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Made you look. @micarganaraz requires a double take in new #tiffanyinfinity eyewear.

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Are you game? when the grand prize is a #tiffanytrue engagement ring, everyone wins. like all tiffany diamonds, #tiffanytrue is responsibly sourced.

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Eyes on the prize. @imaanhammam never drops the ball. what would you hide under your cup? #tiffanyt

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@micarganaraz makes a case for doing it the hard way in #tiffanyhardwear designs. tap to shop.

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Go hard or go home. tap to shop. #tiffanyhardwear

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#tiffanyhardwear is one tough act to follow. take a cue from @micarganaraz and tap to take things up a notch.

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Watch @imaanhammam go for a spin with the master himself, @yoyofactorypaul.

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It's anyone's game. watch @kendalljenner take on @imaanhammam.

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Who wants to play? @carolynmurphy and @feifeisun are up for a challenge.

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For the woman who makes "you're just like your mother" a compliment. #mothersday

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On the same page. #tiffanyt smile is what mom really wants for #mothersday. tap to shop or visit us in store to discover more #mothersday gift ideas.

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Goes well with everything—including brunch. tap to shop #tiffanyt smile designs or visit us in store to discover more #mothersday gift ideas. #tiffany #tiffanyandco

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