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Your thoughts are always the reason.⠀

the number one thing you have the power to do right now is rewire your thoughts. ⠀

we often tell ourselves the same thing so many times that it becomes exaggerated and we can’t seem to see past it because it’s been on repeat for so long.⠀

i’m too busy...⠀
i can’t do this because...⠀
i can’t make it to the gym because...⠀
i don’t have time to...⠀
we are always on the go...⠀
i work long days...⠀

i’ve heard them all, i’ve said them all. ⠀

we don’t even realize that these little things we tell ourselves every single day start to self sabotage us from making positive changes. ⠀

what is something you always find yourself saying that could be preventing you from something better? comment below! 👇🏼

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Day date with my little buddies to see @grinchmovie . i think they’re digging this friday at home with mom thing. 💗💗

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I don’t love my body because it gave me babies. ⠀

i read something today that really made me think about this whole “i love my body because...” thing.⠀

someone shared about an experience they had where a friend was passing away from cancer and as her friend was in her final stages she said:⠀

i would take the body that had babies. ⠀

i would take the body that couldn’t have babies.⠀

i would take a body that can walk.⠀

i would take a body that couldn’t walk. ⠀

i would take any body above the grave. i would take any living, breathing, body. ⠀

it made me think a lot. ⠀

it made me think about how many times i’ve squeezed my lower belly or felt self conscious about the way it sticks out when i wear high rise jeans or the way my skin sits on my bra line. ⠀

simply ridiculous.⠀

we are here. no matter what you’re circumstances are, we are breathing. ⠀

let’s not take that for granted and let’s not lose ourselves as we work toward goals. it’s awesome to have goals but it’s not awesome to devalue the gift to be alive while we work toward them. ⠀


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“i have so much in my plate”, yet agrees to be on another committee.⠀

“i am going to start getting up earlier”, yet stays up after midnight binging on your favorite show.⠀

“i am going to start looking for a new job”, yet gives up on searching because staying in a job you know seems easier than updating your resume. ⠀

“i want to start working out and eating better”, yet starts doubting yourself before even starting and fully giving up by the weekend. ⠀


feel overcommitted? practice saying no. it will become easier and pretty soon your priorities become your priority again without leaving you in shambles.⠀

want to be a morning person? be a morning person. go to bed earlier, set a bedtime alarm 30 minutes before you would ideally like to be in bed. keep your phone out of your bedroom, use a real alarm clock if you find yourself scrolling.⠀

dislike your job? pretend i’m facing you right now with my hand on your shoulder. please, stop wasting your time at a job that sucks the life out of you and find your passion. heck, you don’t even have to be passionate about it but if you feel appreciated and valued at work, this will overflow into other areas of your life. you deserve it. ⠀

want to change your lifestyle? stop deciding you can’t before you’ve decided to try. i see this every single day in my groups. it’s going to be hard at first when it seems like you’re using measly weights, you’re going to breathe heavy and sweat a lot. but when you realize it never gets easier, you just get better, and one day you’ll be lifting heavier and if you’re like me you’ll always die during cardio but you’ll have the stamina and willpower to continue. that is a win. ⠀

life is going to be hard at times. it doesn’t always go as planned but if you start deciding to control what you can control, make yourself a priority and fill your cup before trying to pour into others with a depleted cup, i promise you’ll feel so much happier. 💗

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“because strolling the aisles at target alone isn’t considered self care.”⠀{ wait it isn’t?? }

i saw this quote on @renewingmom stories yesterday and while i think every woman’s stress level goes down and happiness naturally sets in when we walk through those sliding doors, it’s not enough. ⠀

after thanksgiving a group of women and i are doing a quick 3 day cleanse that focuses on clean eating, lots of veggies, fruit and water. it comes with an easy to follow plan along with a maintenance guide for when you’re done and want to keep those good habits going. ⠀

maybe when we are done we can celebrate by treating ourselves to a solo target run? 🤣💁🏼‍♀️⠀

if you want more information drop your e m a i l ✉️ below without the .com and i will send you information to secure your spot! ⠀

✨ must be 18 or older⠀
✨ cannot be working with another coach ⠀
✨ 🇺🇸 // 🇨🇦 and 🇬🇧 residents only⠀

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Operation: no more nuk. ⠀

swipe to see her reaction. pray for me.🤣 did your kids use a pacifier? when did you take it away!? ⠀

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I you have time to see this, you have time for whatever it is you always say you don’t have time for. i saw this somewhere a long time ago and was like “right” 🙄 but i knew it was true. ⠀

i’ve learned there is a fine line between allowing yourself to rest and allowing your excuses to win. ⠀

once you allow it to happen a handful of times that’s when you derail yourself from routine. ⠀

once you’re out of a routine, it’s hard to get started again. ⠀

can you? absolutely but if you repeat the cycle above that’s when frustration occurs. ⠀

once you’re frustrated you start to look for an easier route, maybe even compromising your values or the route you know works but it takes a little more effort. ⠀

stop cancelling on yourself. ⠀
stop disappointing yourself.⠀

start and don’t entertain the option to quit on yourself. ⠀

i know one thing that keeps me going is the fact that i can workout. if there ever comes a day when i can’t and i took these days i am capable for granted with my ridiculous excuses, i would be devastated. ⠀

today matters. your health matters. ⠀

let’s go. link in bio to join me or you know where my inbox is. let’s do it together. 💗

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Don’t wait to make a plan until you’re forced to make a plan.
don’t wait to quit smoking until you have complications from smoking.

don’t wait to take care of yourself until something traumatic happens.

don’t wait to change your diet until your cholesterol is elevated.

don’t wait to make a plan until you’re forced to make a plan.

