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Fun day in the sun and now i can't wait to come home to the new episode of #animalkingdom tonight at 9/8c on @tntdrama so excited!

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Happy father’s day dad! i’m always trying my hardest to make you proud ♥️ love you with all my heart. i missed you today, but i will see you soon. xo

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Happy international surfing day🙏🏽 pc @juliangoulian #internationalsurfingday

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Keep loving 💕💕💕 it's time to jump into new seasons of movement and creativity #keeploving #keepmovingkeepticking @swatch

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Summer vibes 💛💛💛 @sector9 #goodvibesroll

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Yesterday afternoon with @wattsupphoto styled by @_garancorley_ 🖤🖤🖤

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Do three activities today that your future self will thank you for 🙂 my to-do list: surf , practice yoga/mediate on my goals , & finish writing my first essay of the semester 💯 id love to hear what your plans for the day are, feel free to comment below 💛

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Happiest in a bikini 💯♥️☺️

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Looking forward to my next adventure 😊🙊 #keepmovingkeepticking @swatchandsports photo credits @juliangoulian

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One day closer to summer 🙈💜 @swatch

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