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✨✨your body doesn’t cause your thoughts, it is a result of them. ✨✨⠀

a friend of mine shared this yesterday and i loved it because i’ve loved this. in college i was “skinny fat” and i didn’t think i really needed to workout or watch what i ate because i was still a size 4. ⠀

some of my excuses were: ⠀

i didn’t have time, i didn’t want a gym membership that i’d never use, i couldn’t make it to class, i loved food too much to eat healthy, whenever i buy fruits and veggies they just rot in my fridge. 🤦🏽‍♀️⠀

with every good intention why is it we can think of ten reasons why we shouldn’t start today or why we shouldn’t do it at all? ⠀

taking care of yourself is so important and we’ve over complicated it to the point where so many people don’t know where to start. ⠀

we are scared to try something different because what we have done before has not worked. i can relate, i’d go to the gym for a few weeks and then fall off track- never seeing results because other areas of my life were not aligned. ⠀

i also didn’t want my entire life to change!⠀

here’s what i help women do now because i’m so passionate about simplifying this. ⠀

1. talk with you to find a workout program you will not only love but you’ll have fun doing. most of them being 30 minutes per day with a rest day during the week.👯‍♀️⠀

2. nutrition easily laid out starting with grocery lists all the way to what you should eat in a day according to your specific goals without stripping you of everything you enjoy. 🙌🏼⠀

3. a community for inspiration, accountability and 24/7 support from me as your coach. i show up in that community every single day. i’ll be your ride or die. 👌🏼⠀

all ages, all sizes, all goals... loving your routine, with all the support in the world- you will never look back! 💗⠀

my february registration is now open. ⠀

drop your email below or in my dm and i will be in touch tonight. ✨⠀

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Do we want our kids growing up thinking they need a filter to be beautiful, a perfect body in order to love themselves, an immaculate home to define success and the number of followers to signify their worth? 😭😭😭⠀

i read something along those lines today and it really made me think. i mean, i love a good filter but what are we becoming? what are we teaching these little humans we work so hard to protect? 💗💗💗⠀

maybe it’s magnified for me because my job entails sharing my journey on social media. i want to reach women i relate to that if down the road we were to work together they would already feel like they knew me by following me but.. and here is the big but‼️‼️⠀

many social media accounts i press follow on, unless i know the person tend to be large accounts with incredible visuals. i think most bloggers (not all but a lot that i’ve noticed because they mention them) work with a photographer. their job is to have a beautiful feed to encourage their following to purchase or click on their links. ⠀

where do you draw the line when running a business or simply sharing/ growing your own account. to take off my coach hat here, let’s say your best friend who makes gorgeous handcrafted jewelry and just started an etsy shop. how does someone like that grow without a ton of time and money? 🤷🏼‍♀️🧐⠀

“be yourself!”⠀
“be authentic!”⠀
“show the real stuff!”⠀

here is my question- what draws you into pressing “follow” on an account you stumble across? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ i’m honestly curious because i think we might have a ton of different views on this. 🤗

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Just two girls working out in the living room on a monday afternoon. 👏🏼😭⠀

i can remember back to the first time of many i had to call into work when my son wasn’t feeling well. the guilt was r e a l. i feel like when any mom has to miss work and feels bad we repeatedly tell ourselves that being a mom comes first. 💗 ⠀

i couldn’t agree more but when torn in two different places when you want to be in full caretaker mode is stressful. i hated the feeling.⠀

when we had to tell daycare she wouldn’t be in today, we drove away and i couldn’t help but feel grateful for starting my coaching business. 🙏🏼⠀

did i have doubts? yes!⠀
did i think people would judge me? yes!⠀

the flip side was so much better than the opinions of others.⠀

did i get into the best shape of my life after gaining 75 lbs in my first pregnancy? yes‼️⠀

did i meet a wonderful community of fit friends? yes‼️⠀

do i always have the option of getting in a good workout wherever i am? yes‼️⠀

so here i am, at home with a sick girl (who is clearly back to normal 🤣) kicking off a brand new program with 187 other women. ⠀

did part of me only show up today for them? maybe but hello, 20 minutes and i was done!! i feel like i’m winning the day!! it’s not too late to join us... dm me for info!!! ⠀

did you get your workout in today? drop an emoji or 5 below telling me how you felt!! i’m proud of us! 🖤🖤

