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This morning station oregon inlet was invited to tour the pea island cookhouse museum by a descendant of the etheridge family. u.s. life saving service station pea island was an all african american station on the outer banks of north carolina. richard etheridge was appointed as the first african american officer in charge. the pea island station is credited with over 600 rescues while in operation. the most notable being their heroic rescue of the e.s. newman. #uscg #oregoninlet #obx

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Being in the coast guard allows us the opportunity to do many cool things, but one of the coolest is getting to interact with so many people, especially kids. this evening we took some of our sar gear to a local children’s museum and talked about what we do, the equipment we use and even let them try some of it on! future coasties in the making! #uscg #oregoniet #obx

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“now all hands turn to boat checks.” conducting morning boat checks is an integral part of our daily routine here at the station. checking that all of our assets are functioning properly and all equipment is on board each and everyday ensures we are always ready to respond to any situation that may arise. #uscg #oregoninlet #obx

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As one of the coast guard’s core missions, we work diligently to protect the oceans’ living marine resources. this afternoon, a crew aboard the 24 spc-sw was out talking to vessels coming through the inlet, conducting inspections and ensuring the catch on board met all federal regulations. #uscg #oregoninlet #bluefintuna

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Semper paratus is our guide. this morning a vessel hailed out for assistance. watchstander, fn lange responded to the vessel. the crew at station oregon inlet responded quickly and escorted them to safe harbor. for more information about cg station oregon inlet visit our facebook page at https://m.facebook.com/uscoastguardstationoregoninlet/ #uscg #obx #oregoninlet

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This afternoon, station oregon inlet took advantage of the weather conditions to do some two boat training. the crews practiced approaches, throwing heaving lines, towing a disabled vessel, and man overboard drills. pictures and videos courtesy of mk3 magness, sn ringo, sn kapsar for more information about cg station oregon inlet visit our facebook page at https://m.facebook.com/uscoastguardstationoregoninlet/ #uscg #obx #oregoninlet

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Good morning from station oregon inlet! this morning one of our 47 motor life boats got underway to conduct a morning bar report. the oregon inlet bar changes on a daily basis, so we monitor the conditions to provide mariners with up-to-date information. pictures and video courtesy of mk3 magness. for more information about cg station oregon inlet visit our facebook page at https://m.facebook.com/uscoastguardstationoregoninlet/ #uscg #obx #oregoninlet

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Today, along with units from around the coast guard, we pause to remember the lives that were lost at station quillayute river on february 12, 1997. on that night, the crew aboard the mlb 44363 was responding to a call for help from a disabled sailing vessel. doing what we are trained to do, the crew put their lives at risk in order to go assist in seas up to twenty five feet and winds blowing around thirty knots. upon crossing the quillayute river bar, the crew encountered very large seas which rolled the boat several times before eventually ripping the entire superstructure from the vessel, tossing three of the four crew members into the tumultuous seas. a fourth crew member remained tethered to the now disabled boat and eventually drifted back onto land. despite courageous efforts to locate the lost shipmates from another motor lifeboat, they were not successful and lost in the accident was petty officer second class david bosely, petty officer third class matthew schlimme and s****n clinton miniken. our shipmates made the ultimate sacrifice that night placing their lives at risk to go assist complete strangers who were in need of help. your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

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Good afternoon from the outer banks of north carolina and station oregon inlet! i’m fn ryan sexton and along with sn nate kapsar we’re going to show you a first hand look of what being stationed at one of the twenty coast guard surf stations nationwide is like! surf stations are a very dynamic place to be stationed and offer many unique challenges not found anywhere else. along with our two 47’ motor lifeboats, our primary surf assets, we also have a 29’ response boat small and a 24’ special purpose craft for shallow water operations. our missions include search and rescue, law enforcement and everything in between stretching from the virginia/north carolina border down to rodanthe, nc and out fifty nautical miles. we invite you to follow along as we show what we do day in and day out as the “guardians of the graveyard”! for more information about cg station oregon inlet visit, like, and follow us on our facebook page at https://m.facebook.com/uscoastguardstationoregoninlet/ #uscg #obx #oregoninlet

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Detail, “disembarkation.” on behalf of the u s coast guard historians’ office we hope that you enjoyed our week of holding the uscg instagram account hostage. we enjoyed sharing some of our wonderful collection with you.

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Merle smith, jr., seen here with his father, would go on to be the commanding officer of the patrol boats point mast and point ellis of squadron one in vietnam. after completing a law degree from george washington university he was assigned as the deputy chief of military justice at cghq. he was inducted to the cga hall of heroes in 2007.

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In 1966 merle j. smith, jr. became the first african american cadet to graduate from the coast guard academy.

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Bobby wilks’ flight helmet, back. #uscg

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Bobby wilks’ flight helmet, front. the helmet is part of the us coast guard heritage asset collection. #uscg

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Capt bobby wilks’ flight suit. it is part of the us coast guard heritage asset collection. #uscg

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Capt bobby wilks was the first african american coast guard aviator and the first african american coast guard helo pilot. #uscg

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Julie moseley pole and d. winifred byrd were among the first african american women in the cg, ca 1944. #uscg

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Lt herbert collins, enc oscar berry and lt maxie m. berry, jr. all three men are descended from pea island surfmen.#uscg

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The 1928 pea island lifesaving crew. left to right, chief boatswain’s mate george e pruden, officer-in-charge; cleon c tillet, bm1; maxie m. berry; lonnie c. gray; norphlet p. meekins; john a. mackey; and maloyd l. scarborough. the berrys, meekins, and mackeys have had several generations of their families serve in the coast guard.

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The coast guard celebrated dr. olivia hooker’s 100th birthday and her amazing life by naming facilities in her honor. #uscg

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