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U.S. Coast Guard Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard’s official Instagram. This week #USCG Academy has taken over! https://www.facebook.com/CoastGuardAcademy/
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Good afternoon, coast guard followers! we are the united states coast guard academy, and we will be your hosts for this week! we are taking you inside the gates of the academy and into the lives of cadets. if you know anyone interested in attending the academy, please share! #uscg #uscga #college #future explore more here: http://uscga.edu/ https://www.facebook.com/coastguardacademy photo source: coast guard academy flickr

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As our last post, we want to thank everyone for following @uscg this week and learning more about the tackle's mission. we also want to thank the family members and the local rockland community for all the support we receive. "there is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism." -alexander hamilton #foundingfather #uscg #65life #cgctackle

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Meet our final crew member. our officer in charge, bmc eric silvoy, whom hails from laurel, md. after 14 years of service, spending 10 years of duty in new england, where he met his wife, he explains his motivation as an officer in charge: "daily, i am motivated by such a hard working, caring, and harmonious crew. it is truly difficult to have a bad day at work when you work with the coast guard's finest." #uscg #cgctackle #secnorneweng #coastguardcityusa #65life

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Good afternoon everyone!! we'd like to introduce you to s****n tyler sosa in our deck department. sn sosa was born and raised in jacksonville, nc and is a graduate of nc state. sn sosa often takes the lead on projects such as painting both the outside and inside of the ship and also preventing running rust ensuring tackle stays looking sharp. we asked sn sosa what made him join the coast guard. "both of my grandfathers were in the marine corps. they served in wwii and korea. as role models in my life, i felt that the military would be the best way to serve my country and family by truly earning the privileges that come with being a citizen of the united states." #uscg #uscgctackle #coastguardnortheast #sectornorthernnewengland

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Tackle making its way through ice. stand by for loud noises! adjust your speakers accordingly. #uscg #uscgctackle #coastguardnortheast #oprenew #sectornorthernnewengland #bangormaine #rocklandcoastguardcity

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#uscgcshackle hard at work alongside #uscgctackle. #uscg #coastguardnortheast

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Good morning everyone!! meet bmc sean dolan. chief dolan currently serves as the executive petty officer aboard tackle. he oversees day to day operations on the cutter. originally from baltimore, md, chief dolan's previous units include cgc forward, station portsmouth, va, msrt, cgc jefferson island, and sector northern new england. when asked what the highlight of his tour aboard tackle was, he replied, "the instant gratification of rebuilding knocked down aton spindles has been the highlight of my tour. seeing the effect it has not only on the mariners who rely on our work but the sense of pride from our aton technicians when they can report the aid is left watching properly, is always a proud moment". #uscg #uscgctackle #sectornorthernnewengland

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Launching the cutter's small boat is an all hands evolution. the cutter boat is used in shallow areas to service aids to navigation, and for personnel recovery. here, tackle hoists it's 13 foot skiff to service eagle island light.( photo by bob trapani). #uscg #coastguardnortheast

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Over the summer tackle was serviced in dry dock for the harsh ice breaking environment. during this period the crew spent two months preserving the ships hull and superstructure. all hands were out on deck to accomplish this task. the tireless work of their efforts enabled the ship to be fully mission ready. #togethereveryoneachievesmore #uscg

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Throughout the year tackle trains to respond to general emergencies onboard. here the crew responds to an alpha fire in forward berthing. as the crew performs the drill they are evaluated by the onboard training team. #uscg

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Good morning friends! meet mk1 charles rockefeller. petty officer rockefeller is the cutter's engineering petty officer and is responsible for all of the machinery onboard. raised in austin, tx, he has been in the coast guard for 13 years at units including cgc tahoma, cgc heron, cgc abbie burgess, and station cape disappointment. "it's hard to pick a favorite part of life aboard a 65'. i'd say aton, ice breaking, and the experience and challenges of being an epo. along with the hard work, the morale on this small crew is great. i really enjoy the ultimate frisbee, crew bbq's, and getting to spend time with my family" #uscg #uscgctackle #sectornorthernnewengland #icebreaking #65life #engineer #machinerytechnician

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