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If you want something better for your 2019, you gotta do something you’ve never done before...
as simple as that.
what are you letting go of in 2018?
drop it in the comments below. read mine below!

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Christmas is just around the corner. i’ve already posted a video with christmas gifts ideas (the link is in my bio), but i wanted to remind you to make conscious decisions when it comes to what you buy.
if you have to buy new clothes, please opt for sustainable and ethical brands.
fast fashion is one of the worst industries that exists. not only is it destroying the planet, but it is also terribly harmful to our fellow human beings.
here are a few facts about fast fashion:
- a pair of jeans needs about 7.000 liters of water to be produced, which is the amount of water a human consumes in 5-6 years
- garment factory workers can get paid as low as $1 per day, sometimes even less
- fast fashion brands make clothes that don’t last on purpose, to keep you coming back and buying more
- clothing consumption produces 1.5 tonnes of co2 per household per year, the equivalent of driving 6.000 cars
- over 250.000 indian cotton farmers have committed suicide in the past 15 years, due to the increase of prices of gmo cotton seeds, leading them to debt
for more about the fashion industry, i highly recommend that you watch the movie the true cost.
as much as i think that the best way to go about fashion is to buy second hand, i also think it is very important to support ethical and sustainable brands that are doing their best for our planet. that’s why i want to introduce you to this new sustainable brand, @fabricforfreedom . this is where this backless sweater is from, and i think it’s absolutely gorgeous!
sustainable fashions doesn’t have to be lame and ugly, as a lot of people think!
@fabricforfreedom is offering you 20% off your order with the code nour.livia20 so head to their page 😊❤️

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Let’s talk about body positivity .
be proud of your body. love your body. respect your body and treat it as a temple. cherish your body whatever it looks like. be grateful for it, for the fact that it allows you to live this life you were offered ⚡️ be proud. don’t be scared of it, and of what people will think of it. cause i have a little secret for you: no one cares. people are too preoccupied with themselves to care about you for more than a split second. and those who actually care love you for who you are 💕
love your body, whatever your gender is. these days, i see a lot of women empowerment posts, which i totally agree with. however, sometimes it seems like we’re just switching the focus on women and diminishing men and other genders. i think that we should push each other to love ourselves as humans, as people, whoever we are, regardless of our gender or our belonging to any community. all lives matter, no life has more value than another one ✨
love is the key ❤️

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When i launched the ambition plan back in may and started talking openly about the lessons i learned during my 9-year search for a fulfilling career, hundreds of you gorgeous ladies started getting in touch to find out how to make the big shift you’ve been struggling to make on your own.
this week i’m wrapping up with working with:
🎊 a solicitor who’s now broken into event planning
🎤 an executive assistant who starts work as a radio producer in january
💰 a physiotherapist who’s ready to fly as a fully-fledged entrepreneur
🛩 a burned-out biz b**e who’s just bought a one-way ticket to the dominican republic

these huge career shifts are just a few of the results from the ap’s signature career clarity programme – a 6-week radical-change experience for any woman who is ready to start doing work she loves and leave her mark on the world in 2019.
i’m looking to work with just 2 more high-potential professional women in 2019.

can you answer with a resounding yes to the following...?
✅ are you a highly-driven, highly capable professional woman who knows you are destined for something bigger than what you’re currently doing?
✅ are you prepared to go on the journey of a lifetime? ✅ are you a doer who’s ready to put in work to achieve results? ✅ do you want to up-level your network to hang out with & be supported by an amazing group of equally-driven women?

yes!?! then i’d love to speak with you.

i’ve opened up my calendar for applications for 2019 spots in the ambition plan’s radical-change career clarity group programme the set and would love to hear from you if you are ready to fast track your journey.

applications are open until sat 15th december.
take action now by hitting the bio link. x lauretta
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Okay so neither of our dads actually said this but it's still true.
remember when you believed that guy who said he was "really into you" (jerk) or that so-called-friend who said the blue eyeliner looked good (really clarissa???)? if you can believe in that you can believe in yourself for one hot minute. #youcandoit #webelieveinyou 📷 @shannon_mccabe_
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Sharing some amazing art from one of my favorite artists @oliviafaust.art ❤❤❤ after the holiday rush i hope i can actually manage to order something from this talented soul!

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✨we don’t see things as they are.
we see things as we are. -anais nin✨
it’s all perception.
stop talking yourself out of opportunities because you don’t feel like you are “ready” yet.

it’s time to jump.

you are ready now.

the magic is not outside of you, stop searching for it.

you are the magic.
xo, k

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