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I'm very proud of this growth. had to share with you. this past saturday we held our annual "seven bucks/team rock summit" at our wme offices in los angeles. this highly strategic brain trust event was conceived by my manager and our seven bucks co-ceo and former merrill lynch vp @danygarciaco to bring together all our team members & execs to chop up and discuss best practices on how we continue to push forward and become an even more global force. continue to build corporate enterprise. all departments represented: seven bucks prods, seven bucks digital, wme partners, droga5 advertising, our la and ny publicists (viewpoint & jonesworks) our brilliant attorneys (harold brown & bianca levin) our ace financial manager (howard altman) who i insist sits next to me - always gotta keep the $money close;). and our management holding company, the garcia companies and their bright, hard working all female executive team. can't tell you guys what a day like this means to me. all this started from $7 bucks in my pocket when i was 24yrs old. we had our first seven bucks summit 3 years ago with only 8-10 people. this past saturday, we held our summit in wme's biggest conference room and as you see, the joint was "sold out and standing room only". growth like a rocket. very proud that we've become the most sought after enterprise in hollywood. but like with any successful venture, it all comes down to the team you have around you. surround yourself with hungry, creative and optimistic humans who bring brilliant ideas and committed to seeing your vision thru. all superstars in this room and one big, brown, bald tattooed man who drives his pick up truck and says "f*ck yeah and f*ck no" a lot. grateful. i'll leave you with my seven bucks philosophy which our entire team has engrained in their dna, "we never want to just play in the game, we want to change the way the game is played". now go out there, put in the hard work and create your own hungry, brilliant team. i look forward to hearing about your "team summit" one day. driving a pick up and saying f*ck yeah and f*ck no is optional. #sevenbuckssummit #2017 #changingthewaythegameisplayed #fuckyeah

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Rip superfly. my family, @saronasnukawwe gave me this amazing pic she took of her dad only a few short months ago. i immediately got choked up when i first saw this as she told me he sat there in this chair for hours and just watched his old wrestling promos and matches... in complete silence. never said a word, just watched and reflected. got choked up over the thought of what must've been going thru his mind in these hours watching himself... pride, joy, regret, satisfaction, pain, love. i wondered if at any point he sat here wishing he could do it all over again. or, if he sat here completely at peace with his incredible, inspiring, wildly successful and at times extremely complicated life he's lived. well before there was wrestlemanias, ppv's, big money guaranteed contracts, the internet or pro wrestling being coined, "sports entertainment", it's hard to articulate how "on fire" this man was in the early 80's and how much he impacted and electrified the wrestling business' bottom line. his wrestling promos had a quiet intensity that made you believe every word that came out of his mouth and you just knew that you had to run down to madison square garden and buy your tickets because he was going to electrify that night. another garden sell out. i grew up with this man as our families lived together in hawaii and north carolina. his children jimmy jr, liana, sarona and ata all idolized him, as did i. awesome memories. to the world, he was known as the iconic jimmy "superfly" snuka but to me he was and will always be, simply.. uncle. rest in peace, uncle. fly high bruddah..now you have real wings.

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It's official. more sweat, more respect. worldwide🌏 our #1 @underarmour mens, womens & kids rock collection is now available globally. regardless of culture, race or gender... our philosophy will always apply.. the first two we give, the last one we earn. #bloodsweatrespect💪🏾#ouranchor⚓️ *link in my bio enjoy the gear ~ dj

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Ballers are back. great first week of production with these talented hard workin' mofos. huge shout out to all our ballers' fans who've made us the highest watched 30min show on hbo, two years in a row and counting. @troyog @donovanwcarter @reallondonbrown @omarbensonmiller and my lil' brotha @jd_wash we luv and appreciate our fans and all your support. this new season we take it all to the next level. #ballers #hbo this july 🔥👊🏿 *and yeah, you have no idea how much of a real g @troyog is. follow him and you'll see.

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In 2016 we launched our digital arm of @sevenbucksprod aptly named @sevenbucksds and had a bad a*s year. huge thank you to our youtube & digital communities for being the best partners around! huge s/o to all you crazy millennials, plurals and gen x'ers who are the dopest fans in the world. we will continue to push the envelope, always keep the positive energy flowing and deliver more amazing and epic......stuff. #herewecome #sevenbucksdigitalstudios

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Just finished watching this movie, patriots day. film about the 2013 boston marathon bombing. gutsy film to make, but yet an important one. hardest thing for us to do is embrace hope, strength and optimism in the midst of heavy tragedy. our emotions run high, but that's exactly what the city of boston did in the wake of the bombing. and we rallied as a country behind them. director pete berg and mark wahlberg are like my brothers. family. really proud of their work here and highly recommend watching this weekend. thank you to the entire cast & production crew for making this powerful film. helluva job. #bostonstrong

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Exclusive: bonus animation that i personally worked on for 18 months inside the animation studios at disney with academy award winning animators. enjoy this special clip called “gone fishing” from #moana, available on digital feb. 21 & blu-ray march 7. *for the record, that stuff about me personally working as an animator for 18 months on this cool bonus footage may or may not be complete bullsh*t. 🐂 enjoy the clip...

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Had a very cool and strategic meeting with the heads of dc about their entire universe. as a hard core dc fan, to get a real sense of the tonal shifts and developments coming in these future movies has me fired up. something we, as dc fans have all been waiting for for a very long time. hope, optimism & fun. even when talking about the the most ruthless villain/anti-hero of all time finally coming to life. prepare yourselves dc universe. #kneelathisfeet #orgetcrushedbyhisboot #blackadam⚡️

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🔥🌏 new international #baywatch trailer. thank u for making us one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. who wants mouth to mouth? 🙋🙋🏿🙋🏼🙋🏻🙋🏽🙋🏾 #dysfunctionalheroes #imoceanicmf #baywatch memorial day

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We're doing that manly thing again today that involves focus, sweat, intensity, well timed artistic cussing and callouses. middle finger salute of gratitude to my boy @gunnarfitness for bringing in my 145lb & 150lb dumbbells for me to throw around... also, affectionately known as my kevin harts. #humblehungry #hardestworkersintheroom 🦍⚓️

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Our big #goldenglobes night! incredibly honored to be nominated. congratulations to my insanely talented cast, filmmakers and home studio of disney. most importantly, thank you fans. either way, tonight my entire bottle of don julio will be emptied and a tray of brownies will be dominated. my gluttony will be the clear winner. #goldenglobes #bestanimatedfilm #bestsong #moana

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Luv this woman.🔥#hardestworkersintheroom #erryday 💪🏾 #repost @jlo ・・・ just a couple of gym rats gettin' it in!! @therock thanks for the love and for all the positive energy and inspiration you put out into the world!! #hardworkwins #youcantstopwhatwontstop #erryday

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