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U.S. Coast Guard Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard’s official Instagram. This week we introduce the newest member of our fleet: #USCG Cutter Munro! https://www.facebook.com/uscgpacificarea/?fref=ts
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Did you know that construction on the coast guard cutter munro finished a full two months ahead of schedule? construction on the coast guard cutter munro officially began oct. 7, 2013, with a ceremony marking the cutting of the first 100 tons of steel. munro was launched on sept. 12, 2015 and christened on nov. 14, 2015. this saturday, munro will be formally commissioned into service in seattle. munro is the fourth national security cutter to be homeported on the west coast in alameda, calif. nscs, also known as the legend-class, are designed as the flagships of the coast guard's fleet, capable of executing the most challenging national security missions. here is munro entering elliott bay just outside of the port of seattle! #uscg #nationalsecurity #wmsl #munro

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A boatswain's mate is particularly important to the ship's crew for training on all deck evolutions, including line handling, boat operations and man overboard drills, to name a few. being prepared is the foundation for successful incident management and training from crewmembers like bos'ns is a key component of defending against threats and hazards to our nation. a "bos'n," "bosun," or "boatswain," is a qualified member and most senior rate of the deck department. here, chief warrant officer hank deatrich, the bos'n aboard the coast guard cutter munro, trains and supervises his crew as they prepare to launch a small boat from the stern of the ship. #munro #wmsl #uscg #nationalsecurity

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Munro, arriving! the crew of the #uscg cutter munro arrived in seattle this afternoon in advance of its commissioning ceremony on saturday. the national security cutter is being commissioned in seattle to honor the coast guard’s only medal of honor recipient, signalman first class douglas a. munro, who is buried in the veterans’ section of laurel hill memorial park in cle elum, wash. naming the sixth nsc after the former south cle elum resident pays tribute to his heroism and legacy, who was mortally wounded after safely evacuating a detachment of 500 u.s. marines who were under attack. designed as the flagships of the coast guard’s fleet, nscs are capable of executing the most challenging national security missions, including support to u.s. combatant commanders. #wmsl #munro #nationalsecurity

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Happening now...munro arriving in seattle! #nationalsecurity #wmsl #uscg #munro

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What does it mean to be a a lookout is a person at the ship's bridge who maintains a continuous watch of the sea to report any kind of hazard that can be an obstacle in the navigation and cause harm to the ship. the lookouts have a critical job as the eyes and ears of the munro, serving as one of the first lines of defense against threats and hazards to our nation by building a foundation of preparedness and readiness. #munro #wmsl #uscg #nationalsecurity

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Good morning! as the crew prepares to arrive in seattle for the cutter's commissioning, do you know why the ceremony will take place in seattle, as opposed to the cutter’s homeport of alameda, calif.? the coast guard cutter munro's motto is "gallantry in action." crewmembers are encouraged to embody courageous behavior, especially in battle, like douglas munro. signalman first class douglas a. munro (1919– 1942), the only coast guardsman to be awarded the medal of honor, was mortally wounded in wwii after saving the lives of 500 u.s. marines. naming the sixth national security cutter in his honor pays tribute to munro’s legacy by being commissioned near his childhood home of south cle elum, wash. munro’s extended family resides throughout the pacific northwest and has a strong connection to the cutter and crew. #wmsl #uscg #munro #nationalsecurity #medalofhonor

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From our night sky to yours…🎆 crewmembers aboard the coast guard cutter munro recently conducted flare training at night, firing several different types of flares to gain familiarity with the operational needs and appearance of each flare device. #munro #wmsl #uscg #nationalsecurity

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"the crew stays very busy performing a variety of duties including standing watch, small boat operations, anchoring and towing, to name a few. i enjoy the diversity of my job because one day we board recreational watercraft and the next day we provide security escorts for cruise ships. it's always changing, but always exciting." – bm2 alex vega from munro’s flight deck vega is a key asset to munro's boarding team, dedicated to ensuring an efficient, reliable and secure global supply chain. munro is unique in that the cutter’s boarding teams consist of crewmembers from multiple ratings, including boatswain's mates, maritime enforcement specialists, gunner's mates, machinery technicians and electrician's mates. #munro #wmsl #uscg #nationalsecurity

