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Deep dive into #sketchingseason on my stories today. view at your leisure ❤️

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The amazing @corey.bond drawing me 🙏🏽 #artistsdrawingartists

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'thrones studies' a mini thrones series i sketched during my insta hiatus last year. couldn't believe the show was almost over and i'd never sketched any fan art! thanks to @ behance for the feature in january! in case you were wondering, i'm a littlefinger stan... don't freakin @ me. 🤣 who is your favorite character???

#gameofthrones #sansa #arya #littlefinger #jonsnow #brienneoftarth #lordvarys #olennatyrell #got

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@torinashtun sketch. just over an hour. i could never do this beauty justice - but that didn't stop me trying. ❤️

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In conversation with @omenkaonline about my work, identities & digital life. swipe for a read! ❤️

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The @vinterine sketch.
see previous post for the timelapse! 🎬

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@vinterine sketch in four parts for #abelapse - this was a lot of fun. i struggled to get the left eye right and the lips should have been a lot softer/more natural looking, lots of other things too but generally pleased with the outcome and of course getting to sketch all those yummy hair wisps. let me know what you think!
roughly 3.5hrs sketching time, ref photo to the right of the camera.
pencils as usual @fabercastellglobal & @pentelofamerica
paper is the utterly gorgeous golden buttery scrumptious @strathmoreart 400 series. i love this paper. i want to eat it.

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Dipping my toes back into #abelapse with a little @tsunaina sketch.
things i had forgotten about making sketch videos in the many many months since i drew on camera 1. the taller the tripod is extended the more on screen jiggle 😔 2. relying on natural light in the afternoon will make the condensed video look like a strobe lit rave 🙄 3. editing ⌛ 4. i love noses 🤗 -
pencils : @fabercastellglobal & @pentelofamerica
paper : @cansonpaper ❤️

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Edit: new title thanks to @akwasi 'filtration' (i've actually worked with akwasi before and he is super talented, so go figure!) thank you to everyone for the excellent contributions, somehow all the title suggestions have allowed me to look at the work in new ways and i feel more creative than ever. thanks again and check out my story today for more 🌹

selfie 11x16"
presently untitled ...any ideas? #namemyportrait

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Hey lovely people! i need a new frequently asked questions for tsabe.co.uk so please help me out and throw some questions at me in the comments and i'll answer! drawing materials, career stuff etc! 💓 #ama

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