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Oh madison, thank you.🖤👏🏼⠀

i’ve had a whirlwind 24 hours between getting up at 4:00 am to catch an uber to the airport in austin yesterday, flew home to my kids, loving them up til they fell asleep then finalized my content for today until late. ⠀

when my alarm went off at 4:00, your girl was tired. 🤣⠀

when i am with this group of women i feel at home. i was embraced by the nicest messages all morning, hugs and good vibes before hand and then showered with flowers and gifts afterwards.⠀

you know how to make someone feel appreciated, special and reminded me of how grateful i am to be surrounded by all of you! ⠀

if you were there today, drop me a message below! if you went to a super saturday tell me what loved about your experience. ⠀

thanks beachbody family. xoxo

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👋🏼 hi! ⠀

there are so many new faces around here and i was quiet this week so i thought it was a great time to introduce myself for those who are new.⠀

i am a mom of two who lives in the midwest. i moved back to my hometown which was something i said i’d never do. fun fact, my husband is a potato farmer so he moved home to work at his families company and here we are.⠀

i will say, now that we have kids it’s so nice to be close to both sets of grandparents. ⠀

i stumbled into health and fitness coaching when i gained 75 lbs during my first pregnancy. that was fun. 🍪 i had to wear wrist guards to bed toward the end to prevent my arms from going numb. 🤣 ⠀

there i was when eating for two all of a sudden not being a funny joke anymore and not having the flexibility to workout, i started doing it at home. it grew from there as my girlfriends joined and i started documenting my journey- we are going on our 5th year! 🙏🏼 ⠀

i often can’t find words to express how much this opportunity changed our lives but i am glad i took the risk just to get into shape at home with my newborn and it turned into a full time job. ⠀

i start boot camps monthly you can join from the us, canada and the uk. it’s all virtual so you can join from there and we meet online daily. i’ll provide you with a program to follow, a nutrition guide and all the support you could ask for! ⠀

tell me where you’re from below and how you found me (if you remember, could’ve been a night of scrolling in bed haha).

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I was debating on sharing this yet or not. ⠀

✖️ not pregnant - we will clear that up before anyone gets excited. 🤣⠀

the end of the year in the coaching world 🌎 for those shooting for the goal of elite can be ahh... stressful? ⠀

i debate year after year if i even want to go for it or to just “enjoy coaching and do what i love without the pressure of hitting a goal.”⠀

can you tell i have said that to myself a few times? ⠀

the last 4 years i have went for it, the first year of coaching i achieved “premiere” without even knowing it- i simply did what i liked doing and the goal fell into my lap, persay. ⠀

that year i was treated like a queen at events, received bonuses throughout the year and was spoiled with gifts. it was so cool 🤣 i have never worked for a company that recognizes you to that extent for your performance.⠀

the last 2 years, i hit the highest goal in our company of elite. i 100% had to try to do this, not something that would be attainable without a ton of work. ⠀

this year will be my teams third time achieving this goal. this is a picture of me on the last weekend in december. ⠀

it would have been so much easier to give up. we were coming off the christmas party extravaganza and went up to our families cottage for the weekend to celebrate the new year. ⠀

notice the laptop. ⠀

i am one who does this business for the time freedom, for the family freedoms, to get to do things without having to ask for time off, increased my income taking this “leap of faith”, etc. but if i’m going to share the perks, it’s only fair to share the sacrifices. ⠀

my laptop was out all weekend, i checked it every hour, i worked for 9 hours on nye and i 👏🏼think 👏🏼we👏🏼did👏🏼it👏🏼‼️⠀

i find out this week. corporate will call me and tell me. this is s goal only the top 200 or so teams in the entire network achieve and i know we are a 3x elite team... say a 🙏🏼, send some good vibes, leave comments.... this wouldn’t be possible without your trust in me and my team with your journey. we love you!!!

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Sometimes there really isn’t anything profound to say. ⚠️ sometimes you’re proud of how far you’ve come and that’s reason enough.

sometimes you look at the conditions you still show up for yourself and that’s reason enough.

didn’t break a commitment to yourself, that’s reason enough.
you’re putting one foot in front of the other, and that’s reason enough.

you finished that last rep when you didn’t think you could, that’s reason enough.

you showed up... that’s all that matters. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 having trouble showing up for yourself lately? let’s connect!! slide into my dms and let me know what your goals are and i will hook you up with a personalized program, meal plan and the best part- a community full of women who take a second everyday to celebrate the small wins until they turn into big wins!

