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Everything will land sunny side up. all i need to do is stay positive, loving and grateful. a quick reminder to myself and anyone who needs a little boost of positive energy today. .
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One night in canada valerie and elize saw me journaling before going to bed. they asked: mama, what are you doing? i told them that i love to reflect on a day by expressing gratitude for everything that filled it. i also asked them what they were grateful for that day? they loved answering the question and coming up with different answers- from silly ones that made us all laugh to some pretty meaningful answers like “i am grateful for my parents because they love me”. since that day the girls and i fill out our gratitude journals every night. we love the experience. for me it is a deeper connection with my girls, it is building habits that will lead them to more meaningful and successful lives, it’s seeing my girls becoming more appreciative for little things. that is such an amazing feeling! if you haven’t tried journaling with your child, try it and see how your relationship strengthens, deepens and evolves. ❤️

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This gray january makes me crave more color and light. adding little spring touches to my home interior to feel uplifted. what are your tricks to make this winter more enjoyable? 🌿

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Happy 2019, friends! jumping right back to my new year resolution. the holiday slumber is over!
top priorities are: 1. self-care with 16 week body transformation challenge. let’s do it!💪🏻 back to the gym and my meal replacement plan. 🏋🏻‍♀️
2. look and feel 27 before hitting 40 this year. found an amazing solution for looking and feeling younger! check out my stories. dm me for more info. 👱🏻‍♀️
3. reach my financial goals by growing and expanding my mindset. who is with me? 🙋🏼‍♀️ .4. contribute to the world by sharing value and joy from my heart and making more people enjoy their time on this planet. 🌎❤️
what are your 2019 goals?

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All gifts are wrapped. the feeling of holiday cheer is in the air. wishing you my friends a wonderful holiday filled with laughter, joy and love! xoxo 🎁🎄🎁
Друзья, всех с наступающими праздниками! Подарки упакованы и все в предвкушении праздничного волшебства. Желаю всем радости, любви и улыбок счастья! 🎁🎄🎁

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The girls are so excited about the holiday break they want to scream, and jump and bounce off the walls. the parents on the other hand, want to take it easy and unwind. alex had an intensive semester at northeastern where he taught a class for 100 students on top of his busy work schedule. i was literally a single mom for the past three and a half months taking care of the girls and working like crazy on a bunch of things. this holiday season we are slowing down and enjoying family time together so we can start 2019 fully recharged and ready to rock the new year ahead!💪🏻😊

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What a treat! delicious gluten free waffles and almond milk strawberry smoothie for my girls. fruit smoothies have been my strategic dessert lately as i can mix in some healthy ingredients that my picky eaters wouldn’t normally eat for dinner. sometimes i mix in walnuts or flaxseed and this time i am adding a natural immune booster to help prevent cold and flu during this winter. check out my stories for more details! 👆🏻❤️

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The holidays are right around the corner and we are all busy getting ready for the most magical and exciting time of the year! how are you guys celebrating this holiday season? we are getting ready for our mini vacation in canada and then fun new years celebration with friends in maine. there will be lots of skiing, laughing, eating and toasting. 🥂can’t wait! 😄

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What a cute little family! but wait, why is the mom looking unhappy?
well, to tell you the truth that mom has been glued to her computer working like crazy 7 days a week and putting herself as a priority #157. my body, my energy level, my health is letting me know that this needs to change. so to reverse things, i’ve signed up for a 16 week body transformation challenge to: make myself a priority #1, to work on my body so it looks amazing for the beach season, to increase my energy level, to feel healthy, to be a great example for my girls, to look and feel younger while approaching my big 40 😱! so here i am starting my new year resolution earlier because i can’t wait any longer! join me for the ride!! 💪🏻

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It’s been a while i posted here. hi guys! hope everyone is doing great! happy to be back to this space of beauty and inspiration. i’ve been craving creativity after taking some time off from ig, i’ve been missing connecting with all of you. ❤️thank you for your kind dms and messages! i really appreciate your loving attention. life is good! life is amazing and i can’t get enough of all the great people and opportunities that have been flowing into my life and taking me to another level of growth, sharpening my ambitions and setting my goals even higher yet reminding me again and again that happiness lies in the joy of achievement, in the process of getting there, in this present moment. how have you been my friends? what’s new and exciting? are you getting ready for the holidays?🎄 .
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I thought i knew what love was, and then i had you. happy birthday, my sweet girl! happy 8 years of love, joy and your beautiful light that makes this world brighter and happier!❤️
Я думала, что знаю, что такое любовь, и потом родилась ты! С Днём Рождения, моя любимая девочка! Спасибо тебе за любовь и радость, которую ты нам даришь. Спасибо за твой свет, который делает этот мир ярче и радостней! ❤️

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80 degree october days are our favorite! add to them the beauty of the pumpkin season in your bath and you will get the formula of happiness! beautiful fall bath inspiration comes from my friends: @wispyfeatherfarm @everyday_eve_ .
Сегодня на улице плюс 28 и мы несказанно рады теплу! Ванна в красках осени дополняет чувство радостной безмятежности. 😊

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