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Screenings of tamer el said’s haunting, lyrical chronicle of recent years in the arab world, “in the last days of the city” begin tomorrow: mo.ma/2hv8qjr. join the filmmaker at modern mondays on april 30 for screenings of films from egypt rarely shown in the us, and a conversation on cinema's relationship with site, memory, and the construction of cultural heritage: mo.ma/2ki09el

[image: “akher ayam el madina (in the last days of the city).” 2016. egypt/germany/great britain/united arab emirates. directed by tamer el said. courtesy of zero production]

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👋 nyc teens, apply now to spend the summer in free hands-on studio art courses with @momateens exploring everything from large-scale sculpture, ceramics, abstract painting, audio/video production and more. meet new people, learn art-making techniques, experiment with new materials, and explore the world of modern and contemporary art. no previous experience necessary! apply at mo.ma/inthemaking (link in bio)

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Our annual prime time celebration is back! in honor of older americans month, all visitors ages 65 and up will receive free admission and access to a full day of gallery talks, art-making activities, and film on tuesday, may 1.

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“this photographic series revisits historical ethnographic studio portraiture using mass-manufactured goods purchased from american shopping malls and restyled to highlight popular fantasies associated with ‘ethnic’ patterning and costume.” —stephanie syjuco (@ssyjuco )
how do you use photography to investigate the self? we asked photographers now on view in “being: #newphotography2018" to share the ideas and techniques that influence the exploration of personhood in their work. see their responses at mo.ma/newphoto2018

[artwork: stephanie syjuco. “cargo cults: head bundle.” 2013–16. pigmented inkjet print. courtesy the artist and catharine clark gallery, san francisco and ryan lee gallery, new york. © 2018 stephanie syjuco]

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Adrian piper has been a formidable voice in the world of contemporary art since the mid-1960s. over the course of her fifty-year career, piper has challenged our assumptions about the social structures that shape our world and addressed some of the most urgent and divisive issues of our time, including racism, sexism and xenophobia. “adrian piper: a synthesis of intuitions, 1965–2016” brings together over 290 works including drawings, paintings, photographs, multimedia installations, videos, and performances. experience her provocative and wide-ranging artwork through july 22. mo.ma/adrianpiper #adrianpiper ...
thank you to @hyundaicard for your support of this exhibition.

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"i think it is the duty of a woman to lead a life that expresses her disbelief in the validity of the taboos that have been imposed upon her kind for thousands of years. freedom is not given to you, you have seize it." —meret oppenheim, selected as a #momacollection artist to know by curatorial assistant talia kwartler (@tquartz )
[meret oppenheim. “red head, blue body.” 1936. oil on canvas. meret oppenheim bequest. © 2018 artists rights society (ars), new york / pro litteris, zurich]

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Learn how our conservation department uses radiography and alloy analysis to fill in the gaps of an object’s history in part two of our exploration of max ernst’s bronze sculptures on stories.moma.org (link in bio) #beyondpainting

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Associate conservator roger griffith shares how the conservation team decided which aspects of marcel duchamp's “why not sneeze rose sélavy?” (1964)—the artist’s last readymade—to restore to its original condition.

#artspeaks is a day of community and conversation led by museum staff. full gallery talks are on our facebook page: mo.ma/fb

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Members see our new exhibition “studio visit: selected gifts from agnes gund” first! preview new acquisitions and visitor favorites starting tomorrow. #gundstudiovisit opens to the public this sunday, april 29. mo.ma/studiovisit

[🎨: elizabeth murray. “painters progress.” 1981. oil on canvas, nineteen panels. the museum of modern art, new york. © 2018 estate of elizabeth murray / artists rights society (ars), new york. acquired through the bernhill fund and gift of agnes gund. photo: paige knight]

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“i think of all the works that i make as having the potential emotional resonance that they could remind you of something in your own life. or, if they don’t remind you of something that’s already happened, in a way, they could remind you of something in the future. it’s like a souvenir. later, you would have a particular experience and you would have a feeling in that experience and think, “oh my god, i had that feeling before. when did i have that feeling before? oh, i was looking at this artwork.” that’s what i’m going for.”
artist chloë bass joins moma educator alethea rockwell for a conversation on how bass translates ideas from her interactive workshops at the museum into text-based artwork exploring public intimacy. read more at stories.moma.org (direct link in bio) #momalearning ...
[images: “it’s amazing we don’t have more fights” artist workshop with chloë bass, the museum of modern art, april 23, 2016. shown: dan flavin. “untitled (to the “innovator” of wheeling peachblow).” 1968. the museum of modern art, new york. helena rubinstein fund. © 2018 estate of dan flavin/artists rights society (ars), new york. photo: manuel martagon. © 2018 the museum of modern art
chloë bass. “a glossary of proximity verbs (detail).” 2018. courtesy of the artist.]

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“one day i had a dream. i remember well that on waking up i went to my easel to paint my dream. there were three black boots in the middle of the road with very high houses. this canvas was acquired by a friend, almost against my will because i wanted to keep it, as it was the only one that artistically translates into art images of a dream i had had.”—tarsila do amaral on her humorous, surreal painting, “city (the street)” (1929), now on view in #tarsilamoma
[artwork: tarsila do amaral. “city (the street).” 1929. oil on canvas. collection of bolsa de arte. © tarsila do amaral licenciamentos]

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Happy #earthday! how are you using art and design to help protect one of our greatest sources of inspiration?

[artwork: david wojnarowicz. “earth.” 1987. acrylic and pasted paper on wood, two panels. gift of agnes gund. © 2018 estate of david wojnarowicz] #momacollection

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