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Did anyone else go completely overboard on the easter basket situation? christmas in april anyone? 🤦🏽‍♀️🐰 🐰tell me what what happened in your household!

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⚡️ looking for 15 b***s ⚡️⠀

i have been talking with my team a lot lately on how this experience has changed me on a cellular level. it all started when i was a newly postpartum mom who wasn’t doing a great job of self motivating. ⠀

i look back to how i felt then and i would be wrong not to extend an invite to you. ⠀

don’t worry, you don’t need to have a huge following, know much about social media, 6 pack abs or any of that. relatable, authentic, and cool works for me! 💕⠀

you just have to care about helping other people while you are helping yourself. coach to self 🤙🏼 coach to others. ⚡️ a desire to be the best version of yourself regardless of where you are today. ⠀

with a team of gym owners, nurses, teachers, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, registered dietitians, moms, pharmaceutical sales reps, pharmacists, sales managers and everything in between, you will fit right in. ⠀

i will be helping 15 women get 💵 to live a healthy + fit life and share it with others. i hate talking 💰 but i love talking freedom. ⠀

drop your email address below {without the .com} and i will send you the details. ( 20 years old, us, canada and uk residents only at this time)⚡️⠀

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If a human body has left your body, always go to the bathroom before jumping jacks. am i right or am i right? 😜⠀

i am starting a 21 day workout program that’s only 30 minutes a day- that has me ending in the beginning of may. 👏🏼 before summer kicks off... ⠀

you want to do it with me? hold each other accountable? get amazing results with the rest of the women i work with? let’s do it!! grab your spot this week by sliding into my inbox or commenting below! tag a girlfriend... fitness is more fun when you have an awesome circle of women doing it with you! 🤙🏼⠀

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I learned to ride my bike in the bowling alley my parents owned, we lived in the apartment above the bar. ⠀

i remember on league night, i would go find my grandpa on one of the lanes closest to the left wall and he would give me a piece of red trident gum. ⠀

by the time i started kindergarten, my parents moved into a house one block from my elementary school. they stripped that house to the beams and built it into our home.⠀

it was the first time we had neighbors. i would go to mr. lewis’s house to help him garden tomatoes. that’s where my love for salted tomatoes came from. 🥰⠀

our family grew in that house. ⠀
my parents divorced in that house. ⠀

my character was built there. ⠀

when you read the stuff above it maybe sounds different than your story. let me tell you why i’m glad this is mine.⠀

every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. everyday we wake up with the chance to continue writing our story. ⠀

the beginning may be tough - the middle may be messy and because of that, the end is beautiful. ⠀

if no one understands your goals, your vision, your line of work, or your decisions besides you; that’s ok. they don’t have to. ⠀

when you wake up early or stay up late working toward your goals there will be times you feel defeated or like it’s a waste of time. we will doubt our vision, we will feel like it’s out of reach and sometimes you might be tempted to give up or worse yet... never start working toward it. ⠀

that’s when you remember where you’re going.⠀

i want to show my kids the world like my parents did for me. i look at work as a privilege, not a chore. i watched my parents work hard to change their lives and in turn, they changed ours. ⠀

i said yes to the coaching opportunity to help myself get back into shape and find the energy i wanted to be a good mom. as i was doing that, i shared it here with you. a lot of you have joined me and are now doing that for your followers, family and friends. it has now completely changed my life. ⠀

when you work for something you love - it ignites a passion within you- you enjoy working on it and the end is worth every sacrifice you make along the way.

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Some people say laughter is the best medicine and every one of us has something small we could smile about. ⠀

our team took a road trip to milwaukee today for an event. we heard insanely emotional success stories where people lost upwards of 150 pounds in a years time. 😳we heard from a nurse who quit nursing 2 years ago to be a full time coach because she was sick of the lifestyle. we heard social media tips and there was also a group workout (we skipped because... blizzard) 🥶 ⠀

my favorite thing about the day was laughing with these women on the way home. we talked about the one thing our spouse does that drives us nuts🤣#socks, our most embarrassing moments (i won this 🤦🏽‍♀️) and other “girl stuff” - it felt good to laugh, get out of the house without kiddos and have some “me time”. ⠀

laughter truly is the best medicine and i’m glad i have multiple events that bring us together - i’ll take any chance i can get to laugh with these women. 💗 ⠀