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In 2018 i changed my instagram name from:⠀

mom raisin health🥦🍅 to my name. 🤣⠀

why? i feel like i had this pressure on me to be this super healthy person that only fed her kids wholesome meals and it didn’t help that every time i myself ate something unhealthy, my husband or friends would say “ok, mom raisin health”.🙄🙄🙄⠀

they had a point. i’m far from perfect but instagram has a way of making you feel like people won’t like the real you, so then you show the curated version. the polished version in pretty pictures.⠀

well, this is who i really am and this is what you’ll get from me.⠀

i am a mom of two toddlers and i try my best to stay active. between running my own business that quadrupled since i started, to being a wife, juggling sports, helping my clients, and not losing my mind in the process- i made a commitment to myself 4 years ago to stop the yo-yo c**p and just show up for myself at least 4 times a week.⠀

i live by the rule- never miss more than two days in a row of working out. it helps me get back on the train if i feel myself veering off track. 🙋🏼‍♀️⠀

i love wine- chardonnay girl with cabernet being a close second. in 2018 i was diagnosed with hashimoto thyroiditis after a year of feeling like an anxiety ridden basket case, seeing multiple doctors and finally finding out the source of it all. 🥂😊⠀

i cut dairy and gluten😭, not by choice (trust me, your girl loves cheese and bread... equally at #1) but because my doctor told me it helps thyroid function. by doing that my cystic acne cleared up along with me feeling 10x better. is it coincidence, i don’t know but 💁🏼‍♀️.⠀

i share on this platform because i love meeting other women, trying their best to show up for themselves when it’s in our dna to show up for everyone else. i’ve helped thousands of women get back into a fitness routine and keep off the weight. ⠀
this picture is why i still share my journey when sometimes i don’t feel like it. one year ago i was just fine but each day i’m stronger & meet new women to embark on their journey alongside of me. #girlpower is something i can stand behind for life. 👯‍♀️

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What’s one thing you want to do in 2019? 🥂 ⠀

i am loving all the fun story templates i’m seeing today with your resolutions. there is something about starting a new year that feels so light and exciting. 👯‍♀️

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Holy christmas hangover!! 😝⠀

i put jeans on yesterday and had to hop a few times to get them to the point that they were comfortable. do you know what i’m talking about?! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 #skinnyjeanproblems

we got home, unloaded the car for the 20th time in 4 days and sat amongst the mess for a bit before we decided to start laundry, clean and put everything away. ⠀

i found myself feeling really blah. i didn’t even drink on my birthday (christmas), i went to bed with my kids instead because i think the go-go-go was catching up with me so i listened to my body. it felt good but i also slept on an air mattress with two bed hogs so i was up all night anyways. ☺️⠀

i still just felt c****y yesterday from being out of my routine, taking a couple days off from my workouts, eating things i don’t normally eat and definitely not drinking enough water. ⠀

here’s the thing though, did i go get on the scale? absolutely not 🤣🤣 the number won’t tell me what i don’t already know. ⠀

when i eat good, i feel good.⠀
when i am hydrated, i feel good.⠀
when i workout, i feel good.⠀

so today, i am working on getting back on track. not starting a diet, not cutting carbs, not doing anything out of the norm- i’m just showing up better in attempts to feel better. ⠀

if you feel the same, let’s do it together! i am going to re-open enrollment for two of my virtual health and fitness boot camps for the next 72 hours only. ⠀

virtual boot camp options: ⠀

1) all nutrition focused⠀
2) the whole picture fitness+nutrition ⠀

comment below which one you want more information on or send me a message. this will get you access to my accountability groups for the entire year and trussssst me when i say it’s a steal, value wise! ⠀

see you on the flip side, friends! ✨ time to crush 2019.⠀
⠀ ⠀

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Last day of being ➌ ➊.⠀

to show my gratitude for everyone here this last year, i want to do a ✨✨g i v e a w a y ✨✨ with a few of my favorite things!! ⠀

▷ an entire box of my kids favorite clean granola bars.⠀

▷ a @kidsnightinbox

▷ a bow from @trunkshowbows

▷my favorite post workout - workout specific dry shampoo ⠀

▷ two packets of my all natural pre workout⠀

all for one of you!!! how to enter?⠀

1) tag friend ( unlimited amounts of entries!) ⠀
2) double tap this photo⠀

good luck 🍀 & thank you for being here!!⠀

⠀ ⠀

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✖️✖️i've found that luck is quite predictable. if you want more luck, take more chances. be more active. show up more often.⠀

we are smack dab in the middle of family christmas celebrations and my husband and i both said, no matter what we are working out before we go to the next party. 🙌🏼🍷 while we have enjoyed ourselves, skated with the kids, ate pretty healthy we still had cocktails and sat around more than usual. ⠀

another thing i am going to do is take some time for my business. this is the busiest time of year for me as women are eager to get into a health and fitness routine. so many of you are sending me messages that you’re ready to dive in right now. i am excited for you !! 😍😍i am going to empty out my inbox and add people into my 10 day sugar detox that’s happening anytime now through the second week in january- are you in it yet? 🤗 it would be a wonderful way to end the year and start 2019!! ✖️✖️⠀

if you want the details on how to join me before december 31 with an entire year of fitness plans, 50+ nutrition plans to choose from depending on your goals and access to my groups year round for accountability... let’s chat!!! drop your email below without the .com and then a ❄️ emoji!!! i’ll be in touch!! ⠀

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