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Life is all bout dope days, chill nights, good company & mellow vibes. ☘

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Most people look at workout like some kind of bullsh*t fitness or lose some weight type of bullsh*t, but it's so much more, if done right it connects your mind body and spirit. if you don't believe me set yourself a fitness goal, accomplish it & see what it brings to your life. 😌👏🏻 #aesthefitgym

April 2018 comment 7 star 100

I just want to spend this weekend n***d in bed with someone watching movies, eating fatty foods & having s*x 2, 3 or 19 times. 👀😋

April 2018 comment 3 star 72

Happy 29th birthday zyzz ! you've inspired not hundreds, not thousands but literally millions of people all around the world. your legacy is the strongest it's ever been and it gets stronger by the day. it lives on with all of us brother ! ❤️#allboutdatzyzzlegacy #ripbrah

March 2018 comment 1 star 59

All bout dem sick alien gains brah ! 🚀👽

February 2018 comment 5 star 85

I'mma win big, but first you gotta stick with me 😌

December 2017 comment 4 star 104

Superman was feeling bored after a long break of crime fighting & wanted to go out & party so he called batman to ask if he wanted to go to a club & pick up some girls. batman said robin was ill & he had to look after him. a little disappointed, superman called green lantern to see if wanted to grab a couple of beers. green lantern told him he had a date with catwoman. as a last resort, superman flew over to wonder woman's apartment to see if she was free. as he landed on her balcony, he saw wonder woman n***d on the bed with her legs open. superman thought to himself "i'm faster than a speeding bullet, i could be in there, have s*x & out again before she knew what was happening." so superman did his super thing in a split second & flies off happily. meanwhile on the bed, wonder woman said "did you hear anything?" "no"! said the invisible man, "but my a*s hurts like hell!

December 2017 comment 3 star 79

Game over !

November 2017 comment 2 star 81

You remind me of my pinky toe.. sooner or later, i'm gonna b**g you on a table. 🙄🙈

November 2017 comment 13 star 95

When your birthday week is all about sex, weights and protein shakes. 😂🙈

November 2017 comment 1 star 43

It's the day when your body aches, the desire is low, you feel tired and you feel week .. those are the days which actually makes you grow ! wasn't able to get good workout pump from the last 2 weeks due to my hectic schedule. anyway now is the time to connect my mind body and spirit, to accomplish all my goals in life. 🐺

October 2017 comment 10 star 85

Some of us aren't chasing money, we are just doing what we love and god is making sure we not have to struggle again.. 🙏🏻😇

October 2017 comment 5 star 83