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We are always talking about reproductive justice—everyone's right to have a healthy, thriving family if and when they so choose—which is directly overlapping with environmental justice. from clean air and water, to protecting vulnerable communities free of exploitation by corporations, safety & sustainability of our communities depends on the safety & sustainability of our environment. how can we have healthy families without a healthy planet? 🌍
 celebrate this #earthday by putting pressure on your legislators to advance bills that protect the environment and our communities at every level of government, and increasing sustainability in your daily life. ⛰ #environmentaljusticeisreproductivejustice

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It's #sexualassaultawarenessmonth, and we're not playing. consent isn't just "sexy", it's mandatory. 🤚spread the word. 🗣

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Today marks the 20th anniversary of the #columbinemassacre. since then, 143 children have been killed by gun violence in us schools. gun reform is integral to pursuing reproductive justice: that everyone has a right to safe & healthy families and communities. colorado’s tragedy 20 years ago was all of ours: we can honor the courageous youth activists that followed this horrific event by electing progressive, prochoice champions (like in denver’s upcoming mayoral election on may 7th) who will work to pass legislation to protect our kids, our schools, and our communities. 💐 #neveragain

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🚨this is a full-on war on our reproductive freedom. 🚨

and it is accelerating. we must fight back: the importance of state and local elections cannot be underestimated--it is those elected officials that determine laws like these. #voteprochoice in every election, everywhere!

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Rep. ilhan omar has shown fearlessness in the face of adversity--from a refugee camp in kenya to death threats on capitol hill. she has since fought for fair housing, immigrant justice, healthcare, and more. we were proud to have endorsed her candidacy in 2018, and we continue to stand with her today. thank you @repilhan, for your prochoice champion bravery. ⚡️#istandwithilhan .
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Say it louder! 🗣
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We love this site: it helps you find a clinic, gives free birth control advice, and more! knowledge is power. 💪
repost @tulsacampaign:
do you want to have a pregnancy this year? have you thought about when and if you’d like to get pregnant?🤰🏼
empowering yourself to plan out these crucial life decisions will help you align your future with where you want to be. ✨
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The @texasobserver just did an amazing profile on texas prochoice champion and previously endorsed candidate, @lina4hc. she is kicking a*s and taking names in houston with a new progressive agenda. we couldn't be prouder. go, lina, go!!

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We won’t go back. 💪 #prochoicenation

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As we continue #blackmaternalhealthweek, it's important to reiterate the importance of dismantling all the systems that led to the terrible, tragic statistics on black maternal mortality that we have today. we're talking about the systemic racism that makes medical providers ignore black women's self-advocacy and expressions of pain, the medical racism that makes black women more hesitant to seek care, the internalized racism that means more strain on a vulnerable body, and much more. we need more black doulas. we need more advocacy, awareness, policy change, and training. we need our black mamas, because they matter, and they make the world go round. #bmhw19 .
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We deserve respect, understanding, consideration to be heard, to be believed. we deserve better than violence, assault, blame, shaming. we are more than a statistic. this #sexualassaultawarenessmonth, we're envisioning a world in which our bodies are fully our own—no longer sites of violence or political battlegrounds. our choice; our voice. 🗣

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