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Baby tyty remixed.

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Mama and i throwin’ up the deuces and throwin’ it back to last year when our book #perfectisboring was released. we did something so vulnerable and fun together, but seeing the countless smiles you put on my mama’s face by reading our book and letting us know your thoughts makes a very happy tyty!

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Sometimes all a person needs is a little swing to make you stop and stare. do i have yours? #wigglewiggleearjewels #flixel

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Innocent baby doll eyes and owning her crowning braids like they’re her power horns! #tytyapproved

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Yes we can. yes we do. yes we will. yes, it’s more fierce when we do!

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#coachella⁠ ⁠flower crown basic realness.

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Make smize with a stranger. hold open the door. compliment someone on their skin. let people get off the elevator before you get on. call a friend to tell them you love them. be kind.

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This is a #throwbacktyty photo from the runway and i can’t for the life of me remember the designer. @dior? @versace? someone else??? help!!!

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If april showers bring may flowers, then it’s my hope that yesterday’s rainy days have you reigning the spring days ahead.

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It’s monday, so throw some confetti on the new week, dip it in glitter, and then sparkle all day!

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Do you see corn on the cob or next level fiercely cut fruit?

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