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Photo by stephanie sinclair @stephsinclairpix @tooyoungtowed // women raised their voices globally in support of today's women's march on washington. according to the new york times, the 'platform calls for a broad range of reforms to address not only gender inequity but also racial and economic inequality. it supports paid family leave; anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender americans; access to affordable reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion; an end to the use of military-style weapons and tactics by the police in minority communities; a living minimum wage; immigration reform, with a path to citizenship; and protection of the environment and public lands.' #womensrightsarehumanrights#unapologetic #nyc #womensmarch #nastywomen

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Photo by @irablockphoto (ira block) women's march in new york city. @natgeocreative #womensmarch #protest

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Photograph by george steinmetz @geosteinmetz these stone barns were built in the 1930’s to supply the rockefeller family with dairy products for their nearby pocantico estate on the hudson river just north of new york city. now it’s a research and educational center for sustainable agriculture as well as a gourmet restaurant and event space, with only a portion of its 80 acres used for agriculture at any given time. it’s beautiful place at any time of year, with a store selling some of their produce. it’s top quality, and better bring your gold card, with cabbage at $2/lb, carrots, and potatoes at $5/lb, and kale at $12/lb. to see more of where our food comes from, follow @feedtheplanet

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Photo by @franslanting true power is a monster wave breaking over a reef along the california coast. true courage is a willingness to ride it and and steer your own course in the face of risk. hold on friends, there are wild rides ahead. for more big waves, follow me @franslanting. @natgeo @natgeocreative #mavericks #surf #bigwave #power #winterstorm

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Photo by @jodicobbphoto secret service agents stop a man from reaching president jimmy carter and rosalynn carter during their walk down pennsylvania avenue after the swearing-in ceremony in 1977. astonishing change in the number of secret service agents on the parade route and surrounding the president today. from my archives. @natgeo

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Photo @lucianocandisani (luciano candisani). dourado fish is the main predator in the brazilian rivers. @natgeo @ngbrasil @lucianocandiani @ilcp_photographers #conservation #conservação #expedition #expedição #africa #ecologia #fotografia #photography #national geographic #brasil #brazil #fish #dourado #bonito #water #ecologia #river #luciano.candisani #candisani #animais #wildlife #nature #natureza

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In the citizen’s almanac, given to all new americans, it is said that the only position higher than the president is the people. what a great day to remember that. #wethepeople are #greaterthanfear, we will #defenddignity, and we will #protecteachother. back page of the @washingtonpost. pick up a copy and carry it into the streets!!! @obeygiant and @amplifierfoundation eight years ago shepard fairey (@obeygiant) made an image that defined a period of hope in america. today we are in very different times. in the wake of this year’s presidential campaign, very concerning things are becoming normalized: anti-immigrant rhetoric, building walls, mass deportations, talk of muslim registries. this moment calls for new images, images to disrupt the rising tide of hate speech and fear mongering. we the people need to come together under a new symbol of hope— one that reminds us that our america is one of equal humanity, and does not demean or discriminate. we need you to help us take back this narrative. in addition to shepard we have 2 of the most talented activist artist working today: @ernestoyerena and @jessicasabogal. together these 3 artists are helping shape the american story we should be telling. the sale of these artist’s prints on kickstarter will fund the publication of their images and words as full page ads in the washington post on inauguration day, to be distributed to 600,000 people. free speech in public spaces has rarely been as stifled as it will be for this inauguration. but no administration can tell you can’t buy a newspaper and hold it up above your head! beyond the ads in the post amplifier foundation will also be distributing all of these images at metro stops, out the back of moving vans, and at drop spots in dc. we don’t have any one easy solution, but we do know this: we are resilient, we must be indivisible, we must be #greaterthanfear, we must #defenddignity, and we must #protecteachother.

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Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety red fox cub in a flower filled meadow – i always find it strange how a single element can often transform an image and subtly improve on how i feel about it. in this image it is primarily the symmetrical nature of the fox and the way that it is watching me, or at least my hide, in quite such a sneaky, and fox-like way. this is one of the great joys of watching and photographing foxes, that is noticing the little changes in their characters as they grow and mature and how their natural wariness comes to the fore. this is a vital attribute for these environmentally essential creatures and i still despair by the stupidity, prejudice and ignorance of those that still to this day pedal absurd myths about these creatures to somehow attempt to justify their cruel and utterly pointless persecution. look toward any aspect of society and you will always see that prejudice always has its origins in ignorance and most absurd about all the myths on foxes is that they k**l for fun. like every predator on earth a fox that gets into a chicken house will, when confronted with prey that can’t or won’t run away, k**l all of the chickens. it will then systematically remove and cache for later consumption, every single chicken and the only reason why people return to find lots of dead chickens is because they’ve disturbed the fox whilst he or she is removing them. the fox will also k**l all of the chickens in order to stop them making loads of noise and alerting others to their peril. of course i understand that losing chickens to foxes can be frustrating but it is not that difficult to outwit a fox and build a fox proof enclosure so, whilst i sympathise with any losses they should simply be accepted as one of the privileges of living in the countryside as well as a reminder that better bio-security is the simple answer. killing the fox will simply create a territorial void that scientists have proved time and time again will simply be filled by another fox inside of 2-3 days. so let’s all just grow a brain, leave the absurd victorian myths in the past and enjoy these remarkable canids for what they are.

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Photo by @rezaphotography // #afghanistan, province of kabul // charrahi qambar camp for displaced persons. the long war which had stretched over several decades had pushed the afghan population, caught in the crossfire, into exile en masse. then, in 2001, after the death of massoud, the american army came to the aid of the afghans. at the time, the taliban, who had then established a reign of terror for five years, were pushed back into their province. they waited a few years before once again going on the offensive to retake the territory they had lost. in helmand province, in the southern region of afghanistan, innocent civilians were the first victims in the conflict between the american army and the taliban. one day, american bombs fell on the home of the gul jumeh family, “a mistake,” they were told. this “mistake” cost gul jumeh her arm and her childhood. her family, like so many others, found refuge in the camp of charrahi qambar, on the outskirts of kabul. here, she is sadly watching over her little sister. the war and its collateral damage remain gaping wounds in the souls of its victims and a scourge for all of humanity. text written by rachel deghati. published in "afghanistan, les âmes rebelles" (democratic book publishing, 2010). #afghan #afghanfamily #sister #girl #littlegirl #baby #war #civilian #victim #innocent #family #picoftheday #igers #photooftheday #photojournalism #reza #rezaphoto #rezadeghati #rezaphotography #rezaphotojournalist #webistan #رضادقتى #عكاس @thephotosociety

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Every year at the annual @natgeo photography seminar the photographers of national geographic vote for one of their own to receive the "photographer's photographer" award–this year the award went to @thephotosociety member @brianskerry. his acceptance speech was caught on camera by fellow tps member @daviddoubilet.

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Photo by @jimmy_chin summer storm clouds rolling through the tetons. i should know by now never to leave the camera at home around jackson wy. thankfully smart phones these days can do a decent job in a pinch. #iphone @thephotosociety

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Photo by @timlaman. blue bird-of-paradise male in his upside-down display pose. from my birds-of-paradise collection, shot in sep 2006, southern highlands, papua new guinea. my long-term birds-of-paradise work continues with new expeditions every year pursuing these spectacular birds. @birdsofparadiseproject, #papuanewguinea, #birdsofparadise, #birds-of-paradise, @natgeocreative, @thephotosociety.

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