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I’m excited to be showing work in “henry is blue”, taking place in a soon to be demolished 1930’s house in hollywood. opening today noon-sunset
dm for address

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Waggy tee holding down the fort in @mondomondoshop 🌟 open 11-5 today, tomorrow, and sunday. perfect place for valentines gifts 💘

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An honor for me to contribute to this zine that is the brainchild of @jennieg_jennieg . i couldn’t believe in or support this project more! ❤️ 100% of proceeds go to @rootsoflaborbc and @birthingjustice

from @jennieg_jennieg (order zine through her page or donate directly to @rootsoflaborbc and @birthingjustice ): the dichotomy between the spiritual and the political is also false. - audre lorde

this publication attempts to do three things a) move resources to roots of labor birth collective and black women birthing justice two transformative organizations in the bay area b) center the voices and experiences of black women, indigenous women, women of color, and queer, trans and nonbinary folks of color, and the collective urgency of dismantling white systems of oppression and c) bring a myriad of people together to share ideas about healing, power, and liberation.
the people featured in completely and without pause are close friends, acquaintances, and strangers. they are black, latinx, samoan, queer, white, nonbinary, and trans. they are teenagers and they are elders. they are published writers and working artists, and they are not. they are all committed to destroying the ways in which oppression occupies our hearts, minds, and bodies. specifically, these contributors are expanding, challenging, holding, and caressing feminine and feminist consciousness and its relationship to receptivity, politicized healing, and transformation. it’s a heart-centered pause and inconclusive deliberately as a technique. it’s about the feminine as the sacred duty of humanizing, as an energy and a commitment, not as a gender. it's about reparations, as in money, as in using money as medicine, and repairing our relationship to ourselves and the earth.

please support this project & spread the word <3
edited by me
work by all of you
designed by @jen__shear
printed by @pe_area__
100% of proceeds going to @rootsoflaborbc & @birthingjustice
thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart! ❤️

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Waggy quilt from a few years back... thinking about how art can be a comfort, a fantasy, a surprise, an adventure

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Absurdity sale continues through sunday evening ‼️ 25% off site wide on waggybaby.com enter discount code absurdity at checkout ‼️ in celebration of the absurdity of art and life ‼️

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Life is so utterly absurd. in researching eva hesses work over the years i noticed how much she described the goal of her art as achieving an absurdity similar to what she felt in life. i never fully understood it until i saw these chairs that are part of a sculpture i’m working on lined up at sunset in my backyard studio and laughed out loud. i really felt the absurdity of it all, living and making art and wanting to live in my art! in celebration i’m offering 25% off on waggybaby.com through sunday evening with discount code absurdity

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Happy birthday marisa takal! aquarius queen and art warrior ! i love you so!

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Flashback friday ~ peter this summer at chaco canyon 🧡🌞 missin the magic!

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Waggy world. where do you see yourself in all the drama?

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Lauren bacall in the basketball pomegranate star tee, recently marked down online, link in bio 🌟

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Pile o’ silver questions waggys headed to the post office ✨ the last 10 or so of these shirts are on the webshop waggybaby.com

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Beautiful morgan in her silver questions tee holding baby oso! heart explosion! there are new silver questions tees uploaded to the webshop waggybaby.com and just two color removal on black tees left (pocket tee size 2x) if you have been wanting one now is your last chance! the silver text is highly reflective and shimmery.

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