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Violet-painted city 💜

l o c a t i o n :- argentina

i m a g e - s o u r c e :- @ֹalepetra_

all copyrights belong to photographer.please visit owner's gallery for more such photos - contact owner for any queries

lets experience the most
unexplored region of the
earth - you can also
be a part of our journey

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Sabahınız xeyir olsun minnoşlar. yuxudan gücle oyandım ve hazırlığa gedirem. sizler necesiz? öpürem her birinizi 😘😘😘
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정수야 스마일 ◡̈

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A @farmaciacastellscalella t'oferim un diagnòstic facial gratuït amb skin care assistant d' @idoneacosmetica 💚 .
realitzem un diagnòstic complet i precís de la pell del rostre, on quantifica els 9 paràmetres fonamentals que influeix en l'aspecte de la teva pell: hidratació, greix, taques, vermellors, tonalitat, arrugues, porus, risc solar, i índex de sensibilitat. 👩
després del diagnòstic et lliurarem un complet informe personalitzat amb tots els resultats i els consells dermocosmètics més adequats per a millorar la cura de la teva pell.📑 .
encara no ho has provat? t'esperem! 😀
en @farmaciacastellscalella te ofrecemos un diagnóstico facial gratuíto con skin care assistant de @idoneacosmetica . 💚
realizamos un diagnóstico completo y preciso de la piel del rostro, donde cuantifica los 9 parámetros fundamentales que influye en el aspecto de tu piel: hidratación, grasa, manchas melánicas, rojeces, tonalidad, arrugas, poros, riesgo de daño solar e indice de sensibilidad.👩 .
después del diagnóstico te entregaremos un completo informe personalizado con todos los resultados y los dermoconsejos más adecuados para mejorar el cuidado de tu piel.📑 .
¿aún no lo has probado? te esperamos! 😀
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Hello, world. today’s #weeklyfluff is the dalmatian duo khaleesi and django (@khaleesi.django.dalmatian ), who prove life’s not always black and white — especially when they get caught stealing cheese from the kitchen. “django runs very quickly to his spot, lies down and acts as though he is sleeping,” says their human maria bläser. “khaleesi, on the other hand, immediately throws herself guiltily to the floor, grins from ear to ear and asks for forgiveness.”
photo by @khaleesi.django.dalmatian

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Dani burt’s (@dani.burt ) leg was amputated above the knee after a motorcycle crash in 2004 that left her in a coma for 45 days. she went on to become a doctor of physical therapy and the first-ever women’s world adaptive surfing champion — but it wasn’t easy. “one of the biggest things i wish people realized about amputees is that you don’t just go in and get a leg,” she says. “you’re now wearing something that’s not really a part of you, but you have to make it a part of you.”
on social media, dani saw the need for someone to be real about life as an amputee. “i needed to know i wasn’t alone, but that was near impossible to find,” she says. “i have the platform, privilege and responsibility to do that loud and clear. i know what it feels like to be knocked down hard and i hope to make the path i had to travel on a little less bumpy for others.” —reported by kassy cho (@kassy )
this march, we’re collaborating with buzzfeed news reporter and producer kassy cho of @world to find and highlight women around the globe who are making an impact in their local community and on instagram. ❤️ stay tuned here and on @world to see more. #wcw

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This march, we’re collaborating with buzzfeed news reporter and producer kassy cho of @world to find and highlight women around the globe who are making an impact in their local community and on instagram. ❤️ today, meet world adaptive surfing champion and physical therapist dani burt (@dani.burt ).

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When romanie-jade tulloch (@cakefacerj ) began using her face as her blank canvas, the creative possibilities skyrocketed. 🎨 🚀 “i remember thinking, why not try something artistic that will grab attention?” she says. “i knew from then on that using makeup to create illusions was exactly what i wanted to do.”
drawing inspiration from pablo picasso and claude monet, the 20-year-old makeup artist from nottingham, england, has always enjoyed painting. she brings that same creativity and attention to detail to her makeup looks — even incorporating real objects. “i use different props like paintbrushes, water glasses, honey jars, whatever comes to mind that suits the look,” she says. “i love the 3d element in my illusions.”
romanie-jade uses only makeup, not face paint, to create her looks, showing that makeup can transcend into a work of art. “i use makeup so people can see that there’s a lot more use out of that eyeshadow palette you don’t use a lot,” she says.
today on our story and igtv channel, breakfast is served courtesy of romanie-jade’s makeup skills.
photo by @cakefacerj

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Makeup artist romanie-jade tulloch (@cakefacerj ) uses her face as her canvas to create eye-popping looks.

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Today is #stpatricksday ☘️ and competitive irish dancer julia sullivan (@julia.sullivann ) is celebrating by performing around her hometown of waterloo, ontario. “irish dance is an expression of our shared history,” julia says. “when the irish community gathers, music and dance are a vital part of the celebrations. it’s a distinctive signature of who we are.”
currently, 19-year-old julia is training for the 2019 world irish dancing championships after winning fourth place last year in her age category. “being an irish dancer has connected me to my irish family and heritage,” she adds.
photo by @julia.sullivann

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Shonima and nishima are two high school seniors whose love and support for their friends extends beyond the frame. photographer kevin christian (@94kid_diary ) took their photo in mumbai as a sign of gratitude. “i wanted to say thank you, and what’s better than with a picture?” #whpsheinspiresme photo by @94kid_diary

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Step up to the plate in your rainbow socks. “we try to teach our daughters that they can be anything they desire,” says mel karlberg (@melkarlbergphotography ), the mom and photographer behind the lens. “the truth is that she doesn’t need that lesson. she’s teaching me every day by living that mantra.” #whpsheinspiresme photo by @melkarlbergphotography

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Sushi 🌯 🍩 🍕 and 🍔?! pushing the limits of traditional 🍣 🥢 fuels the creativity at sushi restaurant wave (@wavemountdora ), located in central florida. “owning a restaurant is a lot of hard work, but it is also some of the most rewarding,” says owner and chef jonathan mckinney, who opened the restaurant in 2017. years spent working in his parents’ restaurant taught him the business and “instagram has allowed us to reach out to the world,” he says.
ready to revisit your definition of #sushigoals? see more today on our story and our igtv channel.
photo by @wavemountdora

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Whether it’s sushi pizza, doughnuts, burritos or burgers, restaurant wave (@wavemountdora ) is constantly pushing the creative limits of the tradition.

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When the stars align, so do these sisters. ⭐️ “my sister tova and i always take yoga photos when we are together,” says riva gdanski (@riva_g_ ). “finding new places and unique shapes to create has been a fun bonding experience for us.” #whpsheinspiresme photo by @riva_g_

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