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True friends, true hearts ♥️ that’s what counts in life....
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Alright, i’m about to get my a*s kicked! i was sick all of last week so i haven’t practiced much yoga and i’m about to go to a class with @angelakukhahnyoga so needless to say i’ll be very sore in a few hours! i’m looking forward to it though, i feel this fire in me that desperately needs to be purged. when i don’t get a good sweat sesh for a few days i get hot flashes. the slightest frustration and i’m 500 degrees and sweating. i’m someone that needs a daily workout regimen just to keep the body chemistry lined out. 👩🏼‍🔬
extension pose for day four of #shewolfyogatribe 📸 @msmarnediva ✌🏼
shewolf tribe:
pose line up:
✅day 1-heart opener
✅day 2-inversion
✅day 3-balance pose
✅day 4-extension pose
day 5-hip opener
day 6-tippy toe pose
day 7-free wolf
#shewolf #shewolfwednesdays #strongwoman #empowered #empoweredwoman

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When i was knee deep in the thick of it with my panic disorder, i was in my second year of college. before then, i had seen so many therapists who gave me an outlet to talk, but never really showed me how to cope. that’s when i decided to switch it up and see a life coach. needless to say, that choice changed everything for me. not only did we talk, but she gave me tools to help me cope with the physical sensations of anxiety in the moment. she also introduced me to meditation. -
i remember thinking that meditation was never going to work. being anxious and sitting alone with your thoughts sounds as fun as playing fetch with a turtle. but after a week, i noticed the physical sensations start to get less intense. this practice taught me acceptance. acceptance of thoughts. acceptance of physical sensations. meditation taught me to tune towards sensations and negative emotions, instead of run away from them. have you tried meditation before? if so, what was your experience like? -
if you’ve ever been interested in trying meditation, i use the @calm app for everything from stress to sleep. you can also set a reminder so you can get in the habit. you can also join me this weekend at @wanderlustfest wellspring event in palm springs for a weekend of mindfulness and community. visit the link in my bio to learn more and register 🔆 📸 @kileyshaiphotography #losingitwithmelissa #findyourtruenorth #experiencewell #wellspring -
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Brunch is and always has been a great time over the years!⁣

bringing people together for laughs, uplifting conversation, good vibes, music, food and drinks is what it’s all about! ⁣

join us this sunday for our b***y brunch brunch! ⁣

if you’re into it, rock your costume! if not, that’s cool too! ⁣

you know who we do. eat, drink and chop it up 🥂 ⁣

link in bio @chopitupsunday⁣

@sosleepless members are on vip guest list! join the network for the code!

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#lowtober video 22 is up!
another not very glamorous but useful video about how to easily clean a hairbrush! link in da biooooo

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🎶 i always feel like... somebody’s watchin’ me🎶 •for real though.... i’m in the 12th week of this program (because i’m doing it twice) and not once have i followed the schedule of workout days. i customize it to fit into my schedule and what works for me. also, not once have i gotten off track. i love that i never feel behind. (even when i drove across the country and created a new normal in ca!!!)
•what i do feel is stronger. i started this program with 5 and 8 pound dumbbells and now i need to go get 25s! that’s just a 🔥 under my a*s to keep pushing more!
•i have a new bootcamp starting today with some eager ladies that are ready to feel the same thing! that just makes me happy inside more than you know! you can still start with us, too!
•i’m scheduling calls with other coaches so we can work together and build each other up. making plans... big ones. •it’s amazing what surrounding yourself with the right people can do for ya. seriously... #yourvibeattractsyourtribe and feels good to finally feel good. about myself. about life. about helping other people. about knowing my worth. about knowing my purpose. •from the most sincere part of my ♥️, i’d love for you to feel the same. email me or fill out the link in my bio and we can chat more! 💌pressplaywithaoday@gmail.com 👯‍♀️

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Encuentra tiempo para el silencio...
descansa en ese espacio sagrado en tu corazón.
retírate de lo externo para habitar lo interno. regresa a ti.
nōmad retreat-hacienda shambalanté
29 nov —> 2 dic.
+info dm
#nōmadyoga #nōmadretreat #yogaretreat #retreat #mexico #merida #selva #fromsoultosoul #yourvibeattractsyourtribe p.c. @nattiburcio

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Come let the sound vibrations take you into a theta meditation state while the feel good hormones rush through your body! it's a truly mind, body, spirit and soul healing journey that helps relieve stress, anxiety, trouble sleeping & physical pains, ✨ come let go of what no longer serves you 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️it's going to be life changing 🙏🏻 this literally saved my life✨ check out the soundbaths near you 〰️ link in bio ✨
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Find peace in your practice❤️💜 meet me on the mat tomorrow night. details below👇🏾

🌱🙏🏾r e a l 💕 z e a l✌🏾🔮
fierce and fiery elevated yoga & meditation w/ @ indigo.vi at @ zealcre8tivestudio

🙏🏾dope creative vibes✌🏾
🌳elevated yoga🌱
🔮aural meditation📿

-feel free to byo mat, props, crystals, and/or 🌳
-please arrive by 630 if you would like to elevate😚💨, otherwise class begins promptly at 7.
- all levels and bodies are welcome, so don't be afraid to spread the word or bring a friend

check in: 630p
start: 7p
350 scotland rd. orange, nj
$15 in advance - cashapp: $yogisix
$20 @ the door - cash/card accepted

real zeal class card available
single class: $15
5 class card: $60 (5th class free)

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Who do you want to be? what energy do you want people to feel when around you?

