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U.S. Coast Guard Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard’s official Instagram. This week, #USCGHawaiiPacific will highlight Lt. James Crotty and the Battle for Corregidor. http://www.facebook.com/uscghawaiipacific
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The malinta tunnel housed the command center on corregidor island once the japanese began attacking the philippines as seen may 10, 2017. originally built in 1932 the famous malinta tunnel was constructed by 1,000 philippine convicts from bilibid prison in manila and a company of engineers from the philippine scouts working as foremen and clerks under the supervision of the army corps of engineers, this was done using rented obsolete gold mine equipment and derelict tnt as congress failed to appropriate money for the work. the name malinta means plenty of leeches in tagolog, found during the construction. ironically, the cement for the concrete used was bought from the japanese. (u.s. coast guard photo by chief petty officer sara muir/released) . . . . . . . . . . 📍corregidor, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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The troops left behind. a candid shot of men in the tunnels of corregidor photographed on may 3, 1942, and sent out on the last submarine before the may 6 surrender. u.s. army photograph. . . . . . . . . . . 📍corregidor, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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The eastern entrance to the malinta tunnel where lt. james crotty undoubtably lived during part of his time on corregidor island as seen may 10, 2017. crotty and the men he commanded used a 75 mm howitzer gun to defend the tunnel and the tailside of the island against the japanese from a position high on malinta hill. (u.s. coast guard photo by chief petty officer sara muir/released) . . . . . . . . . . 📍corregidor, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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This is what remains of the theater, cine corregidor, built with spanish influence. it stands empty having been heavily bombed by the japanese in 1942 as seen here may 10, 2017. gone with the wind was the last film to ever be shown here. (u.s. coast guard photo by chief petty officer sara muir/released) . . . . . . . . . . 📍corregidor, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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View of the cine corregidor, officer's barracks. water tower and lighthouse prior to the 1942 japanese attack on corregidor island, philippines. this area constituted much of the fort mills headquarters which was moved to the malinta tunnel once aerial bombardment and shelling became a threat. photo courtesy the corregidor historic foundation. . . . . . . . . . . 📍corregidor, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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This is battery way 75 years later. a 12-inch mortar, one of four, at battery way on corregidor island stands silent may 10, 2017. while the mortars are original, the battery has been somewhat rebuilt to preserve the history of the war. the mortars were designed to propel armor piercing shells at vessels in manila bay and japanese positions on nearby bataan. u.s. coast guard photo by chief petty officer sara muir. . . . . . . . . . 📍corregidor, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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This is battery way. three of battery's four mortars were fired for the first time april 28, 1942, against japanese positions on nearby bataan. its exposure to japanese artillery, air attack, and its limited supply of high explosive shells greatly diminished its effectiveness. by the time of the japanese landings on corregidor island only one mortar tube of battery way remained serviceable, the other two having been damaged beyond repair by japanese artillery. u.s. army photograph. . . . . . . . . . . 📍corregidor, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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Now we go to corregidor. it's distinctive tadpole shape can be seen in this aerial photograph of the rocky island, home to the underground headquarters of fort mills. this view from the east shows the narrow peninsula on which japanese invasion forces landed. u.s. army photograph. . . . . . . . . . . 📍manila bay, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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Uss sealion, one of the few submarines docked at cavite when the japanese attacked from the air. badly damaged, lt. james crotty oversaw its scuttling to keep it from falling into enemy hands. drawing on his demolitions training, it was filled with explosive charges, then sunk to the bottom of manila bay. u.s. navy photograph. . . . . . . . . . . 📍manila bay, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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Lt. james crotty served as second-in-command aboard uss quail from the middle of december 1941 until mid-april 1942. during his brief assignment to quail, the vessel swept mines, shot down enemy aircraft and bombarded enemy troops threatening american and filipino forces on the bataan peninsula. u.s. navy photograph. . . . . . . . . . . 📍manila bay, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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Small arms ammunition explodes in burning warehouses on the cavite navy yard waterfront following aerial bombardment by japanese forces dec. 10,1941. the similar bombing of pearl harbor dec. 7, prompted the u.s. entry to the war. national archives photo sc 130991. . . . . . . . . . . 📍cavite, philippines #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor #philippines

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A resident of buffalo, new york, crotty excelled at the coast guard academy. he demonstrated leadership beyond his years and was a superb athlete. during his senior year, he served as class president, company commander and captain of the football team. following his graduation in 1934 he served on several coast guard vessels before attending the navy's mine warfare school and shipping out to the south pacific. (coast guard academy tide rips, 1934) . . . . . . . . . . . 📍new london, connecticut #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor

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This week we'll take you on a trip to the philippines and show you what it was like 75 years ago and today. what is courage and valor? lt. james crotty's story is one of the finest and least known examples of these virtues. his remains unidentified, crotty's current resting place is the manila american cemetery. historians from the defense pow/missing personnel office and the coast guard hope to change that soon. . . . . . . . . . . . 📍manila american cemetery #crotty75 #wwii #pacificbattles #valor

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I’ve enjoyed sharing the coast guard’s efforts and the engagements of the interdiction committee during my @instagram takeover this week. as commandant of the coast guard, i am grateful to lead an organization of dedicated men and women who put service before self each and every day. this includes families and loved ones along with our dedicated auxiliary corps. there is no doubt that our military families and all-volunteer aux corps serve and sacrifice right alongside our active-duty and civilian men and women. semper paratus. – @admzukunft #uscg #military #uscgfam #uscgaux #militaryfamily #military #dod #dhs #sailors

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As i close out my @instagram takeover, i would like to highlight and thank the men and women combating criminal networks in our hemisphere. the u.s. coast guard is a unique instrument of national security and prosperity. we bring a wide range of authorities to the table in order to protect our national interests and project sovereignty. at the tip of the spear is our people, who work day in and day out to protect our homeland and to counter global threats. – @admzukunft #uscg #lawenforcement #military #dhs #dod

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Dismantling these illicit organizations is only part of the problem; our nation must address the public health epidemic of drug use. if left unabated, criminal organizations will continue to have incentives to produce and match our nation’s demand. in the interim, the interdiction committee and coast guard’s networked approach will help promote security and prosperity. – @admzukunft #uscg

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The interdiction committee’s engagements in ecuador, colombia and panama demonstrate the unity of u.s. government and international efforts to counter drug trafficking networks both at their source and at their destination. – @admzukunft #uscg #ecuador #colombia #panama

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The interdiction committee also met with president varela of panama to discuss capabilities in countering the flow of illicit goods and people. our security dialogue built upon a meeting that @potus and @presidenciapma had this past june – @admzukunft #uscg # potus #panama

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The coast guard operates globally on all seven continents and we extend our reach through bilateral and multilateral law enforcement agreements with 60 plus partner nations. here is a recent interdiction where these authorities and agreements are brought to bear. – @admzukunft #uscg #lawenforcement

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To combat transnational criminal networks in our hemisphere, the coast guard pushes borders out to address not just the symptoms of regional instability and to combat networks where they are weakest: at sea. –@admzukunft #uscg #maritime #sea

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