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Chanel- mom there’s a bug! #blackcatsofinstagram #adoptdontshop

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Cyber-hmmm. what do we have here? #tabbiesofinstagram #adoptdontshop

2 weeks ago comment 0 star 35

An ordinary night in the life my game camera! bear, raccoons, opossums and foxes! they make me so happy!

3 weeks ago comment 9 star 55

Finally starting to act like spring around here! chessie approves. #tabbycat #adoptdontshop

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Here maddy, lemme get this out of the way for you -cyber #adoptdontshop #tabbiesofinstagram

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What?! our old man, chessie. (he’s almost 12)#adoptdontshop #tabbycat

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Umm guys, i’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work. #interactivefeeder

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Wish i was a little bit taller, wish i was a baller. #blackcatsofinstagram

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Chanel soaking up the sunbeams. #blackcatsofinstagram

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I’ve just come from seeing captain marvel. (awesome girl power movie) it all makes sense now. calvin is a flerken!

March 2019 comment 5 star 51

@canifostercatswhyyesican somehow this is even better than the original! #greytabbycat #rescuecats

March 2019 comment 14 star 49

Chanel in the sun is a beautiful thing. enjoy it baby girl, snow is coming. #blackcatsofinstagram

February 2019 comment 15 star 52