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U.S. Coast Guard Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard’s official Instagram. This week #USCG Cutter Benjamin Dailey has taken over our IG account! http://www.atlanticarea.uscg.mil/Our-Organization/District-8/
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Ensign benedetto ready for his #closeup this morning while preparing charts for our next patrol #operationsdepartment #lotsofwaypoints

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Our gm1 putting in some #work on the mk 38 making sure #bendailey is always ready #semperparatus

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Our bm2 keeping up with some maintenance this morning to keep #bendailey in tip top shape

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Meet #baxter, our small boat. our bm1 conducting some training out in the gulf of mexico, we will have a video of our launch and recovery system for our small boat soon!

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Hey everyone, my name is sn emily black & my unit uscgc benjamin dailey will be taking over the account this week!! we are the first frc in district 8, so stick around for an inside look at the crew of the benjamin dailey!

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Boat forces standardization team members from training center yorktown va inspected station washington dc this past week. they had the luxury of sneaking in some sightseeing while conducting underway drills.

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Boat crew members from boat forces center at training center yorktown took advantage of the near perfect conditions and were underway in the york river conducting training on the cutter boat over the horizon (cb-oth) boats.

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Check them off the list. station indiana river inlet in delaware gets their 47' motor life boat inspected by boat forces standardization team.

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The sights of boatswain's mate "a" school at training center yorktown (tcy), va. if you are fortunate enough to find yourself at tcy, stopping by the 3rd deck of hamilton hall will put you among some historical pieces of the boatswain's mate rating.

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Another training offered by boat forces and cutter operations branch aboard training center yorktown is senior bridge management. they begin in the classroom learning policies and procedures as we as chart preparation. they then progress to the bridge simulator putting what they learn into practice.

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Boat forces and cutter operations branch's bridge simulator aboard training center yorktown va.

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Boatswain's mate "a" school class 01-18 conducted search patterns this morning in the bridge simulator aboard training center yorktown. students are afforded 3 days of their 14 week school in the simulator to practice conducting various search patterns.

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Another day, another inspection. boat forces standardization team is currently inspecting station wilmette harbor in wilmette illinois. they are located on lake michigan just north of chicago.

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Bm "a" class 14-17 just arrived to the creek at boat forces center in training center yorktown, virginia excited to start their day of underway training.

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Fun fact about boat forces center (bfc) at training center yorktown. bfc is routinely is called upon to be the guinea pig for various projects. here you can see two experimental diesel outboard being tested on a 25' response boat small (rb-s). they are part of an r&d project evaluating the viability of diesel outboards on operational boats.

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Same equipment, different locations. boat forces standardization team ensures strict compliance will boat crew personal protective equipment requirements. picture on left is from aids to navigation team long island sound. on the right is station washington dc.

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I should formally introduce myself as part of this takeover. this is bosn wood, i am the current boat forces stan team supervisor. the team of over 50 personnel inspect boat forces units to include small boat stations, aid to navigation teams, marine safety and security teams, marine safety units, marine safety detachments, and maritime safety response teams. this week we have 4 teams on the road.

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Underway making way! ⚓️ boatswain's mate "a" school class 14-17 is on the 38 spc-tb as part of their three weeks of small boat training in the york river. during this time they refine their boat crew seamanship skills in preparation for reporting to their next unit as a third class petty officer.

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An up close look at the screen for the new navigation system.

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Boat forces center is currently conducting operational testing of the new scaleable integrated navigation system (sins ii). they are working out the kinks and bugs within the system before the package is rolled out throughout the coast guard to thousands of boats and cutters.

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