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A lifelong activist, avery founded the national black women’s health project in 1983 (today, it’s the black women’s health imperative), the gainesville women’s health center in 1974, and she cofounded birthplace, an alternative birthing center. as if that wasn't enough, she was also a leader in the underground abortion referral network in florida. in 2002, she founded the avery institute for social change in harlem, ny. we have such admiration for this incredible woman who has done so much for reproductive justice. thank you, byllye! #blackhistorymonth

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Happy valentine's day! we're sending valentines to shout out some of our incredible elected prochoice champions, who have been fighting for reproductive freedom, healthcare & justice across the country.

this is just a small selection of the fierce prochoice champions #voteprochoice endorses, all of whom
work hard to advocate for their communities everyday. thank you!

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😂 love our hilarious partner, @ladypjustice. 💯

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Flo kennedy was an absolute badass civil rights advocate and our shero. not only was did she work to bring intersectional perspectives to the feminist and civil rights movements, she was a  fierce advocate for reproductive freedom, suing the roman catholic church for interference with abortion and organizing a group of feminist lawyers to challenge the constitutionality of new york state’s abortion law, helping influence the legalization of abortion in 1970. a legendary iconoclast who refused to be silenced or conform, she also led a “pee-in” at harvard to protest lack of female bathrooms on campus. that’s our kind of activist. happy birthday, flo kennedy! 💓

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Dear trump,

us again 👋🏽🖕. we won't allow our reproductive freedom to be destroyed by your manufactured hysteria.

we won't allow you (or anyone) to control our bodies.

we are powerful & unstoppable. we are the #prochoicenation.

sign the open letter ☝🏾☝🏼link in the bio!!

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Really ready to tidy up and say bye to the outsized influence of the anti-choice minority.

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Mood: listening to a crusty old white dude tell lies about abortion as a political ploy during #sotu. we see you, donald, trying to manufacture hysteria. .
one of your biggest lies: that the american people are with the anti-choice minority. we’re not. we’re a #prochoicenation, motherf*cker. 🤬

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Reminder: in tonight's #sotu⁠⁠, trump will attack reproductive freedom.

this is a deliberate attack—just as he whipped up frenzy about "migrant caravans," trans service members & so many other "crises," he's using fear & hate to lay the groundwork for dangerous policies.

but he's missing a key fact: we're a #prochoicenation.
the majority of americans are prochoice; the anti-choice movement is a vocal but small minority.
we have the power. we will not allow our bodies to be controlled, and we will not be shamed or manipulated. ✊🏿✊🏼✊🏾 let’s show him that we are a #prochoicenation!

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Happy birthday to rosa parks, whose resilience and revolutionary ethic continue to inspire us. thank you for your spirit and your sacrifice.
image via @equalityequation by @kendrickdaye

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🚨 the anti-choice minority is on attack this week: - monday: senators will intro an anti-choice bill in the senate
- tuesday: trump will attack abortion in his state of the union address
- thursday: the supreme court could undermine roe v. wade
- all week: the trolls are out in full force and attacking prochoice champions and advocates

but we are the majority. we are a #prochoicenation and we will never go back.

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Shirley chisholm, telling the truth fearlessly.
a powerhouse prochoice champion & true groundbreaker, we are indebted to & still learning from her legacy today.
for instance: she hired an all-woman staff when she first got to congress. 😍#blackhistorymonth⁠

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🚨 if the supreme court does not issue a stay on this louisiana anti-abortion law this week—which is highly possible—not only will there be virtually no abortion access in the state, it will send a powerful message that scotus isn’t defending roe v. wade. 🚨

this threat is real—but we're ready. we’re a prochoice nation. here's what to do: ✔️ call the prochoice champions in your state leg. say you want legislation to protect your reproductive freedom now. ✔️ register to vote, and mark down the dates of your local + state elections. ✔️ #voteprochoice in every election, everywhere.

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