Erin L Gilbert Please help me raise money to my GoFundMe campaign. Raising money to go back to school. More information is in the bio in the link. Please support. 💗 https://www.gofundme.com/help-me-raise-money-to-go-back-to-school-the-cia?pc=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=7ec6960807a74eca8c14d30c3ee9fb2e
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Back to when i use to make these!! 🧁 i know it’s wednesday, but here’s my throwback to when i used to make these. strawberry red velvet cupcakes, completely homemade. via my main page @bluezsapphiredecember original post. haven’t made them in awhile. may bring them back for easter or mother’s day. don’t know yet. #homemade #madefromscratch #2016 #myoriginalrecipe #theressomuchgoingintheselittlecreationsthanyouthink #redvelvet #strawberry #creamcheese #sogood #nomnom #yummy #scrumptious #cupcakes #cake #beginner #frosting #easter #mothersday #whoknows #bringingthemback #backhome #southcarolina i miss home! 🏡💗

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Lunch: (my original creation) energizing vegan salad 🥗 140 calories in one serving!!! with #homemade zesty avocado lime dressing #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation #fitlunch #lunch #salad #yummy #nomnom #avocado #wholesome #healthy #healthyeating #sogood #completelysatisfied #stillfull #isometimesimpressmyself #vegan #vegetarian #noanimalproducts

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Please, help me raise up money in order for me to go back and finish college. earning my bachelors degree in culinary. more detailed information is in my bio. every little counts. i’m always grateful. thank you!! gf.me/sp2c #gofundme

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Tuesday evening, literally as soon i arrived in my room after coming home from work. my admissions advisor called me. letting me that i have been accepted to @theculinaryinstituteofamerica the culinary institute of america!!! i was/is over the moon excited to going be back and finishing what i started all those years ago! i wanted to wait until i had it in writing before officially sharing this amazing milestone with you!! i never gave up on my dreams. never gave up on hoping that someday i would be able to finish. i still remember promising to myself and telling god that i wanted to come back and finish. took me 8 years to get back, but i’m almost there. yes, it’s true that you don’t really need a degree to be a chef, but for me, it’s more than just a degree. it’s proving to myself that i can do anything. i believe that i will accomplish so much more than i ever thought i would. and that my career will take me places i never even imagine. i place everything in god’s hands because he knows where he wants me to go. just want to thank all of my family and friends that have supported me and never gave up on me. pushed me to go after my dreams. thank you to everyone who helped any way possible. from letters of recommendation, encouragement and prayer. i truly thank you!! to anyone that has dreams, goals and aspirations. go after them! don’t give! keep pushing!! if you have an idea or if there’s something that you want out of life write it down. pray on it. believe in it. and watch it manifest. as you wait, invest in improving yourself or skills. so that you will be ready when opportunities start appearing or opening up. now, i just need you all that fully believe in power of prayer and in the name of jesus christ. to please pray that he will clear away any and all financial hindrance. that he’ll open a door so wide that all of my financial burdens will be taken care of without any worries or doubts. i’ve already wrote it down!! i believe jesus!! thank you! #cia #theculinaryinstituteofamerica #culinary #school #backtoschool #acceptance #igotthis #nevergiveup #keepgoing #goforyourdreams #dreams #goals #lifegoals #chef #wellroundedchef #multicultural #dreamsdocometrue

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Healthy lunch:
spicy hawaiian stir fry on jasmine rice 🍚, zesty citrus oven roasted wings, and avocado salad. all made by me!! #food #foodie #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthyfoodie #healthylifestyle #foodporn #lunch #sohungry #eat #eating #eathealthy

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🤤😋👩🏽‍🍳💗🧁🍲🍳🎂🍚🥧🥗🥘 #foodlover #foodie

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“never conceited, never superficial. true beauty comes from within.” -erin (4 years ago) they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i have a bit of insecurity when it comes me, and how i look. one of the reasons you don’t see a lot of selfies on here. i don’t always see myself as beautiful, pretty, or even sexy. cute maybe, but not anything more than that. i know that i’m not ugly, that’s for sure. recently, i’ve become more accepting of who i am. it’s a learning process. i know enough about myself to know how badass i can be. not perfect. honestly, i’ve never wanted to be perfect. i can’t even stand the word. i’m learning more and more to love myself because i know that i’m a good person. full of love and kindness. loves the lord. #unconditionallove #selflove #selfconfidence #insecure #believeinyourself #beautiful #kindness #iambeautiful #perfectlyimperfect #badass 💗💋

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Happy #valentinesday god bless you

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Breakfast!!!! i’m not usually a breakfast person, but when i do. i do good!! on this beautiful cold winter morning, i’m having; 3 organic egg omelette over jasmine rice, whole grain flatbread, baby spinach salad with strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes and toasted sunflower seeds. topped with my own spicy citrus mustard dressing. and yes, that is a small bowl of cheetos in the center. lol #dontjudge #noshame #stillhealthy #healthy #healthyeating #healthybreakfast #workout #later #fitness #weightlossjourney #lifestylechange #healthylifestyle #food #foodlover #foodblgger #nomnom #yesiwilleatallofit #imstillwithinmycaloriedeficit

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#repost @flavcity
i’ve got 4 air fryer’s to giveaway! which is perfect timing bc i’m getting lots of dm’s about air fryer recipes. me and 3 of my favorite ig foodie friends are hooking you up with 4 @gowiseusa fryers, your choice of color. to enter all you need to do is:
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