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[lego house] - i’m still amazing by this building, wondering whether residents will get lost from time to time😵

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[bird’s eye] - the view is always better from up top. @instagram #whpwanderlust

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[castle of glass] - shipping and tourism, two of singapore’s big pillars of economies in one frame

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[frozen in time] - the city of yesterday, so much history, culture and art. every pillars and arches are intricately detailed. if only we can see the angkor in its glory days
feat. : @xuejuan123

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[eye of the tiger] - around the world in 30mins.

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[blessings] - today marks the start of thai pongal, a harvest festival dedicated to the sun god.

a.k.a “praise the sun!”, as dark soul players will say

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[radioactive] - i’m waking up, i feel it in my bones. enough to make my system blow.

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[a hole in a wall] - when roger federer performs that smash a bit too hard🤣 @instagram #whpinspired

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[trellis] - the path to success is long and high, but the view at the top made it worth it. make your climb

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[last light] - the sun have set, but the fun has just begun!

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[stride by] - one of the most iconic area in la. full of wacky characters, unique shops and peddlers and insane sunset. but personally, i’m not a big fan, feels like a place where everyone is too eager to show off and earn street creds

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[50 shades of grey] - somedays are just like this, neither here nor there, neither black or white, mediocre

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