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New article up on garage magazine about waggy tee! read up on how i source clothing, where i make waggys and some of the finer moments of this 6 year old project. “upbeat and out of sorts with waggy tee” ‼️ thank you alex ronan for taking the time to interview me🤣 link in bio

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The drawings that i used for the most recent waggy tee edition “poem body”. these drawings are part of a bigger series that came from several weeks this winter of meditation and somatic rituals to get away from my internal editor... initially the rituals involved w**d and music but then shifted to some trippier terrain guided by an online workshop with the amazing poet ca conrad. one of my favorites was dipping your finger in water and making a spiral on your forehead whilst standing with eyes closed facing a corner 🌀

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Ok angels, both of these women are brilliant, highly original & fearless artists. @goodsilence and @mo_poem are doing serious serious work daily in oregon. i love seeing them in these probing questions tees, truly such an honor!

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(i’m) feeling perdue tee- loving the way the pre-existing text joins the printed waggy poem on this shirt-these kinds of moments are why we do what we do! 🐥🤗

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Body poems tees now available in the webshop waggybaby.com 🌀

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My show night & day is on view at the finley gallery in los angeles! take a look anytime! 24/7* from the viewing platform, 4627 finley ave *optimal viewing time is dusk to dawn

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The “o” in buffalo tee

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Tbt to this happy waggy day, captured by the incomparable photographer and stylist @angelinavitto

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Grandmasaurus waggy baby tee

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Waggy tee and my great love mondo mondo in the mondo shop. open today and tomorrow 11-5 @mondomondoshop

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Lake elsinore, go if you can

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Patchwork tee via @standupcomedytoo
two patchwork tees are still available at their portland store and online

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