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Ready. set. go! crewmembers aboard munro have many responsibilities beyond their day-to-day jobs. training is a large part of being underway and can include anything from cold water survival training to helicopter operations to damage control drills. keeping one’s skills sharp enables crewmembers to be safe and proficient, remaining "semper paratus," or “always ready,” in all that they do. here, crewmembers line up on the flight deck with their cold-water immersion or "gumby" suits during a cold water survival training drill aboard the coast guard cutter munro. the crew had 60 seconds to quickly and accurately put on their suits, simulating preparation for abandoning the ship in the event of an emergency. #wmsl #uscg #munro #nationalsecurity

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Good morning from the bridge of the munro! coast guard petty officer 3rd class leroy cherry, a boatswain's mate aboard the munro, stands watch on the bridge of the ship while transiting from alameda, calif., to seattle. aboard the munro, a 418-foot national security cutter, the crew rotates the responsibility of performing underway watch duties every seventh shift. this means that one crewmember will stand watch for 4 hours and have 24 hours off to perform other tasks on the boat before standing watch again. cherry and other members who stand watch are not only the eyes and ears of the officer of the deck, but help plot courses on nautical charts as backup in case the cutter loses electrical power, keep a lookout for ships transiting on the water and notify the ood of any marine life near the vessel. cutters like munro routinely conduct operations from south america to the bering sea where their unmatched combination of range, speed and ability to operate in extreme weather provides the mission flexibility necessary to conduct alien migrant interdiction operations, domestic fisheries protection, search and rescue, counter-narcotics and homeland security operations at great distances from shore keeping threats far from the u.s. mainland. #munro #wmsl #uscg #nationalsecurity

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Nothing like a beautiful sunset while underway... 🌅👍 #munro #wmsl #uscg #nationalsecurity #journeytocommissioning

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"the opportunity to be the commanding officer of the munro is an honor and one of the best experiences i’ve had as a cutterman. i’ve seen the crew report as individuals from different units and form together as a cohesive crew. they worked hard to ensure both they and the munro were prepared to operate and sail to seattle for the commissioning. and along the way, the efforts paid off with the rescue of three people in the pacific and the seizure of nearly $5 million of cocaine. these results are unprecedented from a cutter in the pre-commissioning phase and a true testament to the crew's dedication to duty. they are definitely worthy of being munro plankowners." --- capt. thomas h. king, commanding officer of the coast guard cutter munro serving as a commanding officer of a national security cutter requires both leadership skills and experience to effectively manage a variety of law enforcement situations at sea. the coast guard cutter munro is commanded by capt. thomas h. king, who works hard to maintain and build relationships with all crewmembers, while striving to ensure the cutter is always ready to defend against transnational organized crime networks that threaten security, prosperity and public safety. #munro #wmsl #uscg #nationalsecurity

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Fun fact: munro crewmembers served on more of the national security cutter (nsc) platforms than any other coast guard nsc crew. several crewmembers broke in on the cutters james, hamilton, stratton, waesche and bertholf, standing watches, manning the helm and earning qualifications to prepare themselves for the takeover of the cutter munro. here, crewmembers aboard munro handle mooring lines and lower a fender in preparation for a refueling port call in the grand cayman islands in february. even before being commissioned, munro visited a variety of different port calls, including the grand cayman islands, panama and hawaii. #munro #wmsl #uscg #nationalsecurity

