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We all have the "i ruined my phone but soda water doesn't help" stories. here's a safe place to wine about them. so let's hear it: what's your #phonefumble story?

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None of the what-is-this-fee-for song & dance, all of the unlimited-texts-for-inviting-buds-over-to-actually...dance.

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We’ll take hanging out and enjoying life over hanging up on your phone service any day.

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Our giant emoticon is going...going...going to 16th st. mall! if you denver folks missed us at union station, you can still catch us for the next few weeks at our new setup. link in bio for more deets.

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12% of americans use their phone in the shower. not judging but also, like, how?

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That feeling when you accidentally see spoilers when you only meant to see the reviews.

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The visible referral program is here. get half off a month of service when someone signs up with your code. and they’ll get half off, too. win-win. link in bio. #visiblemobile

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Unlimited data at speeds up to 5 mbps means you can watch allllll the shows. what are you binging?

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The emoti-hunt is over, our hidden emoticons have been found, and all is right in the world again. congrats to our eagle-eyed followers who helped us hunt this week, enjoy the swag on swag on swag ;-)

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Unlimited data at speeds up to 5 mbps means you can stream all day, all night, all day & all night...don’t worry, we don’t judge.

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Surprises: offensive in your phone bill, delightful when they come with free stuff. this week, we’re hosting emoti-hunt, a game where we hide emoticons in stories and give away goodies each day. peep our story for deets. hunt starts tomorrow! #visiblemobile

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Group chats used to be a whole lot...stranger. as in, actual strangers. so...a/s/l?

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