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What spots next? 🤔

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Happy 21st birthday my love! i hope you had a wonderful day! thanks for being my bestfriend. i don't know what i'd do with out you. let's enjoy some snowboarding tomorrow 👌🏻 i love you!

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Hyped to be out in sacto. lil back to backs with my g @devine_calloway 📲 @kevperez

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Morning hype!!! go check my dawg @milessilvas push part! straight 🔥 @alan_hannon you killed it too!💪🏻

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We're workin on it @primitiveskate

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@taylormcclung warming up on a texas bank to flat bar 👀

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The homie @sammyperales got a part dropping on monday! 💥💪🏻 🎥 @kylesteneide

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Good crew, good times! take care my ninjas!

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La squad 🤙🏼

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Can only fs360 off a bump 😂📸 @oliverbarton

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My guys lurkin

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Good times yesterday! much love el centro...couple things with the boss @prod84 @primitiveskate

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Happy birthday big bro!!! fs nosegrind shanghai marble 2015 @trevormcclung

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Lil somethin from the opal edit by @kevperez

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Back to back with my dzawwwwg @carlosribeiro91 🎥 @kevperez

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Come hang out this weekend! gonna be fun! @primitiveskate

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Happy valentine's day to my ❤. got myself a keeper! i love you!

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When someone needs vx1000 and the other needs hd 😂 @spanishmiketv got you

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Happy birthday peaks!! @brian_peacock 💪🏻

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