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Wishing every one of you a happy new year! resisting the pressure to pump out 'content' and taking time away from the instagram ferris wheel to create work i want to spend time with - that you'll hopefully want to spend time with too - has done wonders for my health. see you in 2019 ❤

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@richardwilsonartwork painted mee! thank you! 🌹

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Marcus aurelius and a wrestler - a couple more studies from the @museelouvre

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Trust your lines.

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29 last week. my favourite thing about getting older is having the time for those longer strands of thought - looking back at how they've stretched and bent through the time of my life.

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Little one - it was a moment of impulse in snapping for some standard parisien museum studies, so i don't have any more details on the object or the wing!
#louvre #animation #sketching

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Details! #abelapse 👈🏽👈🏽

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Absolutely couldn't resist animating a sketch of one of the stunning @melovemealot artworks. 💥

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Four real time clips from the #instaception sketch - mouth linework, pupil details, skin shading & hair. reference photo on my right! please let me know if you want to see more of these ❤

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I couldn't resist jumping on the #instaception challenge with a selfie, as inspired by @0073.uv ✍🏽
#abelapse 👈🏽

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