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Greetings from the crew of the coast guard cutter munro! munro is our nation’s newest national security cutter (wmsl 755) and currently underway on her journey to commissioning in seattle on saturday. munro is the second cutter named for signalman first class douglas a. munro (1919– 1942), the only coast guardsman awarded the medal of honor. munro died on guadalcanal after safely evacuating a detachment of 500 marines who were under attack, but was mortally wounded in the process. naming the sixth nsc in his honor pays tribute to munro’s legacy by being commissioned near his childhood home of south cle elem, washington. in keeping with the ancient custom of "stepping the mast," coins and artifacts commemorating the life and service of munro were provided by the plankowner crew and the cutter's sponsor, julie sheehan, and sealed beneath the mast. according to greek mythology, these coins would provide payment of the crew's wages for their return trip should the ship be wrecked. much of the imagery you will see this week was either shot, created or curated by members of munro’s crew, including ens. vincent lee, chief petty officer pedro sullivan and s****n courtney fussell, and petty officer 2nd class alissa flockerzi. your instagram host is senior chief petty officer rachel polish (with some possible surprise guests). join us for this memorable week in munro’s history! #munro #wmsl #uscg #nationalsecurity

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Last but not least...it’s not always about oil spills! in 2016, the coast guard called noaa scientific support coordinator adam davis with an unusual complication in their efforts to remove an abandoned vessel: a pair of osprey had taken up residence. @uscg needed to know what kind of impacts might result from assessing the vessel’s pollution potential and what might be involved in potentially moving the osprey nest, or the vessel, if needed. davis was able to help save the nest and the vessel was removed from the florida panhandle. thanks for following #noaa office of response and restoration this week! #abandoned #boats #florida #osprey #panhandle

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​during an oil or chemical spill, the federal on-scene coordinator may be asked to consider using a non-conventional alternative countermeasure (a method, device, or product that hasn't typically been used for spill response). @noaa, @uscg, and other partners helped develop a systematic approach to vetting new and non-traditional spill response products and techniques during the fast-paced atmosphere of an oil spill. the alternative response tools evaluation system was used during the 2010 deepwater horizon oil spill to evaluate the tens of thousands of ideas proposed during the spill. ​#oilspill #hazards #deepwaterhorizon #pollution #response #uscg #noaa

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In 2004, the single-hulled tanker athos i unknowingly struck a large anchor submerged in the delaware river outside philadelphia, pennsylvania. the impact punctured the tanker's hull, leaking more than 263,000 gallons of heavy oil into the tidal waters. locating, tracking, and removing the submerged oil required development of new equipment and tactics. in follow-up amendments to the oil pollution act, congress directed uscg and noaa to conduct research and development to improve responses to submerged oils. here a commercial diver covered in oil after a bottom survey. #oilspill #hazards #pollution #response #pennsylvania #congress #uscg #scuba #noaa

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​in the early 1990s, a typhoon hit american samoa and grounded nine fishing vessels. the owners abandoned them on the reef. noaa worked with @uscg to remove the wrecks and restore the coral reef. here we are transplanting corals away from the wreck in american samoa prior to bringing in salvage equipment in 2000. credit: noaa #americansamoa #coralreef #typhoon #fishing #noaa #uscg #wrecks

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​hurricane katrina was one of the worst natural disasters to hit the u.s. the #uscg was universally praised for its quick response in rescuing people in the months following the 2005 hurricane. @noaa's office of response and restoration worked with state and federal agencies to identify the biggest threats and prioritize their removal and cleanup. damage from hurricane katrina at the sundown energy facility included ruptured tanks and piping. the remote site is in potash, louisiana. #oilspill #hazards #pollution #response #restoration #history #noaa #hurricanekatrina #louisiana

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#uscg and @noaa responded to the 2012 grounding of the m/v jireh on the coral reefs of an ecological reserve in puerto rico. after removing 600 tons of oiled cargo and more than 5,000 gallons of oil-water mixture, the uscg and the rest of the response crew cut up portions of the ship, in order to lighten the vessel enough to refloat and remove it from the reef. once disassembled, the removed portions of the ship were loaded onto a barge and taken to puerto rico for recycling. image: uscg/walter shinn #oilspill #hazards #pollution #response #restoration #coralreef #puertorico #noaa

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