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Reebok and ricky rozay.
this one’s on the house.

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I am launching rockets in 19’ #staystrapped

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These are my first pair of reebok fight shorts that i have since i partnered with them in january of 2015.
i wore them vs dennis siver in the td garden in boston, massachusetts later that very month.
they have stood up to the test of many a battle, and are still to this day one of my favorite go-to pair of training shorts!
great job team @reebok and thank you ❤️

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It’s not for me. it’s for me ma.

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The 540° meia lua de compasso!
or as i like to call it “the b**e ruth”
great catch @alphacatzingano

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Great work tonight!

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3 years ago today i unified the 145lb titles.
i named these final blows “coffin nails”
see you in 2019.

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Their morals, their code; it's a bad joke. dropped at the first sign of trouble. they're only as good as the world allows them to be. you'll see- i'll show you. when the chips are down these, uh, civilized people? they'll eat each other. see i'm not a monster, i'm just ahead of the curve.

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Mcgregor records we’re signing

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I notice many people are now posting up with the new bottle design of @properwhiskey!
what do you guys think?
green glass (not painted), with “smooth is fast” embedded into the glass, just above the punt of the bottle. as well as a brand new, embossed proper 12 label, front and back!
proper progression!
we are starting to hit stores now and all of next week here in ireland and the usa, just in time for the holidays!
i hope you and your loved ones love it as much as i do!
swipe left to see the new bottle and size options up close!
happy holidays everyone, from all at @properwhiskey!

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