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So much fun to run into @raindropdancer while shopping with @___madddy___ @ellenjenkins2935

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I am here to assist in your christmas decorating-cyber #graytabby #rescuecats

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Long story short, we got a new kitten! #rescuecats #formerferal

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Hamlet the eighth, at the algonquin hotel in nyc! highlight of our trip! @thealgonquincat #gingercat

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New york city’s finest. police dogs on the job.

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Calvin-thanks maddy for the xmas setup! anyone else having chimney problems?! lol. #bestmeow10k #gingercat

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Mayhem and destruction in 3..2..1 #tabbycat #bestmeow10k

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Free range chickens. in the middle of the woods. weird.

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Weather puppy carson reporting snow. good thing it’s my day off. #tongueoutthursday #bestwoof10k

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Happy thursday! it was 49 cents. how could i resist?!

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I’ll just sit right here and wait for you to decide to do the right thing-calvin

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