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Issa x larry

ac; @emiliasbastard
youtuber; larray and issa •

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A @tylerlatarte and @paigexnelson ship edit 😂🤠
@latartexbeech is pickled!
everyone tag @tylerlatarte and @paigexnelson ——————————————————————
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There’s no other place i’d rather be🙈😊 “ash & dizz”

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😍 #throwback this was in 2014 . remember when the selfie sticks was poppin and everybody had one ? 😂 2014 was the same year @amourashlee became mrs odum 🔒 “ash & dizz”

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Give me all of you in exchange for me 👑🔒❤️ “ash & dizz”

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Daz uwu black 🥰

ac celvstical
cc vspresets
dt dazblackgrp 💜

#dazblackgrp #unicorrngrp (tag daz maybe?) @daz_black

instagram needs to get their mf s**t together and make the quality of all edits better

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Sʜᴇ·s ᴀ ɢᴏᴅ
ib: @cigarctts
dt: seba, cherrygrp (los extraño), y a todos ustedes 💖

he hecho este simple edit, pero me ha gustado bastante. me encanta roenlared.

song: idk

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Oh we talking teams ? 😎💪🏾👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 “ash & dizz” make sure y’all subscribe to our youtube channel. link in our bio

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Get you a girl that you can turn in to your wife in real life 😎🔒 “ash & dizz”

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{better together} [watch til the end] 🔥
dt : iconić grp & kian and jc lovers
cc : danafilm.s
ac : wolfhardaudios
ib : @strngermike

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Hello! my name is ashley & this is my wife jay also known as “ash & dizz” on youtube 😍✨. im 24 yrs young 4|19 #ariesgang & jay is 26 yrs young 10|18 #libragang. my passion is makeup (i’m addicted) lol. i’m very much in love/married to this special person who goes by the name @shotbyjayo & she’s a bad a*s photographer. we moved to atl 3 yrs ago to chase our dreams & 5 months ago we decided to start our youtube couples channel. we want to share our daily and personal lives with you guys and bring some new youtubers to the big screen. we hope you guys enjoy our videos & enjoy being apart of this new journey with us. “ash & dizz”

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Essas são as duas dicas mais importantes para ter "views"/ as pessoas clicarem no seu vídeo💖 .
espero que tenham gostado das simples e essências dicas 💕
•feito por "juh" (@juliabarma_ )• #projetodoyoutuber #py #youtubersedit #youtube

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Guia completo de como dar seus primeiros passos e ganhar fama e dinheiro no youtube de maneira rápida! compre já o guia a um preço acessível para todos.link na bio!!! #youtuber #guia #youtubers #livros #fama #youtubersbrasil #youtubersedit

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New video alert❗️❗️, link in our bio. make sure you guys check it out. don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe😘😘😘

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Link in our bio . ☕️ “the real reason we started youtube”

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