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I always leave this island with more then i came with, weather it be mentally and/or spiritually. this time i’m leaving feeling undeniably grateful, grateful for time, for love, for being able to even have experiences like these, to feel protected and guided by god, to be so welcomed by such a beautiful island every time.
i am so thankful to have had this time with you @chazbuzan. we are so lucky, and i never want to take it for granted. i’ll choose you and i on maui any day of any week. i love you.

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That moment when neither of you can speak to each other and so you both start dancing together underwater 🌺

yesterday was magic. i love sharing these moments with you @chazbuzan 🌺
📸- @alex2layer

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Thank you.

on to the final chapter 🥀

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•t• w •o•

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Chapter two, i am so proud, thankful, and inspired by you. thank you for joining and trusting me by imprinting and leaving your mark in the environment i strive to perfect for you all, you make me realize why i created this space in the first place, so thank you. i hope you all left as inspired as me :), i promise i won’t forget you.

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Chapters chicago!!! i cannot wait for you! who am i going to be seeing!?! :)

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“here we are now, entertain us”

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Can we please give it up for this ridiculous group of dancers shredding my senior class last weekend at @radixdance santa clara!? thank you @crschwartz @andreaabess @sagerosen @a.t.chau @mackenziecorrales @ashlynnmalia @mariespieldenner for being some of the best in the biz. 🖤🥀

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I’m so grateful for every single human in the room this night, thank you for sharing with me and dancing my work so beautifully and kind. thank you @dermotkennedy for your lyrics, your voice, your craft. you inspire me beyond words. thank you. thank you @timmilgram for giving me a home for my work and always capturing it so perfectly. you’re a genius.
please go watch all of the beautiful dancers in the full video on youtube they are just breathtaking. meanwhile please give it up for my ride or dies :) @chazbuzan @crschwartz i love you!! #tmillytv #dermotkennedy #chazbuzan #taliafavia #dancers #contemporarydance

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Happy birthday to this female who has been such a blessing me and my work, words cannot explain how grateful i am for you and inspiration you give me as a creator and a mentor. i miss you every day you’re gone, but i am i so proud of you. you’re self drive, kindness, respect, hard work, strength and love for dance has formed you into such a incredibly special human. i love you so much! i hope today is brilliant ✨

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There are something’s that cannot be explained by words. art is the way to explain the unexplainable. this video is of one of my favorite classes i have ever had as a choreographer. i feel nothing but pure gratitude to every human in this room when i watch it. #chaptersdance
filmed and edited by @serianphotography 🥀🥀🥀

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