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My happy face when i’m outdoors enjoying nature.
#wildflowers #doggo

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Friends that travel together, stay together!

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Spoiling my dog with adventures and delicious food because i love them. #sponsored visit @nutrish on instagram during the month of october to learn more about the rachael ray™ nutrish® furever home® donation program. @nutrish , real recipes. real ingredients. real good.™ #nutrishpets

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Seek adventures with your best friend and fill your life with wonder.

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I captured this photo the exact moment she was sneezing and it was so adorable!

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Missing this sweet face?
i’ve been getting a few messages of people saying they miss kiko.
here he is making the cutest puppy face.

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Throwback to harry’s first day at home and snuggling with big brother watson.
nothing like a good nap to start a strong bond between brothers.

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That’s what friends are for, lifting each other up.
taking photos of these two can be a challenge. it’s never a one person job. i always have help. london is so small we always have to keep an eye on her plus this on top of the head shots are not so easy. watson is such a great dog though and so gentle when london is on top of his head or back.
it’s also hard to have both in a photo. i want to capture the beautiful landscape behind but also capture them both. the size difference is a lot so it can be challenging since i have to be quite close to capture london and be fast with each shot.
i’m still experimenting with angles while we are out exploring and finding the best way to capture both creatures in the best way possible. to me it’s also important to show their personality in each photo. that way when it makes up in our profile here on instagram you can see each of them for who they are. great friends, great siblings, great adventure buddies and pure love.
hope you all keep enjoying our journey as we tell it through every video and every photo we share.

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Exploring new places.
we went on a great adventure yesterday. and enjoyed all the beautiful landscape.
only 4.5 miles of hike total. not much to make it to this beautiful lake “glacier” right in the border between wyoming and montana.
this trail was very busy. and a lot of dogs on this trail. i’m glad kiko wasn’t with us, because of his aggression problem with other dogs, this would’ve been a bit difficult situation to handle.
i have to say the whole trail was just stunning! beautiful views all the way up to the lake. one of the most beautiful hikes i’ve been on so far.
i’ll be sharing more of this adventure throughout the week.
london was so cute so i can’t wait to share.

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Adventuring in style 🦔💛
traveling with london is great. i have to admit that i have more fun taking photos of her. she understands no commands, that means she does whatever london wants and whatever london allows me to do.
she always has to be carried around in her special little sack. and have at all times when she is out a close eyes on her. that’s so so important! i never get distracted with other things when she is running free, not that i allow her to do so that often or for long periods of time. if i need to do something while she is out, there is always someone else there to keep an eye on her.
me and her have done a lot this whole hiking-camping together that i’ve learned her limits. all hedgehogs are different. and mine, well she is unique and a very strong little girl that handles the outdoors like a pro. #londonbeanies

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The best naps at 9,500 feet!
this was an amazing adventure. we had lot of fun and the weather was on our favor. it wasn’t very cold, yet. we had an elevation gain of 9,500 feet, crazy.
we found some great locations near red lodge. heading to a beautiful lake in wyoming this upcoming weekend. also autumn colors are staring to appear, some of my favorite.

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Just two more minutes...
but little sister london is ready to keep the adventure going!
mat from @plushpupinc

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