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Done 👊🏻💎 n e x t ✌🏻

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"anyone can start something; most people never finish"
i'm the first to admit that i have started many projects and never finished (don't look in my unfinished project closet 😉🤦🏼‍♀️).
there have been many fitness programs and lifestyle changes that i have started, stuck with for a while then never completed! .
who else is in the same boat?🚣🏼‍♀️
well, you and i are in luck!!
i'm vowing to finish 2018 stronger and healthier than i started. .
✨ i'm looking for 3 more people to join me in this accountability challenge. who's with me?? ✨
#accountabilitypartner #finishingstronger #healthiestself #letsfinishtogether #workoutathome

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And it’s never to late to start. 💋

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💪 come back stronger 💪

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This kid ... my first born, always my baby ... he makes me a better person, he’s thrown me the most curve balls ever ... but he’s shown me a different way to look at the world, he softened my hard edges and makes me embrace the side of myself that i don’t show many others ... this kid, he wanted to be here, he fought hard to be created, he’s defied so many odds and he continues to every day, he is my strength and he is the reason i will try and make this world a better place 💛
when i ask him what he wants to do when he grows up he says without hesitation “an environmentalist and own a crossfit gym, oh and i might have 4 kids”
so epic proud to be his mum 🙏🏼

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🧡 find what helps you grow and do more of that 🌱✨ #selflove #spiritualgrowth #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #quoteoftheday

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Do you know what day it is?!! it’s #mermaidmonday, in my opinion the only good thing about monday.
in approximately 18 days 13 hours 26 minutes and 7 seconds this should be happening and i can’t wait! .
#fitfam #girltribe #womensupportingeachother #wegotthis #fitlife #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #mermaidmonday #invisibletail #yougotthis #mermaidatheart #girltribe #messyhair #tannedskin #margarita #wavewatcher

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💖💕💗33k giveaway💗💕💖
hey sweet souls!!! to show how much i love you all for always supporting me and to celebrate 33k followers 😱😱😱 the winner gets choose her/his prize from any of my designs on my page!!! to play 😊
1.follow me @beadonawireluv_
2.like this post💕
3.tag a friend 😁
4.share any photo of a piece from my page that you would like to win, on your own page or in your stories.💖 be sure to tag me in your share so i know you've entered.
giveaway will end in 3 days, thursday october 25th 6pm est

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🍁here are your "harvest your intentions" yoga wellness retreat🍁teachers from oct.2017. proud to still call these women my colleagues, my friends, my tribe♀🌹💕#mytribe #vibes #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #community #support #love #light #wellness #selfcare #selflove #yoga #reiki #meditation #mindfulness #statenisland #statenislandwellness #statenislandyoga #harvestyourintentions

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Your thoughts become your reality ✨
have you heard that saying? do you agree? lemme knowing the comments why or why not!!
up until a few years ago i would’ve strongly disagreed and i still disagree on occasion! i believe there is a divine power that has more control over my life than my thoughts do, but that doesn’t mean i haven’t come to learn the true power of my thoughts!
anytime we are focusing on something we are sending energy to it. think of your energy as money... like little coins. if you spend time thinking you’re a failure you are basically handing coins over to that belief. the more you think it the more coins you spend. same thing goes if you think you are stupid, ugly, or worthless. every thought is another coin in that specific piggy bank!💰🐖
it only makes sense that your thoughts will add up after time and seem more believable! this is why it’s harder to change the beliefs that we’ve carried for a long time!
now what would happen if you put those coins to good use? if you put your energy into loving yourself and thinking you are enough?? eventually all those positive piggy banks would get filled up and you’d have a stronger belief in those things! 🙌🏽⚡️
too many of us take our thoughts and our power for granted. you can honestly change your life if you change your thoughts. just because you’ve spent a lot of time investing in one way of thinking doesn’t mean you can’t change and start investing into another! all you have to do is make the decision!
if you were investing real money into something and it didn’t meet your expectations or bring about good results, would you keep investing in it?? so why continue investing in thoughts that don’t pay off or help you thrive in life?! 🤷🏼‍♀️
take it from me! as someone who used to invest her energy into fear, doubt, and negative beliefs... then sat back and watched while these things came to fruition. my thoughts did become my reality in so many ways! but finally i decided to choose differently and now my reality is getting better every day!🙏🏼
i believe it is possible to change your reality. you have the power - you just have to choose your investments wisely! 💕💕
📸 @nicky.create 🤗😘

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