎

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Its not about the truck you drive. diesel, gas, big, or small its about the people inside the truck! many people get so involved in how many followers they have, how new their truck is, or how much money they put into a project. we’ve never been about that! we make posts all the time about getting involved! make new friends! thats what its about. instagram isn’t real life but the people you meet are. and we can honestly say that our best friends are or were made from instagram or truck related events.

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Back in iowa for the weekend makes me think of daisy 🌼

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