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I made a movie that pays homage to the blockbuster films that inspired me and an entire generation w/ grit, guts and heart - die hard, the towering inferno & the fugitive. ‬
‪one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. ‬
‪please enjoy this ‘gram exclusive of #skyscraper in theaters july 13 * watch full length trailer in my bio

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New full length skyscraper trailer drops tomorrow.
most physical, emotional and intense role of my career. this and tooth fairy.
i needed tequila, vacation and therapy once i wrapped the movie.
#skyscraper #trailerdebut tomorrow

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A lil’ taste of my new skyscraper trailer debuting this wednesday! #skyscraper

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My anchor.
always good to remind our pro and amateur athletes, that for all of us - regardless of the sport - it all starts and ends with the work we put in the weight room.
and when our playing days are over - whether that’s on the court, field, snow covered mountain or in the swimming pool, octagon or wrestling & boxing ring.. we will always end up right back in that weight room.
jacking iron, cardio, core work, strengthening old injuries etc.
athletes will always end up, right back where we started - the gym.
that’s the lifelong invaluable philosophy of weight room training.
#ironparadise #geniustalks @lakers @gunnarfitness

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Audience comes first.
one of the most critical (and enjoyable) parts of my job is getting my movie in front of test screening audiences to get their direct feedback on how to make our film better before we release it to the world.
check your ego at the door and create a safe environment for your audience to be real about the aspects they loved in the film and what they didn’t.
most important relationship i have in this business, will always be the one i have with my audience.
thank all you so much for your enthusiasm and open dialogue.
an exciting time as we gear up to deliver skyscraper later this summer.
one more test screening to go.
why the hell do i even bother wearing a hat?
#audiencefirst #skyscraper @sevenbucksprod

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Saturday night doc viewing.
@thenotoriousmma notorious.
great insight into the dna of this successful and smart business man.
best part of his success, is when you s***p it all away - it will always come down to being the hardest worker in the room.
those roots never go away.
solid doc. well done brother. 👊🏾

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We’re gonna have times in our lives where we get f****d up and knocked down. it’s a very defining moment when that time comes because you can either say, “i’m done”... or you can fight thru your pain - physical or emotional - get back up and finish the job.
we had a scheduled 45min wrestlemania match (including our entrances and post match celebration) and at 15min mark of my match against john cena, for the @wwe championship - i ripped my quadricep and my adductor tendons off my pelvis.
laying on the mat, i also had no idea that my tendons torn off my pelvis, caused a wicked chain reaction of three immediate hernia tears throughout my abdomen which would eventually lead to emergency surgery.
i need tequila.
i pushed thru and continued the match for another 20+ minutes.
we all have these moments...
pain is temporary, but finishing the job is forever.
good to see this message had a real impact on the team. my guy @kuz
#geniustalks #lakers #pushthrupain

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It’s a success philosophy thats worked very well in my career. i let my hard times of my past, shape and inform my daily gratitude and work ethic.
regardless of whatever success i’ve been fortunate enough to achieve over the years, i still operate every day as if my back’s up against the f*****g wall.
when i psychologically put myself in that position, there’s only one way to go - forward.
this ideology doesn’t work for everyone, as a lot of people prefer to block out their past.
i prefer to understand it, embrace it & use it.
#geniustalks #lakers #backagainstthewallphilosophy *link in bio

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Thank you @lakers for having me speak to the team about success, pitfalls, perspective & the life long benefits of playing thru pain and always outworking your competition.
keep chasing that greatness.
#geniustalks #lakers *link in bio

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Just stopping in to show my appreciation and gratitude for making our “little monster movie”, rampage a big global success of $400m+ worldwide. til avengers came along and kicked my a*s 😂
we took an obscure 1980’s video game property with an extreme, yet fun conceit of a storyline and delivered a movie that audiences gave an excellent a- cinemascore.
love y’all 🤟🏾and thank you for loving the movie and most importantly, thanks for having fun.
see you down the road later this summer with my “little trapped in a burning building movie”, skyscraper.
#rampage #globalsuccess #grateful 🙏🏾 🌎

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Cool update on armed forces day.
i was able to donate an entire gym to a military base that’s very close to my heart, @jointbasephh.
we held a show on this base in 2016, called rock the troops which became the largest military gathering on us soil ever, drawing over 50,000+ military men, women and their families.
historic and very special night.
but what a lot people don’t know, is that when i was a little punk kid living in hawaii, my grandfather (wrestler, high chief peter maivia) used to promote tiny wrestling shows on this base every week and would draw a few hundred people at best. never made any money, we lived paycheck to paycheck, but he loved supporting the military and would always love to come “work out with da boys” on the base before every wrestling show.
every week i was here. looking back, those lean times here in hawaii and on this base, helped shape me as a man.
and now many years later, i can give back in some small way.
a token of my gratitude to our troops and their families, for the sacrifices you’re willing to make for our country. and the pride in which you’re willing to make them.
enjoy the new equipment, be relentless in that gym and remember our motto/

blood, sweat & respect.
the first two we give, the last one we earn - rock.
thank you to our #projectrock partners @underarmour, @theuso & @hammerstrengthofficial for helping make this all happen.

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Time to light this summer up as
@hbo’s #1 highest rated half hour show returns 🔥
we worked extremely h*****n this one to bring you our best season ever.
let’s ride.
#goingbacktocali #ballers @sevenbucksprod #hbo august 12th

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