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Swipe left to see the before!😊i have recently launched a free 1+ hour photoshop training and i recommend all of you to go watch it to have your photo game change forever. a lot of photographers get too comfortable with one editing program and in the long run your images aren’t improving as much as others who are taking advantage of better techniques in other programs. now is your time to update your skillsets for free and take your work to the next level and increase your chances in the rapidly growing industry. link is in bio, make sure you register and attend the training on desktop!😊

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Swipe left to see a video of the progress of this edit!
i sacrificed my whole future for arts and photography. i was lost so many times along the way and it took me thousands of hours of editing and studying to achieve the skills i have. by enrolling to photoshop for photographers you will get a step by step learning program that is proven to be working well for thousands of people wordwide. you will get to be part of our private fb mentoring group and access weekly lives where i help you with you projects. enroll now and begin your journey with photoshop without struggling like i did. #coursesarethenewcollege

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Before and after of my newest stranger things edit. last year i created a course about how to create these type of edits and i just put it under a 50% off sale for 48 hours so grab it while you can😍 link is in bio!
#strangerthings #coursesarethenewcollege

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Before and after of my newest shot. i combined a 3 shot panorama together in lr and then moved it to photoshop. i squeezed the image to get a better perspective for it (less room for ocean, more for the islands). i opened the shadows, increased the rays and lighting overall with curves and brushing and then created a blue color grade on top with color balance and selevtive color.
i then used an overlay brush to create tiny detailed highlight changes and decreased the highlights from the sides to have more focus for the middle of the shot. finally i created a highpass filter to sharpen some parts of the image such as the football firld area and other smaller islands.
if you want to learn how i edit my shots in ps, check out my photoshop for photographers course and learn everything i know about editing. link in bio #visualsofjuliuscourses

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Swipe left to see the before. i love photography. i also love photoshop, but what i’ve realized more and more along the way is that i truly love helping and teaching others. it is so fulfilling to see the results from students. ••
photoshop for photographers is a course i created for people who want to find a new way to think about both editing and shooting. i created it to save people’s time so others wouldn’t have to struggle with editing and could begin editing seamlessly within couple of hours. it’s a course that includes everything i’ve learned about editing after thousands and thousands of hours of editing and research. ••
join our community of thousands of students, learn new skills and improve your mindset. link to the course page is in the bio! #coursesarethenewcollege

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Swipe left to see the before! edited entirely in photoshop. i personally feel like anyone who is in the photo industry would benefit a lot from knowing how to edit photos in ps. lightroom is great but it is very limited and a lot of the things are easier and way faster to do in ps than in lightroom. if you want to start mastering photoshop, check out my photoshop for photographers course where i teach everything that you need in ps as a photographer from scratch. join thousands of others and become part of our community! #coursesarethenewcollege #linkinbio

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Swipe left to see the before and after of this shot. shot on lumix gh5 12-35mm f2.8 (1.5sec, iso 800, f2.8)
i started editing this by seperating the sky and the volcano to add light behind for depth. i then clone stamped a lot of small details off from the image. after that i started adding some fog on top of the image and then started playing around with the lighting. at last i modified the shape of the mountain and the foreground for a more symmetrical look. #visualsofjuliuscourses #coursesarethenewcollege

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Swipe left to see the before. i replaced the sky with using color range and then masking the old sky out and put a new one behind. i then replaced the foreground to add some some more depth into the image and i just usee a normal layer mask to soften the edges of the foreground. after that i used multiple brushing layers with the layer set to overlay to create highlights to the shot and then used selective color and curves to achieve the final look. if you want to learn all about my editing techniques, click the link in my bio😊 #visualsofjuliuscourses #coursesarethenewcollege

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Before and after of my petra edit. learning photoshop can feel overwhelming and confusing but that is the exact reason why i made photoshop for photographers last year. my goal with this course is to make learning fun and easy and we currently have thousands of students inside this course and it is incredible to see what everyone has been creating with the skills they’ve learned from the course. enroll now to get the deal😍 #visualsofjuliuscourses #coursesarethenewcollege

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Swipe left to see the build up of my latest edit! #visualsofjuliuscourses #coursesarethenewcollege

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Before and after of my latest hut edit. unfortunately we had full moon and cloudy skies and i thought a sky full if stars would look way better so i changed the sky. used my custom brushes to refine the forest line, moved the footsteps slightly more to the middle and again tried to make the image look as symmetrical and balanced as possible.
you can learn everything about how i edit my images in my photoshop for photographers course. join the course with thousands of others and start mastering your editing game as a photographer😍 #coursesarethenewcollege #visualsofjuliuscourses

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Before and after of my latest shot.
first i removed everything distracting from the image. then i created highlights to the snow with overlay brushing and after that created orange glow to the boiling water (if shot at the right time, creating glow wouldn’t be necessary) after that i changed the colors with my color grading techniques and then shaped the whole image to be more symmetrical with warping. you can learn everything about how i edit my shots in my photoshop for photographers course. it’s currently on sale, link is in the bio😊 includes 5 hours of tutorials, my brushes, my images i’ve taken around the world, facebook mentoring group and weekly live calls. join now and become a part of our student community😍 #coursesarethenewcollege

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