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Photos by @robertclarkphoto // it never gets old receiving @natgeo in mail....especially when you have a story in the magazine. the current issue has the story “the dinosaurs that didn’t die” the survivors of an asteroid strike from 66 million years ago. thanks @kurtmutchler @emmetsmith it never gets old receiving @natgeo in mail....especially when you have a story in the magazine. the current issue has the story “the dinosaurs that didn’t die” the survivors of an asteroid strike from 66 million years ago. thanks @kurtmutchler @emmetsmith

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Photo: @ivankphoto / leopoldo martinez, 22, a cowboy from nearby ejido benito juárez, pauses before riding into the rugged mountains surrounding la misión de santa gertrudis, which was founded in 1751, in the middle of the baja peninsula, mexico. #runaflirts, #elcaminorealdebaja, #bajandoparabaja, @panospictures, @thephotosociety, @runa_photos

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Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto /@thephotosociety
hippo abstract – i’ve never posted an image of a hippo to my instagram before so i thought that i might as well start with this slightly abstract image. it was captured last year as i was leading a photographic safari for @tatraphotography to kenya’s legendary masai mara game reserve. it is a place that i’d always longed to visit, just to experience the vast open plains, teaming with millions of animals during the peak of the great migration. this was very much a scene that we happened upon but like all good photographic opportunities it was something that got better and better as we slowly refined our vehicles’ position. the hippo lounged comfortably in what looked like a chocolate fountain but was instead just a smaller tributary of the mighty mara river. for those who might be interested @tatraphotography have just added some more dates to this years’ kenya schedule and i will again be leading a group from the 1st-8th september 2018. the accommodation that we use at kitchwa tembo is absolutely stunning and sits right on the boundary of the mara triangle, a part of the masai mara that is so much more beautiful than the grazed, featureless lawns on the other side of the river. for those that might be interested then i’ve put a link in my bio and i’ll be looking forward to revisiting the 20+ pride of lions that lived just a couple of miles from our accommodation and whom we would see every day. with this image it was simply the unusual and slightly abstract shape of the hippo that caught my eye, not to mention the unusual perspective of the hippo surrounded by a consistent and muddy colour of the river. please #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto to keep up-to-date with my images @andyparkinsonphoto @natgeo @thephotosociety @tatraphotography

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Photos by @randyolson | words by @neilshea13 — larry said he did it all the time, walked cocoa down a path behind the general store to the river and let him play. nobody paid much mind. normal to hear them crashing through the water, wrestling, like brothers. the guy who’d owned the store previously kept pit bulls, loud and mean, awful things, and so cocoa was an improvement even if people had never seen such a creature before in the ozarks. larry called him a cinnamon bear, though the chest stripe suggested a land far more exotic, and in the mornings you’d find him sitting on the bench swing outside the store, straight-backed, folded paws, just another customer waiting for larry to open shop. imagine that—you come over early looking for coffee and find cocoa, silent and watchful, like you hadn’t yet come all the way up from a dream. larry kept him on a chain most of the time and used the stick not for hurting but for guiding. suggesting. keeping a little distance. on this day, though, the play turned bad and cocoa ended up on top of larry, pinning him to the bottom of the little buffalo, watching his air go. it was a great game—all those bubbles, the little arms flailing, the lousy stick floating downstream. when cocoa finally let off, larry slowly rose and stood there in the water, half-drowned and drooling. eventually the two dripped back toward shore. there were chores ahead, customers waiting. day was getting hot. who knows what had passed between them or where things went from there.

#arkansas #ozarks #littlebuffaloriver #bears #sunbear #bearsofinstagram #rivers #adryseason #watershedstories #new_haiga #wildcountry #backwoods @natgeo @natgeo creative

part of a series exploring the small stories that surround and connect us, and how we stumble through them—capturing, missing, and making meaning.

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Photo by @davidalanharvey. valparaiso, chile.

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Photo @lucianocandisani (luciano candisani). i met this hawk last week while on assignment in “legado verdes do cerrado - reserva votorantim” (@legadodocerrado ). it is a huge private reserve ( 27000 hectars ) in the heart of the vast brazilian tropical savannah, the “ cerrado”. the sky was completely clouded, so i got the idea of overexpose the background and wait for the animal to fly. it worked.
@natgeo @ngbrasil @lucianocandiani @ilcp_photographers @legadodocerrado #conservation #conservação #cerrado #ecologia #fotografia #photography #lucianocandisani #wildlife #hawk #animais #brasil #brazil #birds #legadodocerrado

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The courtship dance of the swallow-tailed gulls, galapagos. photo by kevin schafer // @schaferpho @natgeo // arguably the most beautiful gulls in the world, swallow-taileds have enormous, beguiling eyes ringed in red - the size of their eyes an adaptation to hunting squid at night. in fact, the first of these gulls i ever saw appeared, spirit-like, in the lights of a ship traveling at night on the pacific coast of panama - far from their main breeding area in the galapagos. there, of course, they are easy to see, and, as with all of the galapagos wildlife, easily approached. for me, that is the galapagos’ greatest treasure - the gift of invisibility. #courtship #animalbehavior #galapagos

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Photo by @timlaman. sometimes a new species is hiding in plane sight….. meet the other-worldly vogelkop superb bird-of-paradise, found only in the mountains of west papua, indonesia. see the first-ever video of this species displaying at @birdsofparadiseproject. and yes, this is a real bird though it may look like something i dreamed up in photoshop… watch the video and see. #cornelllabofornithology #birdsofparadise #papua #westpapua #indonesiabiodiversity #indonesia #superbbirdofparadise #superb #yearofthebird .

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Photo by @joepetersburger / @thephotosociety // the stretch // common bee-eater (merops apiaster) stretching its wing and tail. i was really close to this animal and had no time to change lens to have the movement visible completely. however, such tight framing gives a different perspective...taken only 10 miles from my actual residency in #hungary. no need to travel far away for fantastic experience. travel less, discover your backyard, reduce your ecological footprint! please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images!
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Photo by @shonephoto (robbie shone) // the chandelier ballroom in lechuguilla (cave) is an underground chamber that is as iconic and well known to cave explorers around the world as the royal albert hall is to the worlds leading musicians, composers and artists. there is nowhere else in the world that explorers have discovered quite like it! with its giant 6m (20ft) long glittering gypsum chandelier formations hanging down from the ceiling, it feels like you are exploring a cave on another planet.
for millions of years, the cave has been sealed off from human and animal interaction. the cave is so beautiful and so important to science that access is strictly controlled in order to keep the cave in as pristine condition as possible. it is a real time machine, taking us back to a world that was very different to the one we live in today. lechuguilla features strongly in the current episode (genesis) of the @natgeochannel documentary ‘one strange rock’ - check it out! @natgeocreative

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Photograph by george steinmetz @geosteinmetz // pinnacles of volcanic rock, cavusin, #cappadocia, turkey
to see more from cappadocia and other unique corners of our world follow @geosteinmetz

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Photo by @anniegriffithsphotography for @rippleeffectimages . these are two of the amazing #maasai women who are installing clean, safe, efficient cooking stoves in traditional homes. toxic smoke from cooking fires causes more than four million deaths per year and is the single leading cause of death for women and for children under age five in the developing world. installing clean cook stoves saves lives.

@anniegriffithsphotography recently returned from #tanzania last month where she was #onassignment for @rippleeffectimages capturing the work of #womenentrepreneurs who sell cookstoves and solar lanterns to their communities – improving health and earning their own income.

#cookstoves #cooking #fire #smoke #burns #renewable #photojournalism #women #girls #empowerment #womenempoweringwomen #maasai

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