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When it’s 60* we get along. also no cyber allowed out here.

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This kiddo of mine wrote an article on buzzfeed! please click the link in my bio! she gets extra credit!

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Happy chinese new year!!its the year of the pig. meet petunia!

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Why? just why, cyber?#graytabby #rescuecat

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Thanks @theadventuresof_sirregie_buddy we got our special kicker today! we are loving the stuffing out of it!

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Calvin gets a treat. nom nom nom! #gingercat #popcorn

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Chanel. need i say more?! #blackcatsofinstagram

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An uncooked shrimp and a perfectly cooked shrimp. #spayandneuter #rescuecats #tabbycat

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Got to see our cousin puppets tonight! they’re rocking tenn and oregon collars! @mayalowman @olivia_lowman #rescueismyfavoritebreed

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Amelia! ack. that hair bow. she’s so stinking cute! #holstein #dairyfarm

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You’ve got 24 hours buddy. live it up! #rescuecats #kittens #graytabby

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It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas. #blackcatsofinstagram

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