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Happy holiday weekend from vail. what are some of your favorite things to do in the village? #vailsummer πŸ“·: @_theroadnefftraveled_

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Attention yogis: the @mountaingamesvail will be offering a variety of classes this year. visit mountaingames.com for more info. #vailsummer πŸ“·: logan robertson

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Can you see the gore through the trees? #vailsummer πŸ“·: @_theroadnefftraveled_

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Our summer mountain crew doing evacuation practice on the eagle bahn gondola today. #vailsummer

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When the seasons collide, beautiful things happen. #vailsummer #vailsnow πŸ“·: @_theroadnefftraveled_

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Winter's last gasp. #vailsummer is on its way. πŸ“·: @_theroadnefftraveled_

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The lionshead maypole looking particularly striking in the may sunshineβ˜€οΈ. captured earlier this week by @_toddharper #gopro

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Some breathtaking blossoms to brighten your day. #vailsummer πŸ“·: @arhodestaylor

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Bye bye snow pack, hello runoff! #vail πŸ“·: @arhodestaylor

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It's starting to look like #vailsummer in the village. πŸ“·: @arhodestaylor

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It's beginning to look a lot like spring time! captured over the weekend by @_toddharper #vail #gopro

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Care to take a stroll through the village? another one of our favorite shots from the season, because perusing vail village is adventure all its own. #vail πŸ“·: @_theroadnefftraveled_

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The kick-off to summer event @mountaingamesvail is just around the corner. save june 8th weekend on your calendar. #gopro #vailsummer

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Another one of our favorite shots of the season. @lindseyvonn training with the vail ski patrol. captured on march 30 by @_theroadnefftraveled_

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Sometimes it snows stars in #vail. p: ray dixon

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We saved some of the best shots for last! follow us all week as we recap even more of our favorite shots from the 2016-17 winter season. #vailsnow πŸ“·: @_theroadnefftraveled_

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It was another spectacular winter here in vail. relive the season with our 2016-17 recap video. πŸŽ₯: @arhodestaylor

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Goodnight & another great season! we'll see you this summer. πŸ“·: @joeyreutemanphoto

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A picture perfect closing day. thanks everyone for a great season! #gopro πŸ“·: @_toddharper

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We are saying goodbye to the 2016/17 season today. it's time to make your last turns of the year. photo from 12.27 by @_theroadnefftraveled_

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