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U.S. Coast Guard Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard’s official Instagram. This week, Coast Guard Auxiliary has taken over our account. https://www.facebook.com/recreationalboatingsafety
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What is the #coastguard #auxiliary? a dedicated, professional group of uniformed civilians who volunteer to help serve the boating public and their communities. they often work in tandem with the #uscg and are a critical asset to recreational boating safety! are you looking for adventure in your life? consider joining the @uscgaux

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The paddle smart dream team! this year, the #coastguard, @uscgaux and partner agencies are focusing efforts to educate paddlers on how to “have fun, be safe, and paddle smart.” #uscgaux photo

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#coastguard advises all paddlers wear a life jacket (type i, ii, iii or type v personal flotation device). donning a life jacket is much harder once you’re in the water, especially if you’re injured. @uscgaux photo

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Are you trained and prepared in case of an emergency? #coastguard members light off mk 124 day-night #flares during pyrotechnics training onboard coast guard cutter bertholf, june 5, 2008. #uscg photo by petty officer 3rd class michael anderson #safeboating #flare #safety

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Are you trained and prepared in case of an emergency? #coastguard members from coast guard sector boston, coast guard station merrimack river and the first coast guard district conduct flare training on plum island, mass., dec. 15, 2014. #uscg photo

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As part of national safe boating week 2017, the #coastguard is highlighting the north american safe boating's #wearit! campaign. statistics show that drowning was the reported cause of death in three-fourths of recreational boating fatalities in 2015, and that 85 percent of those who drowned were not wearing life jackets. #uscg video.

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Evening flare report: #coastguard-approved pyrotechnic visual distress signals and associated devices include: • pyrotechnic red flares, hand-held or aerial (day/night use ) • pyrotechnic orange smoke, hand-held or floating (day use ) • launchers for aerial red meteors or parachute flares a crewman, aboard the coast guard cutter dallas, fires a mk-127 parachute #flare at #sunset for training, feb. 14, 2012. #uscg photo by petty officer 2nd class patrick kelley

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It is national safe boating week! #coastguard auxiliarists in annapolis, md., maintain a safety zone for an air show during maryland fleet week, baltimore, md., oct. 16, 2016. #uscg photo by petty officer 2nd class lisa ferdinando

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The #coastguard recommends all #children wear a life jacket at all times when on a paddle craft or in the water and to research your state’s #lifejacket laws. a kindergartener at garfield elementary school wears an immersion suit during a #safeboating lesson in revere, mass., may 24, 2016. #uscg photo by petty officer 3rd class andrew barresi

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Thank you for tuning in this week for cgc sherman's takeover! our patrol video link is in the bio! be sure to check that out on youtube and follow us on facebook at facebook.com/uscoastguardcuttersherman for more posts and updates! we appreciate your comments and interest in the coast guard and hope you learned why we go to sea. mahalo for stopping by. #gobears #gocoastguard #cgcshermansailor #mahalo #whyigotosea #tobepartofateam #formyshipmates #toserve

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Ever wondered what a high speed small boat chase looks like? watch cutter sherman's boarding team interdict a go-fast vessel loaded with contraband in the eastern pacific ocean. this is what we do. this is what we work for. according to the national institute on drug abuse, around 50,000 people died in 2015 from drug overdose in the u.s. alone. the shipment of c*****e from south america also wreaks havoc on several communities in el salvador and other central american countries. #whyigotosea #tostopdrugtrafficking #cgcshermansailor #uscg

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We have a lot to be thankful for here on cgc sherman. to our friends and families, we wish we could have been with you this past holiday season. our only condolence was that we knew you would be safe and warm in hawaii. thank you to the spouses, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends who were understanding, had patience, and made sacrifices every day so that we could go out and perform the coast guard missions. **our patrol video is on youtube. link is in our bio and on our facebook page** #whyigotosea #tocomehomeagain #uscg #cgcshermansailor

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The sherman takes pride in immersing itself into the hawaiian community through service. we love working with local schools and children's organizations such as the boys and girls club. on this day, our crew taught the children about search and rescue. they learned how to throw rescue line, how to use a stokes litter, and how to outfit a cutter surface swimmer. here ens andrew ratti (now an ltjg) teaches the art of the throw. #whyigotosea #toserveothers #cgcshermansailor #uscg

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For the rest of today, we're going to convince you to put hawaii on your next dream sheet! as if you needed any more reasons, it's truly a different way of life out here. we pick up our shipmates from the airport with leis and shakas, and all ceremonies include plenty of tropical flare. #whyigotosea #totraveltheworld #cgcshermansailor #uscg

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Good morning and welcome to cgc sherman's final takeover day! recap: cutter sherman just completed a counter drug patrol, seized 6,247 kgs of cocaine, and brought 27 suspects before trial. we did not encounter rough weather this patrol due to our location in the eastern pacific ocean., but we can satisfy a couple other requests. 1. co and ops looking for contacts during a transit into port. 2. investigators during a damage control training drill. 3. our lookout during flight operations. 4. another great underway mustache. 5. the life of a junior officer on a ship. this ensign is a deck watch officer responsible for conning the ship. look out for more posts today all about hawaii and what it is like to be stationed here! don't forget to post your photos using these hashtags. #whyigotosea #cgcshermansailor #uscg

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Have a special request for cgc sherman? let us know what you want to see from our 378' cutter in the comments!

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When sherman finally made it to exotic ports throughout central america, we stayed busy. international and community relations were a large part of what we did and we helped wherever we could. cutting brush around a school, painting an orphanage, playing a game of futbol with the mexican navy (and losing gracefully), and welcoming foreign dignitaries are just a few examples of how sherman's crew spent their well deserved time off. #whyigotosea #tofosterinternationalrelationships #toserveothers #totraveltheworld #cgcshermansailor #uscg

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Cutter sherman would like to take a minute on this armed forces day to thank all selfless guardians of our nation and our freedom. bz to you for wanting be a part of something bigger than yourself. stay safe out there shipmates. #whyigotosea #toservemycountry @usarmy @usnavy @usmarinecorps @usairforce

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The "trial of the seven seas" may sound like the 15th pirate movie to come out recently, but it's actually a sherman tradition that transforms landlubbers into cuttermen. this event incorporates various aspects of underway knowledge and skills and grades each team of 3 or 4 on their ability to complete tasks such as plotting and knot tying. no matter the outcome, all involved either become temporary (one year sea service) or permanent (five years sea service) cuttermen. new permanent cuttermen have their insignia first dipped in the "water of the seven seas" by every cutterman onboard before then being pinned by the commanding officer. #whyigotosea #tobecomeacutterman #cgcshermansailor #uscg

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