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I love every single thing about this little girl.⠀

i was looking at her as she was playing in the sand with her hair in her face, her adorable belly, her backwards hat with leftover peanut butter on her face and i thought... i never want you to change. ⠀

i never want you to look in the mirror and not love what you see.⠀

i never want you to try on all of your clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear.⠀

i never want you to try diets and put harmful things in your body just to be a certain size.⠀

i never want you to question your natural beauty.⠀

most importantly, i never want to be the person to show you those these insecurities. ⠀

i am your example. ⠀

i am the person you’ve been watching since day one. ⠀

i will love all of me to make sure you love all of you. 💗⠀double tap if you look at your kids the same way. #perfection

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If you have struggled with skin issues, you know how frustrating it can be. ⠀

i’m choosing to share my journey with you because i wish i would’ve made this simple change a decade ago. ⠀

to preface this, i’ve tried everything. years of dermatology, expensive medical spa treatments, prescription medication, skin care companies trusted by friends and family, bar soap, oils, peels, you name it... i guarantee i have tried it. ⠀

my acne began when i was 20. it’s caused many tears, embarrassment, and insecurities. i felt dirty when i probably had a more extensive routine than most people my age - maybe you were doing too much- i tried that too without success.⠀

it wasn’t until last year i completely eliminated dairy and gluten due to a strong recommendation from my doctor. ⠀

i walked out that day and said, fine... i’ll do it. it was an adjustment but honestly it’s not that hard anymore. i just have to pay attention more than i did before. ⠀

i now use the same basic cleanser recommended by my dermatologist years ago and a simple/inexpensive face lotion. ⠀

this is one year - if you’re struggling with your skin and you really want to make the change if nothing else has worked, try eliminating gluten/dairy. i fully believe i needed to heal from the inside out. ⠀

if you want me to share my current skincare routine, tell me about your biggest skin struggle below!

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I would trade in my dress clothes for working at home in my lululemon leggings 100x over. 👍🏼⠀

i started coaching two weeks after trying these workouts and drinking a superfoods shake that i thought was sketchy af. i even took my shake to my obgyn and asked him to comb through it ingredient by ingredient and he urged me to drink it! 💁🏼‍♀️⠀

when i started i needed to be a coach of myself. through that i shared my journey and i didn’t care who was watching it held me accountable. ⠀

sometimes that meant i posted a sweaty selfie after a workout i had to pause 2 times in the middle of to nurse my 7 week old but i still got it done. ⠀

at times that was sharing my pregnancy journey with you and how i kept my health at the forefront. the second time around only gaining 30 lbs instead of 75 lbs like i did with my first before i found this solution. ⠀

i shared my postpartum journey. the good, bad and ugly. i shared my feelings going through that and i continued to share through my hashimoto diagnoses. ⠀

not once, did i think “i’m going to wait to share this until it’s perfect” because there is never a perfect time. no one wants to follow “perfect” they want to join real! i don’t want followers, i want real women i can help to follow me!! ⠀

this business has changed me on a cellular level & if a girl with a corn field in her back yard, in small town usa can grow a 6-figure business sharing her journey online through two pregnancies and invites others to not just join her but run with her and do it too... so can you! ⠀

my team is running a glance into coaching group- slide into my dms to get the link!! check it out, i think it’s foolish not to do this!! 👏🏼⠀ *beachbody does not guarantee any level of income that is based on the individual coach.*

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The motivation a delicate monogram necklace brings... 👏🏼⠀

this weekend i picked up two necklaces- one has a p for my son parker and the other, a j for my daughter jax. 🥰⠀

i’m not sure about you but a monday morning workout after a fun weekend with friends is a little harder. i was sweating a ton and breathing heavy- all i had to do is look up, i caught my necklaces in my eye and i dig deep.⠀

deep for what? deep to control the controllable. ⠀

if i can control my workouts, what i put in my mouth, the decisions i make hourly in order to live a happy, healthy, fit life... why wouldn’t i?⠀

i want to be a healthy mom for my kids. i want to be in shape for my husband. i want to kick the sluggish feeling and be the best version of me.⠀

so heck, maybe it took a little monogram necklace to remind me of that this morning. it’s done! 🙌🏼🙌🏼✌🏼✌🏼⠀

this week in my virtual fit club we are sharing what motivates us with each check in this week! join us!!! i’m following up with everyone who contacted me friday as soon as i get home today- get ready to hear from me! 💗💗

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Tough day? we've all been there...and we've all managed to find a way out. sometimes all you need is a single voice in your ear cheering you on. consider this my cyber-whisper. see you on the other side! 🤙🏼🥰

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Wait, you mean it’s not just my kids? 💦 tag a mom that needs a good laugh.

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✨ new favorite kombucha flavor // 🍋 lemon ginger by @healthade . what’s your favorite brand and flavor? tell me below!

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