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One last skeleton inspired yoga flow! ☠️💀👻#tbt #happypurim 💀☠️👻

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Backbend sequence behind today’s skeleton post 👻
song: smokin love- stick figure 🎶

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Talk about unrealistic body expectations! 💀👻

haha i saw this skeleton doing #pinchamayurasana and i wanted to get as close to the shape as i could... considering we have very different proportions how do you think i did!? 🤔 😋 ⠀
..stay tuned, later i’ll be posting this video for my backbend sequence getting into this posture🤞🏻🙌🏻😁

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Since we don’t always have the time to lay around for 15 minutes i’ve figured out ways to multitask while getting the benefits of my amazing @pranamat ....
whether i am catching up on emails (or instagram 😋), taking care of my skin, stretching, or of course playing with the dog, i’ve found i can still take advantage of the massage and convenience of my pranamat mat & pillow. 🤗..now if only i could figure out how to do my taxes ✅📈🤓🤔 thanks @pranamat !💋💋

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How bad would you freak out?? 🤗 or 🥴

my girls were playing with my lizard (she’s a uromastyx i’ve had for over 15 years🦎) and decided to prank me by putting her on my face while i was in a precarious situation😂...lucky i don’t mind this kind of stuff (they get their mischievousness from me) 🙃 ... so... how would you react!?

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Can you spot the difference?🧐

which variation do you think is more challenging and why??🤓

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Wind in my hair & feet in the air; happy friday! 🍻🥂💋

flashback to one week ago at @fssurfside

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💥🦵🏻get splits program available now!! 🦵🏻💥

my four week program to splits and hamstring opening is now available on playbook! there’s so much information here that i wish i knew when i began my yoga and flexibility training. i was not a gymnast or dancer so i had to learn the splits and flexibility through trial and error. i’ve created a program that includes mobility, strength, stability, balance, all in support of proper and healthy flexibility! and guess what, even if you don’t care about actually doing the splits, so many of the stretches, exercises, and drills are applicable and beneficial in a way that helps you become better attuned to your body for so many situations. ⠀
link is in my bio!!🤗.. start by taking a before picture of your splits and i can’t wait to see your after progress photo in just a couple weeks! 💋

happy splitting!!!!

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Save these drills if you are looking to boost your strength in your handstands, legs and booty! 🍑

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💥this is so exiting!! the official @instagram page reposted this picture of me and my sister @riva_g_ doing acro at the @skydeckchicago !! as you’ve probably gathered by now, every time riva and i get together one of our favorite things to do is yoga poses in cool places. we get along in so many aspects of life, but definitely have the most fun bonding over yoga and photography (and travel and beaches...🌴🌈☀️😋) every weekend instagram offers a hashtag project, giving a theme for pictures for that weekend... well to celebrate #internationalwomensday this past weekend was #whpsheinspiresme and the idea was to honor the women in your life. i can think of no better person, a kind, loving, beautiful woman on the inside and out and i am ever grateful for not just our sisterhood but our friendship as well 😍😍love you riv!😘

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When you find the perfect doorway there’s really no choice but to wedge yourself in there, am i right!? ⠀
fancy doorway courtesy of @fssurfside 🌴

fancy shorts courtesy of @werkshop 🌸

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One of my favorite things about my trip with my sis last week was the history behind the gorgeous four seasons in surfside (@fssurfside )☀️ if you swipe over you can see that these same cabanas @riva_g_ and i got to enjoy all day have been there since the 1930’s where they have hosted auto shows, fashion shows, and had some really well known guests (including winston churchill 🙌🏻)... i know i could have just posted this cool cabana shot and it would have been awesome in its own rite, but to me seeing just a peek of the history behind makes it so much cooler....do you agree? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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