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Just another cute watson hug to spread love and friendship!

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Naps in the wild are more fun than naps at home.

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I’ve had many of our friends here asked me what products do i use to keep my pets clean? or to keep bad smells away?
i prefer natural and fresh so i use @kinandkind #notanad definitely one of our favorites so far and the only one that doesn’t make my dogs itchy.
i’ll be answering more or your faq throughout this month. like, what camera gear i use and what do i use to edit 😉

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We watched a beautiful sunset together yesterday while we were on top of the mountain.
a perfect photo that describes the bond i share with my sweet watson boy. i know i have other pets but nothing compares the strong bond i have with him.
if i’m sick he is the one laying next to me, if i’m depressed he is the one doing trust falls to make me laugh, when i’m having an anxiety attack he is the one giving me fluffy hugs. love them all but there is only one that stays next to me when things are bad.

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Its best friends day!
and these two are the best!

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I’m a wild honey all around 🍯🦔

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Happy birthday to my big sweetie boy.
he turns 7 years old today, we love you so much kiko.

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Everyday is a good day to explore and give hugs.

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We are all so happy when we are out enjoying the outdoors. nothing like fresh air, stunning views and great friends.
song: make it rain - johan borjesson [house music]

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Weekend cuddles with a goofy fluffy friend...

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The smaller you are the bigger the adventure will be. never thought that being tiny had such a great advantage.
-london the hedgehog

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London is on top of the world (on watson head).
ps: harry is great he still thinks being a house cat is the way to go for now.

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