Conrad the Cat πŸ‘‘ Remembering King Con / KC 😸 Sister from another Mister: @thatcatbobbie 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Wales, UK βœ‰οΈ [email protected] http://facebook.com/thatcatconrad
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Our angel πŸ‘Ό
#tbt #specialsoul #foreverkc #πŸ’™

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The silliest, funniest, fluffiest man πŸ’™ #tbt #alwayskc

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Never forget 🌳
#thisboy #πŸ’š

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The most intense soul on the planet 🌍 can’t believe he’s gone sometimes. we had such wonderful years with him. forever missed πŸ’™

June 2018 comment 149 star 5,628

There’ll never be another quite like him 🎢😹 #tbt

June 2018 comment 113 star 3,479

He was the funniest, bossiest, most determined little soul ✨😹
thankfully his little sister @thatcatbobbie is doing a very good job of keeping us entertained too πŸŽ‰
we do seem to attract a lot of floofy characters to this household (alfie & lola anyone? 😹)
#tbt #theflooffiles

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Please help @bristolandwalescatrescue win £7500! πŸ’°
pets at home are giving away £500000 to the charities partnered with their stores (bristol & wales cat rescue have partnered with the filton store). b&wcr were the only rescue that would help rehome @thatcatalfie after he was so poorly. they’re up against other charities in their region so please could you vote for them? it only takes 2 minutes and everyone can vote up to 5 times!
to vote just click on the link in con’s bio ⬆️, choose a national charity to receive 50k and then choose a local charity (b&wcr!) to receive £7500 - their store is filton and their name will pop up underneath.
we’d be ever so grateful if you could take 2 mins out of your day to help them as they do so much good for the kitty community! πŸ’—
(voters must be uk residents and 18 or over πŸ‘)

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Best chatter in the game 🎢🐦

May 2018 comment 121 star 4,039

Con’s sis @thatcatbobbie seems to have finally accepted his gf lola 😸
head over to bobbie’s page to see their first hangs πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ such a momentous occasion! πŸ”₯
#foreverkc #lovewins

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The main man 😎 #og #kc

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A teeny-tiny kitten conny to brighten up your monday ✨

April 2018 comment 220 star 9,380

Feets! ✨ my sis @thatcatbobbie had big paws to fill but she’s doing me proud every single day! πŸ‘‘πŸ’™

April 2018 comment 87 star 5,705