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December 2018 comment 102 star 2,422

New song out today. pulse. hope you guys enjoy it. much love, michl. link in bio

October 2018 comment 76 star 3,265

Wrote and recorded this song a few years ago. had always planned to make it a fully realized idea but my hard drive crashed and never ended up finishing it. thought you guys should have it in its rough form. link in bio. much love, michl.

September 2018 comment 55 star 2,136

New song out today. borrowed time. link in bio

August 2018 comment 59 star 2,663

July 2018 comment 119 star 4,136

New song. tell her. link in bio

June 2018 comment 80 star 2,873

June 2018 comment 40 star 3,013

New song. i'd do it all again. very special one for me. hope u enjoy.

April 2018 comment 49 star 2,524

Datum: my hometown. my upbringing. my family. film link in bio

April 2018 comment 44 star 2,407

April 2018 comment 29 star 2,428

New song out today. better with you. big thanks to @the_mura_masa for producing this one. link in bio

March 2018 comment 124 star 3,288

March 2018 comment 80 star 2,682