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Another day where i was so consumed with motherhood that i text my friend at 3 pm and said “i don’t think i’ve even brushed my teeth today.” and she said “that’s disgusting- you need to go do that right now.”⠀

as i sat on the couch with one strap of my nursing tank top pulled down, the afternoon talk show playing in the background that i didn’t hear a word of, my baby sleeping in the swing i was like “this is odd. she’s sleeping, i should get up and do something and why have i not even brushed my teeth yet?” ⠀

that’s the thing. ⠀

no one really shares how those early weeks at home go. you have this vision in your head about what it will look like but when you’re there it’s just not the same.⠀

freezer meals ready to cook. ⠀
family over to help for weeks on end. ⠀
some time to relax.⠀
just change a few diapers, snuggle and love every moment.⠀

that’s what i thought. 🤣⠀

i must admit i loved when people came to visit and i loved just as much to watch them leave. ⠀

i felt totally overwhelmed one minute and underwhelmed the next. ⠀

i had it under control then i was holding my breath through the pain of breastfeeding. ⠀

i mean you guys, it’s a constant revolving door of emotions and new adventures when you’re a new mom. ⠀

why do i share this now that my kids are 2 and 5?⠀

i made a decision back then, during those days when i was sleep deprived and feeling sorry for myself to not allow this to be the way i treated myself. ⠀

no more pitty parties where you don’t have to brush your teeth to attend. 🤣 no more feeling sorry for myself if i was not doing anything to change it. ⠀

no more draining myself for everyone else and not giving myself a little tlc. ⠀

i signed up to be a coach in my worst state and it’s brought me to my best. i didn’t know what i was doing, i didn’t have the answers, i didn’t think i’d inspire anyone but what i did know is i wanted to help the overwhelmed version of myself. ⠀

i wanted to spread hope and encouragement that if i can do it you can too. ⠀

if you’ve read this far, you relate or just like my posts but thank you for reading. thank you for being here and supporting me. thank you for working with me and if you’re

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We can push ourselves to grow or we can stay comfortable.⠀

we can look for the good or focus on the bad.⠀

we can express gratitude or miss the opportunity to say thank you.⠀

we can greet people with a smile or look down to avoid eye contact. ⠀

we can lift each other up or bring each other down.⠀

we can be ourselves or we can spend our only life trying to be like everyone else.⠀

we can save or we can spend.⠀

we can be involved in a movement or talk about what you’d do different if you were involved. ⠀

we can surround ourselves with positivity and confidence or gossip circles and negative vibes. ⠀

the beauty of it is we choose. ⠀

every single day we wake up with the ability to change the things we don’t like, to be our unique self, to stand up for what we believe in and take part in the change, to workout, to fuel our bodies, to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.⠀

we choose. no one else can do it for us. what are you choosing? what changes do you want to make but you’ve been holding back due to fear or uncertainty? ⠀

i challenge you this week to go for it. we only have once chance- use it doing the things you love, being with good people, setting goals that make you uncomfortable, loving hard, laughing daily and making a positive difference in the world.

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I can’t shake this feeling. ⠀

i just got home from our annual leadership retreat where i spent the weekend with 16 incredible women from wisconsin, missouri, florida and louisiana. ⠀

i walked into the front door of our house to the screams of “mommy!!!” as the kids were eating lunch at the counter while my husband promptly asked me how the weekend went.⠀

perfect. (silent pause...) “the weekend was perfect. “⠀

i do not have one single complaint. i’ve never walked away from an event more fulfilled. i feel lucky our team is as close as we are. we laughed, we cried, we learned, we relaxed, we sweat, we had intellectual conversation, we talked about everything under the sun. i felt like i was in a house with sisters. where you can be your authentic self and everyone loves you for you. we respect each other and whole heartedly want the best for each other in business and life. ⠀

i think it’s time to start planning an event for summer because there is no way i can wait another year to do this again. ⠀

i remember seeing a friend of mine go on vacation when i was in the early stages of my career and i thought “she’s so lucky she can go on vacation and has a friend that can go with her!” - that will never be me. ⠀

well, if this business has taught me anything it’s to “never say never.”

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You saw the highlight reel from the day. this weekend has been a dream and it’s only saturday. workout, professional makeup, spa, photo shoot, shirts, mugs, gifts, and the list goes on. ⠀

i’m transparent here so i’m choosing to share this too. ⠀

a picture of me sitting on a stool in a bathroom, with my laptop, a coffee at 6 pm and i’m presenting on a call to the 100 top leaders on our team.⠀

why am i in the bathroom? ⠀

sacrifice. success takes sacrifice. ⠀

my entire team is out in the living room soaking in all of the content the elite coaches on our team spent hours, i mean hours, creating. we are now presenting it to them tonight. ⠀

that means i found a quiet spot where i would not be distracted so i could deliver on the level i hold myself to.⠀

sometimes it’s easy to see the glitz, glam, fun, friendship, success, etc. ⠀

it’s not pretty to share a picture hustling from the bathroom in a saturday night but i’m choosing to share this because this is what it takes. ⠀

it’s not pretty but i can assure you the outcome will be if you consistently show up your best self. ⠀

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